Chapter 1:

The Specially Gifted

Magic and the Black Cloaks

"Are you serious? I go from killing people to helping students kill people?"

"Well, when you put it like that, you make me sound like a bad person?"

Winter and Summer Flynt. Thanks to being from down South, their skin colors were naturally much darker than most, their perfect black hair and tall statures made them stand out against most crowds.

"Hm. Though, I'll be teaching them magic, right? It's all secret? Under tight lips?" Winter wanted to make sure none of this was really getting out, he didn't want any repercussion of something happened and he just so happen to be employed by the school of magic soldiers, "Better yet, this is legal, right?"

"...You sure ask a lot of questions. But yes, this is all legal within the Kingdom's rules. Just think of this bunch as some specially gifted kids who are being trained a little differently."

Magic was common but having strong magic was rare. Anyone that had exceptionally strong magic was usually bound to be great in one way or another, most soldiers/adventurers but that's not the only ones there are.

For example, Fredrica Via Cey, a woman who practically built most of what technology was today. From magic cells to the oven in your kitchen. She and her team were all responsible in some way or another in its creation, which landed her a special mark on history, even greater than the greatest villain.

They were able to do this with high aptitude in magic and some had low aptitudes. Really, it didn't matter by the end of their cycle.

"Well, I'll be staying in that massive school, be fed good food, and all I have to do is train a bunch of little kids?"

"Winter, you're as old as them. To call them little is calling yourself a child too."

Winter was 20 years of age, he spent a lot of his younger life, specifically 17-19 in the Kingdom's military. He had his year off and even had a normal birthday party, but as said before, money was running low and his landlord didn't exactly like him because he knew Winter wasn't working and the money would dry up eventually.

He was as nice as long as he was getting rent but with that looking more and more unlikely, the landlord was getting nervous which indirectly led to passive-aggressive nature.

"Well, this seems like a fine job. I really don't see why this has such weirdly high pay. What's the catch?" Even though he was talking to his sister, she had no problems tricking her brother into doing what she wanted, most of the time, if he found out beforehand, she'd give him a choice.

Nothing super wrong has come out of this arrangement so he just let it slide most of the time.

"...You'd be fighting with your class. If they're sent out, you're going with them. I wouldn't blame you for dropping this job, to be honest." She flicked her black straight hair back and then stared at her brother with her brown eyes. It was a stare that convinced him she would allow him to leave if he didn't want this.

"Eh... Did I leave the military special operators just to come right back? Your past really does define you, huh?" He laid back on the couch and let his head fall off the back of the chair looking upside down to the fancily dressed-up room.

Well, whatever he could see through the medium-length dreads on his head that went to cover his eyes. Fighting is what he's good at, with his powers, he was more useful to the world if he was fighting, it's just one thing that made this such a tough decision.

"But... I'm so lazy..."

The most basic, mundane, and stupid reasons to ever exist. Extremely cliche to the point Summer felt like she was rather in a novel than real life.

"Winter. Get real. Give me an answer or the door is right there, little brother?" She gestured to the door just across the room but he sat up letting his dreads fall back down using gravity.

"Well, you have yourself a deal. I really have no reason to say no, do I?"

Summer didn't answer as she projected her hand out to her brother, they shook on it and someone came into the room with paperwork which Winter filled out pretty quick.

"Welcome to Gravitywell Special Operations Combat School, Major Flynt." She smiled happily at having someone she was close to working with her now.

"I can tell I'm so going to regret this, huh? I hate money? Why can't we just trade cows like we did in the past?" Winter stood up.

His outfit was purely casual, a black sweater, normal boots, and pants made for extreme conditions. Otherwise, tactical pants.

The traditional necklace made out of monster teeth and specially carved metals stood out on his clothes along with the bracelets that lined his right wrist. All of them had a different design inscribed into them and all of them were made from pretty rare metal, of course, Summer had the same ones, just a few less.

He had five while she had three. It was an indication of how much you had accomplished back home and most of these were trial by monster or human, in other words, they were special kills.

"Well, Major, you should wait in your room while your things are fetched. Try not to draw any attention while you're going. You're being put into a particularly rowdy class, the last teacher quit just after a month, and you're an experienced soldier with a name attached to you. They should already have some respect for you if not, you really have your work cut out for you..."

"Yeah, yeah. My jobs can't ever be easy, can they...?"

"Actually! There's one really problematic girl-! No, I think it'd be best if you saw her for yourself..."

Whatever that was meaning, he wasn't excited to see what she meant but for now, he simply went to his room which was quite spacious for what he was expecting. A half-full bookcase, an open window, a good-looking bed, and a desk. Much better than what he was expecting, he almost felt like this was a trick considering what he sometimes had when he was in the actual military.

The meeting had happened quite late at night, so after taking note of everything, he swapped clothes and went to sleep for the night.

The next time he woke up, he was still in the same room but yet, it was a bit more furnished. The stuff he had from his home was in the room and three swords were hung up on the wall along with a lot more books in the bookcase. Other small trinkets and items were strung around neatly and he was glad they got most of what he would've taken.

"...Now, it's time for the moment of surprise." He walked past the desk which had the basic magic officer uniform.

It really wasn't any different from the normal officer uniform. Half-cape, flexible fabric, almost entirely black, and a stylish military cap to top it off.

Of course, he didn't feel like wearing something so constricting today so he checked his closet to find all of his clothes there but then came back around to the officer uniform as his first impression needed to be one of a hardened military veteran.

He already was one in spirit but looks were important too. He certainly didn't want them running circles around him, he tied back his dreads and put his hat on and grabbed a sword of his choice off the wall, then went out of the room.

While walking, he made sure he was on time for his class using his magical cell device. Though, he was still a little late by a few minutes which earned him stares by the students as they'd also tried burrowing their gazes into him. Of course, he was ultimately unaffected as when you've been stabbed by swords, some kids glaring at you is nothing.

"...Hello class. My name is Winter Flynt, I'm the rank of Major and you shall address me as Major Flynt. If you don't want to, I'll happily punch you in the face until it's drilled into your skull like the print of my glove. Does anyone want to oblige my offer?" Winter, although his voice was dead and tired, was more than serious about his threat.

Some couldn't believe it but others took it to mind.

"Are you trying to tell us you're the rank of major when you're just as old as us?" The proud voice of a noble girl shot from the front of the class.

On his way here, Winter looked through the basic information of each student as he had about 20 in total, the one he thought would be the problem child was the first one to stand up and accuse him.

The smirk that came to his face almost instinctually made her yell out but she kept her voice down and calmly said, "Go on, we're listening? I doubt you could possibly reach that rank so easily!"

"Ugh, Winter Flynt, 130th Magic Company. You're all in the military, go ahead and look me up."

On his mark, everyone took out their cells and went ahead to look up their major. Most information wasn't available, especially about his element, but if one thing was certain, he had a lot of missions under his belt and a lot of kills too.

The students were more interested than thinking he was fake, here, if something such as basic information wasn't available then that just meant this person was super high profile to the point you shouldn't know about them or what they're capable of.

"...Fine. I accept you." The girl, also known as Akari Kazami, was still full of some sort of denial but went along with it for now.

Honestly, Winter didn't know how such a good-looking girl ended up in such a place, most of the time if your child was as beautiful as Akari here, you'd bundle them up and never let them leave the house. Or so Winter thought would happen. He hadn't the slightest idea who she was or where she was from so guessing why she was here and not somewhere else was a mystery.

"It's not like you had a choice in the matter, you know? So... what do you people even wanna learn about?"

He was technically designated as a combat teacher but since he also worked in training recruits in magic, he had a split job of training and teaching. He really had no problems with that and even preferred it as always jumping around through the forest training people would be a tiring job. Though, he still had to get a gauge for their abilities so a test for that was also coming up.

So, he'd be handing out two diagnostics today.

"Isn't that a strange question? You're supposed to be the teacher here, right?" Erwin, one of the smarter kids in the class spoke up, he was the group's info specialist and looked the part for it too. Short green hair, glasses, and a build that was average and certainly did not have any boys or girls fawning over him.

"I already heard about you bunch. You're smart and annoying, I'm not gonna teach you something you already know about so let's ask what you don't know and go from there?"

Winter looked down to his watch, he had only but a few minutes left before he'd force them to get dressed for their combat section.

"Major Flynt, I'd actually like to learn more about Wind Magic." The girl next to Akari spoke up while raising her hand.

Now, she looked like Winter's type of person. Her hair was lazily done, she spoke in a relaxed tone, and the rabbit ears on her pink hair would prove she'd be quick and hear quite well. Not to say anything weird, but Rabbit Demons are quite good soldiers.

There were a few demons in this class with Sakura being the first one he noticed. All in all, there were about three while the rest were humans.

"Also, Major, I'd like to learn more about demons!" A human called out in a pretty loud voice startling the female Fox Demon next to him.

He could see where that was going...

Winter looked down once again, "Oh? Would you look at the time? Everyone, go and get dressed in your combat uniforms, we're about to go hunting."

This wasn't their first time doing this, after all, Winter was their second teacher. They'd been expecting this which is exactly why Winter is putting a small twist on how he was going to carry out this test, he sure hopes they're ready for what he's gonna throw at them... 

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