Chapter 10:

Interlude: Goddess Afa's First Report

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

The Goddess of Heroes, Afa, lazed a top of her bed, a massive chalice of fruit on her side. She was watching the events transpiring within Strarth’s monarch family from a massive tablet that sat before her.

She was giddy with excitement watching the sixth child of the king, Reynard Avildor, she couldn’t wait for what will transpire with him and Bryson Coldwater. Going to be quite the mess for the heroes to deal with. She mused.

Her thoughts were interrupted as her door opened and in came a small pixie. It floated over toward the side of her bed.

“My goddess!” The pixie cried, “I have grave news!”

“What is it?” Afa asked, bored.

“One of the dark entities escaped!” The pixie reported.

“Oh. That finally happened.” Afa replied dismissively.

“Um, excuse me?” The pixie stopped and asked dumbfounded. “What do you mean by that?”

“The person I made a deal with mentioned how he wanted some of the Mortus Veilios to enter Strarth.” Replied, stretching.

“Um, aren’t the Mortus Veilios meant to be highly dangerous?” the pixie asked nervously.

“Oh please, I made sure that only a few of them were allowed to enter the world.”

The pixie almost recoiled upon hearing that Afa said a few. But thinking better than calling her out on it.

“O-okay. Then, how will they be dealt with?” The pixie asked instead.

“Excellent question.” Afa said excitedly, sitting herself up and pulled out a tablet from thin air. “Let me tell you my great and wonderful plan.”

The pixie nodded along somewhat hesitantly.

“The dark entity that just entered Strarth northern continent, specifically right at the Coldwater estate.” She said, the tablet displaying a cartoony figure meaning to represent the dark entity on top of an equally cartoony looking rendition of the Coldwater estate.

“There the entity will meet Bryson Coldwater and make a pact, allowing Bryson to not only gain a little bit more power but also work alongside the forces of evil.” As Afa explained this, a cartoon version of Bryson appeared shaking hands with the dark entity.

“This will be but a wonderful hurdle for my heroes to leap over.”

“Uh, speaking of heroes I don’t believe anyone is aware of who your heroes are yet?” The pixie asked.

“Oh, I haven’t bothered choosing yet, that’s still a few years away. What’s more important is good opposition and challenges that the heroes have to go through. That make a good story.” Afa explained away.

“I-I see… so you had one of the entities enter to create more drama.” The pixie asked cautiously.

“Precisely. And that’s not all.” Afa said puffing out her bountiful chest.

“There’s more?” The pixie asked once more.

“Of course, heroes need allies, and allies need causes to help.” Afa explained as if she was lecturing a child.

“So, who’s the ally?”

Afa’s tablet displayed a new face, an actual photo of a person this time. It was a little girl, the same little girl who threw cupcakes at Gilles, the same girl who was related to the recently fired maid. Not that the pixie recognized any of this.

“This girl. Her name is Lottie Frost.” Afa said. “This girl’s older sister had just been recently fired from the Coldwater estate and blacklisted from any major jobs in the entire continent.” As she explained this, a small, cute animation of the maid being fire played on the tablet.

The pixie thought this was rather crude, though she was in no position to speak out. Not if she wanted to keep her job. Instead, she chose to bring something else up, “Why was Viola Coldwater so crude?”

“Oh, it was pretty simple actually, I just gave her a small push.” Afa said with a mischievous grin.

“A push?”

“I simply had someone remind her that she was a bastard of a commoner.” Afa said with a laugh, “It was so easy. Such a thin layer of skin! So sensitive!” Afa laid on the bed and continued to giggle for a bit before catching her breath.

“She will be forced to leave the continent, only to be killed by Bryson before she can.”

“Why?” The pixie asked in disbelief.

“She will be falsely accused of treason of course! And Bryson will be the cold-hearted killer.” Afa said with too much vigor for the pixie’s liking.

“This will then drive Lottie into grief, and she will swear revenge on Bryson. She will then become a masterful assassin, aligning with the heroes to help defeat Bryson.” Afa continued ecstatically.

“Oh. Wonderful.” The pixie said through clenched teeth.

Afa not noticing continued on, “Anyways, it’s time for you to leave now.” She waved her hand dismissively at the pixie before returning her attention back toward the giant screen in front of her.

Without another word the pixie shook her head and flew out of the room.