Chapter 8:

The Tale Of Xavier Nara

World Break: Shattered Reality

YeaR 204 (Month 6)Bookmark here

Narrator: Before we move on with Drew’s story I must tell you a story of a true leader, someone that was feared by everyone, the current sword master Xavier Nara. He grew up in the City of Smoke (Capital of West City), a place where no kid should live. It is YeaR 179 in the City of Smoke, Xavier’s mother Amber had just given birth to her only son Xavier and gave him his fathers last name Nara. About 1 YeaR ago (YeaR 178 Month 2) Amber came across the great leader of Nara, Jack. Amber worked in a whore house to make ends meet. The city of smoke is a hell hole, nobody makes it out of this place alive let only live. Feels like you have to watch your back at every moment, can't trust anybody, eyes always watching. While Amber was working her regular shift, a man walked in and looked around for a couple of seconds before sitting. He then asks for the owner, they speak for a few minutes…… owner “Alright ladies, line up!!!!!” The females come together and line up. Amber wondered what's going on, is someone in trouble or getting bought, she thought. Owner speaks “Alright, listen up here you sluts this here is the leader of the Nara clan he's looking to have a fun night he's going to pick 1 of you females and take you out for the night.” Amber thought that Mr. Nara was kinda handsome, she was already thinking about how much money she could make off this man. Maybe enough to leave this place maybe with him, too good to be true she told herself. Mr. Nara then stood up and walked down the line of females, and stopped at Amber. They lock eyes, Mr. Nara says “ This one, what is your name female?” “Amber, that's my name sir.” “Amber you say, good let's go.” they walk out and get into a blacked out SUV, Mr. Nara “what’s your favorite place to eat at?” Amber was shocked but still answered “We can go to this nice place down the street, take a left up here!” After their meal they went shopping, to the park, everything that you would do on a regular date they did. Amber was catching feelings “let's go back to my crib” she said. Mr. Nara “So I'm in there? Kekeke” Amber “Wow, you really just said that!!” while laughing. They arrive at Amber’s apartment, a small, dark room, with the bare essentials. Mr. Nara “I'm sorry if I'm being rude but is this all you have?” Amber was not surprised at all. “Yes, not only am I a female but I also live in the most dangerous city in the country. Not many jobs would hire me and the one that did takes a pretty big cut off the top.” Mr. Nara “Damn, i didn't think the rest of the world was this bad, This is why i came to this city, to try and help. But if I'm being honest there is no helping this city. It's rotten to the core.” Amber looks down knowing that she will die in this hell hole, never seeing anything but darkness. She throws herself at Mr. Nara “Have your way, I'm done thinking about this. Make me forget!” Mr. Nara “You don't have to tell me twice!”. When she woke it was morning and he was gone, kinda sad she lays back down and turns over to see a note. She opens it, “Amber it's Mr. Nara, I had a wonderful time last night. I paid O boss man and left a tip on the table for you.” She looks at the table and see’s a stack of money, she gets up quickly and runs towards the table. She continues to read “Sorry I left without telling you, had to head back to my city. That money should last you a while. I should be back sometime soon, maybe we can catch up again. That's pretty much it…….. Actually I wish I could have brought you with me but family traditions want me to marry someone of status, I'm going to find a way to make it work so wait for me, give me a couple of years and we can be together. Now that's it, I really do care for you Amber, your story, personality, your beauty, everything!” from Mr. Nara. She can’t help but start crying, this is the first time someone cared for her, she made a promise that morning that she’ll wait for him.Bookmark here

YeaR 178 Month 11Bookmark here

Xavier Nara is born, a child of pure talent and skill. Amber had no way to contact Mr. Nara about his son but she knew that he knew.Bookmark here

YeaR 189 Month 2Bookmark here

Xavier Nara (11). It’s been 11 years on this day since Amber met Mr. Nara, she still hasn't told X about him. Xavier “ What has you so sad mom?” Amber “trying to figure out what we should have for dessert ice cream or cake it's sad to choose between them.” Xavier “That's why they make ice cream cake, duh!” They both laugh. As the day goes on, it gets darker and darker, it starts to rain. X “it was such a good day earlier, what happened?” Amber “ Someone once told me that when it rains like this something sad is going to happen but when it's done something amazing will be born.” X “that sounds so dumb and wack.” Amber laughs “Says the kid who picks his nose!” X “aye come on!!!!” There's a knock at the door, Amber gets up to go get it “ Coming!” she says. X continues to look out the window, it's been a couple of minutes he calls out her name “mom” again “mom” again “mom” still no answer. He gets up and as he walks towards the door……………………. He falls to the floor, crying and throwing up. He tries to stand, his legs weak, he slowly makes his way towards his mom. All of her limbs gone, guts spilling out while she’s pinned to the wall, X screams in despair. He goes inside and grabs his training sword and runs to the bottom of the apartment complex and when he opens the door to go outside he sees someone, a hooded man with sword dripping in blood. X :screams “It was you, wasn't it? No need to answer. I'm going to kill you right here right now!” X runs at the man, he slips and falls. Legs still weak, scared, emptiness, hopelessness, where all the feelings he felt right now, X “why did you do it, why my mom, why?” as he cries like a baby. The man speaks “Boy, what is your name?” X replies “ Xavier, Xavier Nara” The man laughs “She gave you my last name, she really did love me till the very end. kekekekekekeke” he removes his hood it's Jack Nara “Do you know who I am boy?” X replies “no” Nara laughs “I am your father boy. I go around the country trying to find the best females to mate with, so I can create a strong offspring.” X “why?, and why kill them after?” Mr. Nara “ let me finish boy, I do this so I can create a good offering, for what that is, that's beyond you. I kill the mother so the son can hate me, so the urge to kill grows inside you to the point where it can't be contained anymore and you seek me out. That's when you realize sometimes you have to suffer in life, not because you were bad, but because you didn't realize where and when to stop being good.” Mr. Nara “I was like you too X, Nice family, great memories, had the most fun. But that has to come to an end eventually.” X just stares at him with a face full of sadness and anger but most of all disgust, X rises to his feet and states “I Xavier Nara, will defeat you and avenge my mother, and restore the Nara clan while I'm at it cause it seems like a clown is running it!” Mr. Nara gets kinda salty at that remark “Alright then kid, well see. You take my head and show the people of the country and they won't question your power.” They lock eyes and Mr. Nara turns and walks away. The rain starts to slow up and the sun starts to shine through, X looks up “You know what mom you were right.”Bookmark here

YeaR 189 Month 9Bookmark here

Xavier- 11Bookmark here

Dom Leon- 15Bookmark here

Xifier- 14Bookmark here

Mr. Manji- ?Bookmark here

 The time is late spring, the trees slowly turning into a nice vibrant red and a shimmering gold. X has been living on his own with the leftover money from his mother for 3 months, he's been making ends meet by helping shops around the city, getting paid in change. Alongside continuing his promise and trying to gain strength, he practices his sword strikes everyday, when he’s not working he’s training vise versa. As X struggled to survive he was slowly realizing how the world ran and the way people are treated, he was disgusted and this fueled him to continue moving forward to kill Jack. As the days passed he started to see very few improvements and the money that he was receiving wasn't enough to fund his journey he needed more, so he decided to go to the south side of the City of Smoke to find more job opportunities. He started to see his funds go up but others were watching as well. One day as X was leaving his side job he decided to take the backway to a secret training spot so that he could continue his training, but a group of people approached him, “Hey kid looking for some quick cash?” X “No thanks, I'm good.” as he starts to walk away they speak up again “Aye kid, this time I'm not gonna ask, so you better turn around and answer correctly.” X start walking and slowly turns around and walk forward, as X approaches he counts the people of the group 5 total one of the guys speaks “Aye so this is how it's going to work, your going to drop all your money and every time you use this passage you pay a fee of whatever is in your pockets if nothing….. Just hope that doesn’t happen.” X “What? Why would I do that? I earned this money, I can't just give it up!” The group starts to laugh, and what looks like the leader begins to say “That was a good one kid, but for real for real, drop the money and while you're at it leave that sword too better off in my hands anyway!” the group starts to laugh once again. X a little scared but mostly angry, grabs his sword and rushes the leader, he goes in for a vertical slash but as it's about to connect the leader grabs it by the blade and tosses X to the side. “Thanks for hand delivering it to me dumbass kid!” once again they begin to laugh, X starts to stand back up “Give that back…” Leader “Did you hear something guys?” the rest of the group didn’t respond. X speaks up “I said, give me my sword back…..NOW!” The group continues to laugh and the leader speaks up “Man this kid is killing me, alright that's enough messing around. Let's continue, I think you're forgetting something else…..” X takes all his money out of his pocket and drops it on the ground, all his hard work for the past 3 months gone like that. X “Now can I get my sword back?” Leader “The fuck, why would I give it back now. It's mine. this is starting to get boring, so let's end this.” the group starts to walk away, X thinks back to when he first got that sword it was a gift from his mother on his 10th birthday. He looks back now and realizes that she probably saved money for months to get that sword. X picks up a rock “Aye bitch!” Some of the people in the group start to turn around but the one X wanted was the leader. The leader turns around SMACK X through the rock straight at his face breaking his nose X “I said give me back my SWORD!” The leader yells in rage “ Alright you lil shit, I was going to let you go but now you finna get your ass beat.” He points to the kid and nods his head as the other 4 thugs start to walk towards him. X’s legs begin to shake, as they start to get closer it begins to rain. X prepares himself, the 4 surround him and begin to beat the absolute living shit out of him, no punches or kicks are held back. X again thinks about that fateful day as he's getting his ass beat, “why me, I've done nothing to deserve this. My life is shit, maybe Jack is right…” When he said that he was disgusted, he started to scream for help “HELP! HELP! HELP!” The leader began to walk towards X saying “Nobody can hear you, let alone help you. We live ina hell hole where everyone only thinks only about themselves. (he reaches X, his lackeys stop jumping him He picks up X by his neck) LOOK ME IN MY EYES!” X tries to open his eyes but his face is beyond recognition, Leader “You are nothing but a piece of trash, wait worse than that actually nobody cares about you and never will, you are NOTHING!” X begins to cry with the last of his energy he calls out for help again “H..el……..p.” The group begins to laugh hysterically, Leader “Well you still got some energy I see, let me take care of that for you.” He takes both of his hands and slams X into the wall and begins to choke him. X gasping for air “This is how it ends, it can't be I've done nothing, absolutely nothing……” “HEY! DROP THAT YOUNG BOY!” The group starts to look around and the leader's grip starts to loosen, X can breathe a lil. Leader “who said that! Answer me! Now!” A small man steps around the corner and starts to walk forward, Leader “ What the fuck. An old ass man, this your grandpa kid. Aye pops go ahead and turn around and mind your damn business.” The old man speaks “Unfortunately I am, please stop hurting that boy, he can barely breathe, he can't even hurt you anymore. If you want to fight, at least pick one with someone who can fight back.” Leader “Bruh, you deadass want to fight me? You must want to die alright then, if i win you have to watch me end this kids life then I'll take yours next how about that.” Old Man “Deal.” The group of thugs all rush the old man with the intent to kill, the Old Man sighs and shakes his head “The world will forever have the same problems no matter the time.” Some of them started to throw punches and some kicked, the Old Man dodge and deflected the attacks with ease. He then quickly swiped the training sword from the leader's hands “So, only body shots or is the face open?” The group of thugs start to get pissed off “Now you’ve done it!” The Old Man takes a wide stance and takes a deep breath, one after the other he takes the thugs out until the leader is the last one. Leader “Aye lets talk this out Old Man, join me we can run this part of the city easy, 50/50!” The Old Man Walks forward and pats the man on the head and smiles “No thank you.” he walks past him and starts to head towards X, Old Man “Now go see your friends, and tell em none of their lives mean a thing to this world, you spent your life doing absolutely nothing and for what a few laughs at the cost of others pain, I pity you. Ignorance is bliss..” At that moment the leader fell, all of the bodies laying there lifeless. With the last of X’s energy “Thank you.” he passed out. The Old Man “Sorry that I wasn't fast enough young man, I hope that you can forgive me, no kid should go through this. I truly am sorry.”Bookmark here

2 Days Later Bookmark here

X opens his eyes, he tries to get up but his body is in pain all over. He stops and looks around, he’s in a nice room with a few pictures and furniture with a table and his sword is on it. X remembers what happened a few days ago and he starts to weep, X “I still couldn’t do anything, I was on the verge of death and accepted my fate. I'm pathetic.” “Don't say that, you did everything you could, I'm truly sorry but I watched the whole thing as I was passing by gathering materials to take back to my shop, and I heard your cry for help. I just wanted to see If you could do it, which was wrong. You were in dire need of help and I just sat there and watched, I'm truly, truly sorry I understand if you hate me. If you can look into your heart and find some way to forgive me.” X wipes the tears from his face and tries to sit up, it takes everything he has, “What is your name sir?” “Mr. Manji” X “Mr. Manji, the fact that you even came is more than enough for me, my life is a hell hole nothing ever turns out good for me. This is the one event in my life that I can say turned out good. So I will forgive you, and thanks! Mr. Manji smiles, he walks over to the table and picks up the sword “This training sword has seen better days, If I may ask, why is this so important to you?” X “My mother gave it to me on my 10th birthday, she saved up for it.” Mr. Manji “That's wonderful, she picked a really good one too. She must be worried about you too.” before he could continue X cut him off “she passed away, she was killed, murdered. Mr. Manji, can I ask you something?” “Go ahead.” X “before I passed out, you beat those thugs up so easily, you dodged all of their attacks and you countered them. The way you moved the sword it's like you’ve been wielding it your whole life, can.. can you teach me?” Mr. Manji takes a seat and takes a deep breath, he closes his eyes and he pictures his family and friends, his master, they slowly fade away. He opens his eyes and speaks “ X, why do you seek strength. Is it to avenge your mother out of anger and sadness? If so, you're no better than those thugs, I know you're better than that X.” X starts to get a lil frustrated “You don’t even know half of it and you're telling me I'm just as bad as those thugs. My mother was murdered by the head of the Nara clan, Jack Nara my father. He kills for fun, he ruins families just cause he can. I have to live with this cursed last name Nara, I hate it so much (he begins to cry once again) I have to kill him, for her my mother. Cause if I don't he’s going to keep doing it to others too, he’s probably killing someone right now and laughing. Just thinking about it makes me sick. So I must do something about it, for the kids out there even if I die!” X throws the cover off and tries to stand, but falls Mr. Manji rushes towards his side X “NO! don’t.” Mr. Manji backs up, X tries to stand again. He stands in front of Mr. Manji he bows his head “Please, Mr. Manji make me your student!” Mr. Manji can't help but smile “Well said boy, I knew there was more to you. You have a good heart as well. I'm going to tell you something my master once told me long ago, Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. Don’t allow others to control the direction of your life. Don’t allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence. Do you understand? This is very important if you want to be my student.” X looks up with tears running down his face, X “Yes, I understand. That's why I was no better than them thugs. I was no better than Jack. I promise to always stay calm and fight for the right purpose, that's what this world needs!” Mr. Manji pats X on the head “Boy you remind me of my son. My training won't be easy, it will test you both physically and mentally. There’s no shortcuts to anything in this world. You know that first hand, you must be ready to work long and hard for your goals and aspirations. I can lead and help you get there but it's up to you to too use what you gained properly.” X nods his head wiping his tears away X ”Yes Master!” Bookmark here

YeaR 190 Month 9Bookmark here

1 hour outside the capital of East City is a small town where Mr. Manji and X live. Population is about a few 100. Mr. Manji is the local utility man, he does everything from building to smithing, if it needs to be crafted he's your man. Once again the start of fall is upon X, he’s been with Mr. Manji for a YeaR now, His hair has gotten longer, his body is more defined, he’s able to stand with confidence. This past YeaR hasn’t been easy. There were times where he wanted to quit but that wasn't a choice, he knew if he did nobody would stop Jack, and help those in need. There was only one choice, to help. These next few years are for those who don't have a choice, those who have given up accepted their fate, the ones who fought against Jack and lost. These thoughts are what drive X everyday to push past his limits, to continue moving forward this is his choice.Bookmark here

There is a forest outside of the town that is secluded, covered in lush greens while the wind blows through the trees. The smell of pine and fresh water fill X’s lungs. Mr. Manji showed X this place a few days after they arrived, they followed a river that cut through the town and up the mountains X “how much longer? We’ve been walking for hours!” Mr. Manji “X, we just walked across the country and this is what gets you tired, a walk in the woods, where did all the enthusiasm go on the way here?” X” Well. I thought training was going to start right away, but instead we just helped a bunch of people in town. Not saying I didn't want to help them, I just, you know, though we would do something a bit cooler.” Mr. Manji can’t help but laugh “X, don’t change!” “Okay?” X responds. “We're here!” Mr. Manji exclaims, they enter a clearing X”WOW!” A lone weeping willow hangs over a pond where the river connects too. The bright reds and oranges of the plants and leaves catch X’s eyes while the vague noises of animals fill his ears X" I've never seen anything like this before, It’s beautiful.” Mr. Manji “Well, living in a big city it’s no surprise. The countryside has some amazing things if you take the time to look at them. Well before we continue I would like to introduce you to some important people.” X”Okay, where are they at?” X follows Mr. Manji a bit further, he stops in front of 3 graves “Right here, My family.” X cant help but feel a little bit sad, “Hey, don't let it ruin the mood they would want that!” he takes the time to introduce each grave “First is my lovely wife Mrs. Manji, she was a strong woman who kept me in check and down the right path, a bit hard headed at times but that's why i love her. A few years after we got together we had a son, my first kid. That was the best day of my life next to marrying my wife of course. (X laughs a lil) He was strong and smart, he always wanted to help no matter the task.” X” What was his name?” “Well you see about that, me and my wife couldn’t decide on a name so we just called him Jr, and after that it just kinda stuck.” X laughs but at the same time is reminded of his mother “What about the last one?” This grave has a sword sticking out of the ground, old and rusty due to the elements but somehow has stayed in one piece after all these years. Mr. Manji “This is my master's grave, the previous Sword Master.” X can't help but feel a chill down his spine, he walks closer to the grave and stares at the sword, even he can tell that this sword has seen countless battles. X”What was he like?” Mr. Manji “Well, if I'm going to be honest I barely knew him he was at this very spot years ago fighting for his life, he didn't tell what for or even who. But he shed tears of someone who was in pain, I tried to help him but he just said no. In his final moments he told me that he fought for the people that couldn’t, he trained for them, he put his life on the line for them. And now that his journey has come to an end but he was happy that there are people out there doing the same as him. Just before he passed he asked me if I had a family I told him I had a wife and son. He smiled and then asked me to pick up his sword, as I picked it up he said these final words to me “ No one looked at me my whole life, I left zero impressions on people, I was ignored and had zero value. I was barely living, until I met them. They gave me a reason to better myself, reasons to move on. We fought the best we could. I continued for them, but alas it's my time. I can't help but laugh and smile, I had no purpose until I picked up that sword. I've been cut, smashed, burned, pierced, anything you can think of I felt but nothing hurts more than knowing no matter how hard you try death is unavoidable and you won't feel a thing, but the people around you, the people’s lives you've changed along the way, will feel and overwhelming amount of pain and grief, but with those feelings someone else will pick up the same sword and repeat the cycle. Sometimes I wish I didn't pick up that sword but it's too late. It was my choice and I saw through it till the very end, haha….. Sorry to bore you but this is my tale all i ask is that you pass on my teachings and the title of Sword Master. I believe someone will be able to fix this cycle…. Thank you.”Bookmark here

(Present)Bookmark here

X opens his eyes, the cool fall breeze rustling through the trees. He stands and looks at the grave “Your story is so basic but at the same time what it meant to you and the others was indescribable. Thank you.” X picks up his sword and begins his training once again, Mr. Manji said I couldn't leave and come back home until I was able to do a 1000 high sword strikes In a minute. The highest I’ve gotten was 639. It's been 2 months and I haven't gotten any closer. He continues not letting a single minute go by, he puts everything he has into each swing. Rain, snow, heat, it didn’t matter. He tried his absolute best but still couldn’t do it, at the same time a mysterious person walks by X, they stop and watch “Well, well looks like there might be some strong people out here.” He walks towards the town with a little excitement. X continues his strikes till morning. At dawn the mysterious man walks back towards the field “Well he didn't come into town last night, stubborn I see. I like that!” The man walks to the opposite side of the path and finds a small clearing and puts his stuff down. He then takes the same stance as X but this time he’s throwing fully extended punches trying to match X’s speed. “ I'll give you credit when it's due, your speed is amazing along with your accuracy and consistency too. But let's see why you always fail.” A week goes by and X continues to try and reach 1000, he finally broke 639 with a new record of 889. He’s so close, the sky starts to clear up, the wind calms while the warm sun shines down, he takes a deep breath while closing his eyes, the image of the sword going up and falling down repeats in his head 1 after another. The mysterious man stops to look at X, he can tell something is different this time. X opens his eyes and starts once again, each strike bringing forth a current of wind, he makes it to 500 without slowing down, The man starts to get excited, X starts to gain speed 700, X’s mind is clear, void of distractions, thoughts, anything. As he approaches 1000 the man walks out of the brush and starts to circle X. 1000, but X keeps going almost like he’s in a trance. He starts to move combining different styles and strikes. High, low, mid, all in one motion, fluid and no restrictions as if nature took control. The mysterious man mesmerized by this technique, X crosses 2000 strikes before he pauses. He sheaths his sword and opens his eyes, to his surprise someone was watching, X jumped a lil “Who are you? What do you want?” The man answers “Well no introductions I see well I'll start, you’ve earned that at least. My name is Xifier. You can call me X tho.” Xavier laughs a lil, Xifier “What’s so funny?” Xavier “Well, you see my name is Xavier and people also call me X too!” Xifier “And you find that funny, baby ass joke. Anyways, I was going to ask you for a sparring match. You seem strong.” Xavier “I’m not sure my master would want me to fight for no reason, I was here training and now I've completed it I can head back.” Xifier “Soooo, what your saying is… you a bitch.” he laughs Xavier fell for the cheap taunt “Now, I didn’t say that, I mean there’s no reason to fight now. So bye X.” Xavier starts to walk away, but after a few steps he feels a change in the air and quickly side steps to the left Xifier “Okay, I see you. You're not a complete dumbass, this should be more than enough reason to fight now so let's go!” X shakes his head and remembers what Mr. Manji told him, he watches closely. Xifier “I’ve got your attention now I see, lets see what you got Mr. Sword man!” he rushed him, X lost sight of him as quickly as Xifier disappeared he reappeared right in X’s face and started to throw a flurry of punches X “if even one of these hit me I'm done for.” It takes X everything he has just to dodge and deflect his punches, Xifier “Is that it, just going to block. Pathetic! Let’s end this!” Xifier takes a step back “Yami Sakusei” (Create Darkness) his forearms and legs dawn black armor, Xifier strikes a pose almost like a wild beast, “Now block this!” This time the air is still, X can’t read the movements but he knows he can’t lose. He takes a high stance and begins to make random strikes in the air, slowly switching heights. Xifier “You think randomly swinging through the air will save you!” Xifier reappears behind X and goes for a sweep but clashes with the sword Xifier grunts and goes in again this time following up with a kick to the stomach and a back hand to the face, both clashed X retaliates he brings his sword high into the sky and brings it down Xifier contests with his right gauntlet but when the sword met the gauntlet it shattered X kept going he had Xifier on the ropes, X circled back into a low stance and did a rising strike Xifier jumps into the air performing a front flip and bringing down his right foot over X’s head. X quickly stepped to the side and with the handle of his blade he thrusted it into Xifier’s chest, he stumbled X didn't stop there he let his body follow through and in the same motion he rotated his sword and tossed it to his right hand and with the bladed side to Xifier’s neck X” Well, I guess I win, you can call me X!” Xifier becomes salty “HAHAHHAH, you winning I laugh at that. (as Xifier laughs the dark armor on his right arm rebuilds and slowly more and more armor is appearing) This was only a piece of my power, now lets see what you really got.” But just as the chest piece started to form a voice in the distance “STOP!” X and Xifier both look towards the sound, a figure breaks through the brush “Hey! ……. Hold up lemme catch my breath!” X and Xifier both look at each other and look back at the man again “Alright, my b. I see you're in the middle of something so I’ll keep it short, soo….. Do you know where the next town is? I uhhhh got to uhhhh, take a shit…..” X cant help but laugh a lil bit and in that moment his grip loosened and Xifier got out, Xifier “Never lack, that's why you will lose now!” His armor starts to build up again and his chest plate is almost done Xavier has to think of something quick. “Aye, like I said I'm sorry to bother you but I really gotta take a shit bro. Can you just point me in the right direction or something?” X “Aye I'll take you to the town myself, and show you the best bathroom we got also we got food. All you have to do is help me beat this clown, okay?” “Say less by the way, you can call me Dom! Just make sure to keep your side of the deal!” X had a few seconds to get a good look at this kid. He has on a baggy jacket that covers 80% of his body X couldn’t believe that he was wearing that along with a pair of headphones around his neck. X “Watch out, he has to get close to do damage, just keep your distance and we should beat him!” Dom reaches into his jacket and pulls out 2 pistols, the air around them slowly starts to get warmer. Dom “Keep your distance you say, too easy!” He then puts on his headphones and presses play. Dom begins to limber up, X shakes his head “I just hope you can do something. Sigh” He then takes a high stance, Xifier laughs “You think teaming with a random kid in the woods will let you win this fight, I take back what I said you're just a dumbass with a sword!” Xifiers helmet completes, A full suit of armor darker than darkness itself. Dom starts to slowly walk forward, as he approaches Xifier “So, you want to be first, let's see what you got!” He quickly closes the gap and starts throwing punches and kicks at random, too X’s surprise Dom isn’t getting hit, if anything he’s speeding up. Xifier starts to get frustrated “Again with this bullshit, STOP MOVING!” Xifier speeds up, his attacks become more precise, Dom smiles he dodges the next 2 attacks and on the 3rd he spins to the right and takes his right pistol and slams it against Xifiers helmet, it begins to sear away the side of his helmet. Xifier jumps back, Dom “HAHAH, talk about running away! I’m just getting fired up!” He turns his headphones up and starts to pick up pace towards Xifier, Xifier “Well, you got more guts than sword boy over there, lets see what you got then!” He raises his right leg off the ground and brings his left arm across his chest while the right makes a perfect 90. His helmet vanishes Xifiers begins to think “He seems to have some kinda of heat ability, he can melt right through my armor, along with the closer he get to me the hotter the area around me and him become.” Xifier’s armor begins to fade away, he keeps his stance waiting for Dom to approach. As Dom gets in range Xifier jumps off his left foot and takes his right knee aims for Dom’s head, Dom anticipates the attack and quickly ducks, Xifier smiles “GOT YA BITCH!” He then swiftly puts both knees together “Yami Sakusei” the dark armor reappears and he comes crashing down with both of his knees together from above. X “Sword Skill Slice!” He takes the bladed side of his sword and does a rising slice to clash with Xifier’s armor, Dom slides underneath the sword, while sliding on the ground he turns “Well, who’s the bitch now! Fire Materia, Hi no bakuhatsu!” Fire Materia starts to infuse with his pistols, the leaves, flowers, even the water around the area are set ablaze, the air becomes heavy with heat, X “I can’t hold him much longer, HURRY!” Dom “Lets see you put this one out!” He shoots, not a bullet but a massive fireball starts tearing through all the plants. The heat is unbearable. Xifier “Well, you think you got me ehh!” He unfolds his knees and kicks off of X’s blade and enters the air, The giant fireball inches from X’s face, “I've got to do something before this kills me!!” Dom starts to take shots at Xifier in the air, but none of them connect. Dom “Since when can you fly, that's not even fair come on!!!” Xifier can’t help but laugh, he lands behind Dom. Xifier “Well, Well, Well, it seems your playlist is over!” He then takes the back of his left hand and smashes it into Dom’s back, not even a sec of rest takes his right elbow and crashes it into his stomach, Xifier “I’m not done yet!!” Dom falls on Xifiers knee barely awake, Xifier then grabs him by the neck and locks him down while digging his knee into his spine. Xifier pulls up on Dom’s neck and exclaims “Dragon Sleeper! In this hold I can snap you back with ez, and after that death!” (cuts back to X) X “Stay calm, I can do this!!!” he closes his eyes, he begins to raise his sword to a high stance under his breath he says “Sword Skill Slash!” He opens his eyes and begins to make consecutive slashes against the massive ball of fire. The fireball disperses with fire going everywhere, he then sees Xifier put Dom in the Dragon Sleeper. X “Think, Think, Think, I have one chance, ONE!!!!” at this moment X’s body just began to move towards Dom and Xifier “Sword Skill Spin!” X runs toward them with all his speed, he jumps in the air while spinning as he continues the fire starts to be collected around his blade. He remembers he broke a piece of Xifiers armor with a strong single hit. X screams at the top of his lungs “I’M NOT A BITCH!!!” Xifier caught off guard can’t drop the hold fast enough and braces for impact. But X realized this and quickly changed forms “Sword Skill Pierce!” All the fire that he collected converges to the end of his blade, he makes contact with the back of Xifiers chest piece (small power struggle) BOOOM!!! An explosion sends the 3 flying.Bookmark here

X starts to stand, X ”Damn, that hurt” he takes the time to look around and sees Dom in the distance, he rushes towards him X “Dom!!!!! Dom!!!!! You ok, get up!!!” X starts shaking Dom, “Stop! Damn that shit hurts..” Dom opens his eyes and tries to sit up “FUCK, MY BACK!!!!! What the hell took you so long!” X “I had to deal with the giant fireball you shot, it almost killed me by the way!” Dom can't help but laugh “Pretty cool right, when I shot that my favorite song came on! I just couldn’t hold back ya know!” X laughs “It was kinda cool, If Ima be honest.” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!” X and Dom both turn their heads around, behind them stood Xifier “You think yall won huh!!! Guess again Yami Sak.u..s….” He falls to the ground, X approaches him X “He just passed out. He’s okay!” Dom “Thank God, He was crazy strong! The amount of Materia he has is ridiculous.” X “Yeah, you can say that again. It’s crazy that all he wanted to do was spar, It was like he was coming for our lives.” Dom clears his throat “Uhhhhh, X?” X “Yeah, what is it bro?” “Well you see, I still got to take that shit but I'm not in a position to really move, so……..” X sighs “Fine I'll carry you.” Dom pops off. As they get ready to leave the area X stops, Dom “What gives, to the toilet my steed!” X turns around and looks at Xifier Dom “Bro, you deadass right now. That kid almost killed me!” X “Yeah, I know but…. We can’t just leave him here like this. I’ll take him back to the village just to make sure he's okay.” Dom “WOW!!! It’s like that!!!” X picks up Xifier, he begins making his way back towards Mr. Manji’s house. X “So, this is what it's like to have friends!” he smiles.Bookmark here

5 Days LaterBookmark here

X, Dom, and Xifier make a full recovery along with Dom taking a shit. (Time lapse happens) basically Dom and Xifier stick around and train underneath Mr. Manji. Xifier challenges X to a duel every day for 10 YeaRs. X trained day in and day out for those 10 YeaRs, he not only mastered the sword but mastered his inner self, but he wasn’t the only one going hard, Xifier has secretly been training to further evolve his darkness.          Bookmark here

10 YeaRs LaterBookmark here

YeaR 197Bookmark here

Xavier Nara (19) Mr. Manji “Alright I think your ready X” X bows his head “thanks master” Mr.Manji “No you are the master now, I pass down the title of Sword Master to Xavier Nara, what took my YeaRs of time, blood, sweat, and tears you achieved in just 9 years.” X “It was because I have the best teacher! Couldn't have done It without your guidance master.” Mr. Manji “Now go and complete your task at hand. You showed me that you will use this power for good, but I have one last request for you X.” X “ what is it master?” Bookmark here

Mr. Manji “ YeaR 97 Month 3 I was working as a blacksmith pretty damn good back in my time, still am! As I was cleaning up I noticed it was getting darker than usually so I stepped outside to see what's up, and as I did at that very moment demons began to flood out of a portal in the center of the city, then a demon like no other came out, It was dead silent when he appeared, he then pointed at me “come” he said, so I walked over to him at that point in time I was terrified my life could end at any moment, Mr. Manji “yes sir” he looked at me for a couple of seconds. I began thinking of my family, friends, and the people I love. It can be taken at this very time and there's nothing I can do about It, he raised his hand, I quickly closed my eyes and there was no running. I accepted my fate. But at last he just did a simple pat on the back “drop the formalities, call me OG. I have a few questions and the way you answer them will determine how this city comes out, ok?” “ok” I say, OG “first question where are we right now?” “You're in East City, about a week out from the capital.” “Next question, will people be afraid of us demons and if so how will they react?” Mr. Manji “Well if you came in like you just did, everywhere, then they’ll all be scared and probably start trying to fight back.” “Interesting, all right final question, Do you think all demons are bad?” Mr. Manji thinks long and hard, if he gives a half assed answer the city will be destroyed but if he lies…… there's no right answer to this question…...we're fucked. “OG, if I'm being honest I was scared when I first walked up. You could have taken my life in an instant. But you didn't, in that one interaction that shows me that no not all demons are bad but are misheard and judged. You spoke to me calm and collected like anybody else would, to me that is more than being good. That's called being human.” OG “Nice answer, for that you live and get a reward. Hold still!” In an instant he cuts off Mr. Manji’s right arm. He screams in pain, OG “You had a rare bone eating disease in your right arm so here, he proceeds to cut his own arm off and holds it up to Mr. Manji’s cut. He starts speaking a weird language, next thing you know I got a new arm. OG “ Alright you're all nice and fixed up, give it a few days and your body will adjust accordingly. Now I did say your city will be alright if you answered my questions, which you did but some of the other humans had different plans so I'm going to kill everyone but you. Mr. Manji “But.. I did what you asked, will my family be spared? Please, OG don't!” OG “hmmmm, no your family will not be spared for you still don't understand, I'm not here to befriend you people, I'm here to destroy and conquer this land and move on.” “But why, you seemed so genuine.” OG laughs “You humans are so easily fooled that's the point, this might be a lil too easy in fact. KILL THEM ALL, EVERY LAST PERSON HERE DEAD, EXEMPT THIS MAN RIGHT HERE!!!” Mr. Manji “ OG, I don't care who you are or where you came from but I swear I will find you and make you pay for this...this...this isn't right and you know it I can tell. I will show you the light or I will pass the torch down to someone who can.” OG “Power is the only thing that matters, or so I thought. I went to better myself mentally and only to find out I still have limits, so what good is power if there is a limit that you can't go beyond? I thought for a long time and couldn’t come to an answer. Until I took the head of the old demon king, seeing all the demons scream in excitement, joy, and relief. It hit me that power is meant for change. I change every situation with my power so I'll always be on top, no question asked, for if I do that I'll have no limit and therefore I'll be the strongest.”Bookmark here

Present time:Bookmark here

Mr. Manji “All I ask of you is that you find some way to stop OG, he is a terrible person.” X “why didn't you tell me sooner we could have done something!” Manji “No, you are far too weak to face him now, and I was back then too. But you have the tools to further your strength and become something. OG told me that power brings change, but the change should be used to keep said power. He's not wrong, he's also not right either, show him that change still means you're strong but you should take the time to change others to make them stronger!” X “Yes master, I accept your request!” Manji “Good boy, now come here I want to give you a gift for your journey ahead. It will be a long, hard fight to the top. But I believe in you like my own son.” (pictures his son in his mind) Mr. Manji walks away and in a couple of minutes he returns, with something wrapped up in a cloth. He hands it over to Xavier, X unfolds the cover and it's a sword Manji speaks up “That is the best sword I have ever made, It’s forged with a Carbon-Chromium-Alloy, and tempered with the blood of OG. It’s made to withstand the elements to the very end! X “I can't thank you enough for everything that you did for me. 9 YeaRs ago you took the time to hear my story. You then took me under your wing and made me your pupil and trained me to master the sword. Now that journey is over and I must continue on with mine while showing your teachings and continue with your journey you passed on to me!” As Xavier begins to depart he gives one last look at the crib he stayed at for 8 years, all the memories come flooding back. He turns and looks forward and wipes the tears from his face. As he looks down the road he thinks about what Mr. Nara has been doing for 10 YeaRs, leading other females on and killing them just to fight their children and kill them too. X can’t help but get angry, “I’m just a couple of steps away from achieving my dream and avenging my mom. Just wait Mr. Nara, your death is near!”Bookmark here

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