Chapter 125:

City Streets and “Inconspicuous” Clothes

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

To say the city of Nun was a well-laid-out city would be a lie. The town was initially founded by several small huts built around a grand carnival celebration. As the town grew larger, the streets were laid out wherever the builders pleased. Eventually, it grew into a city, then into the mega city the team drove through.

The streets curved, bent, and made complete U’s, but the citizens happily walked along the sidewalks through the poor layout without a care in the world. Gwyn couldn’t help but observe the scene outside.

The carnival nature of the city's founding carried heavily through its design aesthetics. Bright colors and equally bright lights lined the buildings and walkways. Food stalls were set up everywhere, and vendors dished out all manners of meals.

The citizens wore brightly dressed, gaudy clothes. The average wear looked more like they would belong in a circus and the fancy options seemed more suitable for a masquerade. Frills and patterns lined the garments, and it quickly dawned on Gwyn that they stood out simply for the lack of chaos in what they wore.

The city streets were full of citizens of varying species on Resh. Dressed in the bright garb and surrounded by the dazzling lights, they walked and talked with each other without a care in the world.

“I have lots of questions,” Gwyn said as he nearly pressed his face against the passenger seat window of the Ali. He wanted to ask about the city’s history. He wanted to ask about their tastes in fashion. He wanted to ask many things simultaneously and could not decide which should take priority.

“Later, Gwyn, I see a clothing store!” Odell replied. He slowly and awkwardly parallel parked the Ali-442 on the side of the street. To their side was a store with a brightly lit neon light that said, ‘Garments and Garb.’ The team got several strange looks flashed their way as they entered the store.

Lines of bright and awkward-looking clothes were set out, and everyone quickly got to work in selecting their new ware.

“These are a bit much,” Gwyn said as he looked at what he tried on. He had found an orange tailcoat that matched the color of his cape. The coat went past his waist and ended at a sharp point. A black circuit bord pattern decorated the coat, and he selected grey-blue pants to accompany it.

“They are well within our budget,” Rheba explained after donning her new outfit. She wore a checkered shirt and a purple skirt. A burgundy vest draped over her shoulders and buttoned just below her chest. Matching checkered socks stretched up just above her ankles.

“I think he means they are too much in appearance and not budget. Odell said with a laugh. He had found a baggy vest and pants that were split between yellow and green. A series of swirls danced along with the fabric.

“Simple clothes were in reach; it is your fault for not grabbing them,” Hal said as he finished tying a bow tie around his neck. He had selected a brown dotted suit vest and green pants. A short cape that matched his pants was draped over his shoulders.

Harlan simply shook her head as she joined the group. She wore what looked like a bright orange suit and tie.

“Hey, you copied me!” Fiona said to Gwyn as she was last to emerge from the changing room. She had selected a yellow tailcoat with a more medieval gothic appearance than Gwyn’s, which would have been suitable wear at a fine dining restaurant.

“I was out first, though,” Gwyn replied as Rheba paid the cashier.

“Do you know any good inns?” the Bentulousian warrior asked as her receipt was printed.

“There’s one down Party Street,” the cashier lazily replied.

“We will check it out, thank you,” Rheba replied. She relayed the information to the group, and they quickly set out to find a place to stay after Odell managed to get out of his parallel parking spot.