Chapter 9:

The Tale Of Xavier Nara PT 2

World Break: Shattered Reality

1 hour into X’s journey he realizes that he didn’t get to see Dom and Xifier before he left, as he continues to walk and get lost in thought a few miles down the road “Bruh, he said he'll be here by now, where he at???” Xifier “Be patient damn, listen to some music or something!......... THERE!” Dom looks down the road, It’s X “OVER HERE X!!!!!” X snaps back and looks up, he can vaguely see Dom and Xifier in the distance. X starts to make his way towards them, “Hey! I thought you guys would have already left, what's keeping you around?” Dom “Well, I don't really have anything else to do sooooo, I just tagged along with Xifier to pass the time.” Xifier rolls his eyes “Whatever, (he walks up and looks X in his eyes) hmmmmmmmmm, I see. X I'm here to test your resolve. Can you actually kill Jack, and be okay with that. Then lead a country that's been run into the ground and succeed?” X at a loss for words, stays quiet. Xifier “Well, let me tell you from experience. My name Is Xifier, X9 for short. The 9th heir to the Xifier throne. At the age of 10 the King's heir is sent out into the real world to gain experience not only in battle, but also in knowledge. We must learn what it means to lead, how to keep the interest of the people, and earn the trust and respect of all. You must be ready to cast aside selfish desires so the future of your people can prosper in peace once your time has ended. That’s what it means to be a leader, a King!” Xifier turns around and takes a couple steps back “X, you won the first match even though you had help I’ll count It. (he turns around) After that we had to abide by Master Manji’s rules ONLY SWORDS, headass! You may have won those, but I could care less this Is the match that counts, round 2!” X surprised that Xifier even talked this long and he hasn’t said anything rude “Same, those matches didn’t matter. But this one is for the title X!” Xifier “O, by the way I overheard you talking to Master Manji a few years ago. I know….. Xavier Nara, Son of Jack.” X gets on tilt just by hearing that name, but before he can speak Xifier continues “Jack Nara, current leader of the Nara clan, I’ve seen him once. He met my father for a business deal but it fell through. So one more thing, If I win you have to promise me free movement and basic necessities for me and my people at any time.” X shocked “What! I’m not even sure I want to lead the Nara, and how do you know I can beat him!?” Xifier laughs “Like I said If I win free rights for me and my people, so that means you must become the leader to uphold your end of the deal!” X “Bruh, again even with all my training how can you be sure that I can win? It's been 10 YeaRs surely he’s gotten stronger too!” Xifier shakes his head “I don’t know If you can win that's why I’m here to see If you can do It, so what’s your side of the deal.” X takes the time to think, he could just say the same thing as Xifier but he really doesn’t want that. Xifier “GOD DAMN! HURRY UP ALREADY!” X “Alright, sheesh. This match is for the title X and I also ask that any friend of mine is a friend to you!” Xifier looks at Dom and back at X, Dom “Aye, uh, X? If imma be honest that shit was pretty corny, you could have said anything.” Xifier laughs “On god, he could have you're still just a kid, but whatever I guess It’s your choice. Also DOM, stay out of this!” Dom “Gotcha Boss!” he backs away X “Well It’s been a while, lets see how our training has paid off. One more thing, I’ve also been given the title Sword Master by Master Manji.” Xifier looks a little surprised.Bookmark here

Xifier and X stand a few feet apart neither moving a muscle. A nice summer breeze passes through them, birds chirping the sound of cicadas in the distance while the summer sun beams down upon them. Xifier “Yami Sakusei.” Once again the dark armor appears he stands and waits, X takes a deep breath and calms himself, “Master Stance.” X brings his left foot forward and unsheathes his sword, he slowly brings it to waist height and slightly raises his right hand. Dom looks at X and feels a difference, these past 10 YeaRs have made him stronger, stronger than when they first met. Neither of them move an inch waiting for the other to make the first move. Xifier thinks to himself “I must win this match, think! Every time I contest his sword he breaks my armor in one hit along with getting in, that's a problem within itself. I can only use my new technique once a day. I got to make it count!” while Xifier thinks of a strategy X begins to wonder as well “These past 10 YeaRs he’s seen my sword skills develop he knows my every move, to beat him off of luck won't happen again. He’s going to be on guard around my sword, If I can just get him to remove his armor I can get some damage in. I have to buy some time. I think my plan will work.” Both X and Xifier become lost in thought trying to find a counter, Dom slowly gets impatient “AYE! C’MON FIGHT ALREADY!” At that time both X and Xifier rush each other, they both begin throwing attacks one after another, Xifier dodging all of X’s moves like he’s seen them before, throwing a flurry of prescie jabs and kicks. X deflects them with ease trying to find a counter but Xifier just Isn’t letting up, he continues getting faster and faster. X changes the pace, he deflects a left jab and back dashes a sweep, he prepares for a quick counter “Sword Skill Slash!” X does 3 quick advancing slashes, Xifier dodges all 3 with ez “That’s the best you can do!” He closes the gap and prepares a right hook, X smiles, he lets the hook ride his blade and takes his other hand and grabs Xifier by the neck and tries to pick him up……… Xifier chuckles “Heavy am I?” Xifier then takes his right arm and smashes it into X’s inner elbow, It buckles and snaps. X stumbles but Xifier continues the onslaught, he creates a square stance “9 Limb Combo.” Xifier throws a right jab followed by a left uppercut, X still trying to catch his balance barely defending, Xifier keeps the combo going, he followed through with the left uppercut and a left elbow to the chest, He quickly drops to the ground and goes for a sweep with his right leg. X jumps over the sweep but is met with a rising left knee he barely blocks in time, Xifer then takes his hands and grabs X by the shoulders and flips behind him, he kicks X in back with his left foot, X goes flying back into the ground. Xifier lands “I didn’t even get 9 how sad! HAHAHAH!” X tries to stand, arm broken, back hurts like a mf. X “I got to catch my breath, breathe!” Xifier begins to walk forward “Well, let me hear for the one time what’s my name?” silence Xifier “Right, I forgot you play the rules. Well guess I w…” At that moment Xifier stopped and looked up “What the fuck was that?” Dom looks up as well “Is that snow, in summer? What the hell is going on??” X laughs Xifier and Dom both look in his direction, the snow starts to fall faster and faster becoming colder as time goes on. X speaks “Xifier, you are indeed strong, you had years to hone your Skills and Materia. Me on the other hand, I started late but I didn’t let that stop me. I studied the sword everyday wondering will this be enough, Is my limit bound to a sword…(Xifier removes his helmet) No, for you see I too have a power like you, It synced with my emotions I've never noticed it until a few YeaRs ago. When my emotions or feelings change they affect the weather. My whole life shit weather followed me, I never knew why, but now I understand! This is my true POWER! Weather Materia:Yori hikui ondo (lowers the temperature) X slams his sword into the ground, a blizzard out of nowhere, along with increasing cold Xifier “YESSS!!! THIS IS IT X!” Xifier tries to move but he can’t, the kinks in his armor are frozen, X “It must be hot in that armor, must have worked up a sweat.” Xifier trying to break free, but the ice just keeps coming back, X “Now It’s my turn, (he collects the snow and ice and it starts to spiral around his blade, he then starts to run at Xifier) Sword Skill: Frozen Pierce!!” Xifier has no other choice but to brace for impact, X thrust his sword into Xifiers front chest-plate, as the 2 moves collide a small explosion happens. When the snow finally settled, X and Xifier are still colliding. Dom “It can go either way.” Xifier begins to smile “I hate to stoop to your level but I have to win, Yami Sakusei!” He takes his left hand and brings it to his right arm and creates a hilt, he then pulls out a sword and brings it down on X’s Sword and shatters the frozen pierce. X jumps back a bit startled but most of all surprised, Xifier “I too evolved my Materia to a new level, I figured I can make physical armor why not weapons too, these tools are just an extension of my body, if anything they make it easier for my fist smash into your face! Shall we resume the match then?” Xifier laughs, X smiles, he looks down “I expect nothing less from my rival, this won't be easy!” The snow gets thicker X vanishes, Xifier removes his armor “Finally I can move, Also the cold won't stop me. My whole country is frozen, cold at night, freezing during the day.” The sky starts to get darker, Xifier stays calm and looks for X. In the distance Xifier sees an outline “I GOT YOU NOW!” He quickly rushes over and cuts X in half, but it was a fake. Xifier “A ice clone, what the fuck, how you do that?” In that moment 99 other ice clones appeared, Xifier “Alright, you want to hide behind dummies. Ok, let me show you what you're missing out on. Yami Sakusei, In that moment armor didn't show up, instead multiple hilts appeared around his body almost like a porcupine. The 99 clones rush him all at once, Xifier takes a low stance and one after the other he pulls out a sword and attacks the clones. X “Wow, he truly is amazing, he’s answered everything so easily I have to find a way.” he starts to pay close attention to Xifier, then he sees it every time he destroys 5 clones his sword breaks and he has to pull another. X “I guess he still has the durability problem, that’s It!” As Xifier begins to finish off the last few clones, he takes a moment to catch his breath. Xifier “Alright X, enough of these games fight me!” X appears in front of Xifier, X then takes the fallen snow and tosses it back into the sky, Xifier doesn’t let this time go to waste. He starts to run at X, but then he vanishes. X confused “Where did he go?” Dom, also shocked, looks everywhere but can’t find him. X tries to stay calm and breathe. Dom “What the hell!” Xifier slowly starts to come out of X’s shadow behind him, Xifier “He doesn’t seem to notice either.” At that point X started to turn around but Xifier wasn’t fully out of the shadow yet. He has to make a choice, he must act! Xifier takes his right shoulder and slams it into X’s, X falls forward. Xifier appears out of the shadow, without letting a second pass he turns and keeps up the pressure. X can’t get his footing back, only able to block lethal shots. Dom “Bruh, now it's raining, what’s with this weather!” Xifer goes for a right jab but his foot slips and X is able to recover. X struggling to catch his breath “I got to keep fighting.. Weather Materia: Kinsho Mitsudo” (able to change the density of the current falling weather) The rain begins to fall harder and harder, Xifier “Damn, what the…. Why does the rain hurt!?” Xifier then dawns his armor again, but the rain is still slowly damaging the armor. X “I have one shot, that's the most I can do at my current level.” Lighting strikes in the background, rain falling leaving holes in the ground on impact, Xifier “X, no matter the outcome you will always be my rival.” X “Same!” Xifier rushes X, again he throws calculated attacks that are gapless, no error. X struggles to keep up, the fatigue is getting to him. Lighting strikes again, X still fighting for his life trying to make an opening. Xifier starts to get excited “Well, it seems like It'll come down to the final hit again. Let's see what Master taught us!” He throws a left jab followed by a right hook, as his right arm crosses he creates a hilt and grabs it with his left. Xifier “Sword Skill:Horizontal Slice!” As the sword approached, X jumps over it but Xifier was ready “Yami Sakusei:Mass Change'' The armor on Xifier’s body disappears except from his right gauntlet, His hand grows in size significantly, Xifier “Catch this!” As the giant fist makes its way towards X, he raises his sword into the sky and a flash of lighting strikes his blade “ Weather Materia: Kiko no ha: Shomei no te (Blade of Climates: Hand of Lighting) The lighting starts to form into a giant hand, X brings his blade down along with the hand to catch Xifiers fist. (power struggle) A massive explosion goes off, Dom “HOLY SHIT THAT WAS LIT!!” As the smoke and debri dissipate Xifier stands “Well, looks like you can still stand!” X shakes off a lil “Yeah, but you on the other hand, not so sure.” Xifier “What? Nah, I’m really finna win better get ready!” Right as he took his first step and placed his foot back on the ground he passed out. X “This happens every time, you must never remember.”

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