Chapter 91:

ANNOUNCEMENT - The Children of Eris Sequel: The Hundred Days War

The Children of Eris

Hi everyone, Bookmark here

It’s been a long time since I last updated this story, but I wanted to share with you guys some exciting news.
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I am pleased to announce that I will soon be writing the 2nd part of this series: The Hundred Days War. I have been spending a lot of time planning this story out thoroughly and I plan to start releasing chapters weekly from the 7th of May. Bookmark here

The sequel chapters will release on this page and not a separate story titled 'The Hundred Days War'.  These chapters will be longer than the original story, but I'm not sure at this moment how many chapters in total will be added. 

I'd also like to add that no this is NOT the intended end for the Children of Eris story. Bookmark here

This is just the next major arc and I have plenty of ideas for future content to come after the Hundred Days War ends.Bookmark here

While I don't have anything ready to be published to Honeyfeed from the sequel yet, I'd like to offer you instead a small blurb/preview of what to expect from the sequel, so please enjoy what I've written below and I hope you’re all excited to see what comes next in David’s journey:Bookmark here

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The Holy Empire of Themis is no more.Bookmark here

Its cities and castles now wave flags bearing the dreaded Satyr’s Skull, the mark of the Demon Emperor.Bookmark here

Though David Athelward achieved his overwhelming victory against the Holy Empire, he has much work left to do to properly establish his domain and to prepare for the arrival of Eris’s summoned heroes.Bookmark here

To his north, the countries that had been at war with one another have entered into an uneasy alliance, hoping to hold back the encroaching armies of David’s empire, lead by Abaddon, Fenrir and the Twins.Bookmark here

To the west, the last remnants of the Holy Empire beg their neighbours, the newly formed Free People’s Alliance, for aid in retaking their homes and their forces mass at the border.Bookmark here

Inside the Demon Empire, small rebel groups have formed, all seeking to overthrow their oppressor and restore their old country.Bookmark here

With Eris’s deadline looming ever closer, David creates a grand plan to defeat all of his enemies and gives himself 100 days to achieve it.Bookmark here

After that, he has to devote all his attention to preparing for the arrival of the Summoned Heroes, all the while Eris looks on and smiles, waiting for the next opportunity to break David further.Bookmark here

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Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope you'll enjoy this next chapter in the Children of Eris's story.
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