Chapter 15:

Not Funny

One Wish They Never Wanted

"Well, regardless of whether I let you have them, they've been paid for and you don't need the tickets to get into the venue - they only have as many seats as there are attendees," Amelie shook said tickets in his face for a second before stowing them away.

Basically speaking, she'd been harassing him and there was no way to cop out.

Best to just go with the flow then...
The sky still gave off the impression it was afternoon when the limo tried its hardest to weave into the underground carpark. Amelie finished up a call with her parents, then made her hands into binoculars to peek out the nearest window.

A group of girls, all done up like her, were animatedly chatting and heading towards an elevator situated to their right, while pillars of concrete supported the building above.

Kris gestured at the door with his head, telling Takuma to go outside with her as she slammed the door behind her.
The girls at Takuma's high school had never particularly had it out for him, so he could approach them just fine. With his hands in his pockets and one enclosed around the shiny rock Quartz had given him (since he'd been carrying it ever since the fairy had gifted it to him), he kept his strides even yet quick enough to catch up to Amelie.

A blonde girl with cropped hair and an off-white form-fitting dress turned around to greet her right then.

"Who's this, Amelie?" she interrogated as Amelie's heels continued to make rhythmic noises on the concrete, only stopping when they entered the building. "Your boyfriend?"

"I swear that's the second time I've heard that joke," the boy in question butted in with an adjusting of his glasses. "It's not funny." Takuma's leather shoes, which like the suit were from the stylist, were silent enough that the girl panicked when he made his presence known.

Amelie's friend got left behind while she pondered...


...pondered some more...

...and finally, it dawned on her.

"That's that guy, right? The guy who decided to leave in June?" she squawked, mentally conjuring up images of a parrot for Takuma.

Amelie glared at him, taking in his slicked down and pulled-back hair before surveying his slender suited body. "Come to think of it," she declared in a deliberately exaggerated voice to gain people's attention, "how did he get so thin so quickly?"

...Oh drat. Was she going to reveal the existence of magic for arbitrary reasons?!