Chapter 2:

Kazuki On The Run!

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(After last night, Kazuki was sitting at his desk and trying to forget about what happened.)
"Kazuki(Thinking): Last night was absolute hell for me and here I was about to enjoy another spree of killing. That girl was a serious annoyance.."
(The teacher then clapped his hands for attention which everyone except Kazuya did.)
"Mr. Munesake: Okay everyone, in a few minutes classes will begin. But we actually have a new student in our class today. You may come in!"
(After the class gave the teacher his attention, Kazuki then saw the girl from last night which surprised yet irritated him directly.)
"Ukyo: My name is Ukyo Sayuri, I'm pleased to meet you all."
(The students murmured about Sayuri as the teacher gave her the available seat behind Kazuki.)
"Kazuki(Thinking): DAMN ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!"
"Mr. Munesake: Alright now.. Ukyo, I believe there is a seat in front of Takabe."
(As she did so, both Ukyo and Kazuki delivered dirty glares of hated at each other as she sat there in silence and paid attention.)

"Regarding to yesterday's incident in the hallways, I've been informed by the headmaster that there's going to be come incoming changes to school security. Each of your parents or parental guardians has been notified about the changes and future additions. So for now, you all can continue to live your normal school life...-"

(As Kazuki listened, he started to zone out but looked out the window at the scenery of the suburban area but noticed a convoy-like line of cars colored like the ones he saw last night but did not let it bother him. Meanwhile as the third period bell rung, the class was dismissed for lunch which Kazuki was sighing out of boredom.)
"Ukyo: You. We need to talk, now."
(He looked up and out of pure annoyance he sees Sayuri right in front of him.)
"Kazuki: Whatever this is about, its not worth my time so back off."
"Ukyo: You think this is some joke? We're talking. NOW!"
(She gripped Kazuki's arm as he slapped her hand away and got up from his desk, staring her down which startled the remaining students in their classroom.)
"Kazuki: I told your ass to back. OFF!"
"Ukyo: And I told you we. NEED. TO TALK!"
"Kazuki: I'm not going with you!"
(A second later, Kazuki's friend Miyara Tokichiro walked into the classroom.)
"Miyara: Kazuki, what's going on dude..?"
(Kazuki calmed down after hearing his voice and shoved Sayuri out of his way to talk to Miyara. Sayuri then sighed heavily and stormed out the classroom to get lunch in the cafeteria. As time passed, Kazuki and Miyara continued talking at their own lunch table.)

"Kazuki: So then what happened with your little brother?"
"Miyara: He actually splashed a whole bottle of water in my face after making me look into it thinking there's a coin in it."
(Kazuki chuckled but didn't give a single grin.)
"Kazuki: That's funny."
"Ukyo: Mind if I sit here?"
(Kazuki then scarfs down his food without giving Sayuri any attention as Miyara didn't mind at all in which Ukyo sat down next to the two which then Kazuki a bit more mad than usual.)
"Miyara: I'm gonna go and get some drinks, you want anything Kazuki?"
"Kazuki: No.. I think.. I'm fine."
"Miyara: Okay, be right back man!"
(As Miyara left, Kazuki was then steaming pissed off.)
"Kazuki: What the hell do you want now..."
"Ukyo: Like I said, we needed to talk. Either you like it or not, this is a very important thing to talk about and I need you to listen to me!"
"Kazuki: Fine. By all means, tell me. What the hell is it?"
(She sighs again as he finally would listen.)

"Ukyo: Takabe. You got involved in something that is going to fuck up your life soon. That.. gunfight you helped us in, that clan was part of the Yakuza Organization. One of the wealthiest and dangerous clans in Japan today."
"Kazuki: And?"
"Ukyo: K-.. Kazuki, these guys won't hesitate at trying to kill you!"
(Kazuki sighed he began to care less.)
"Kazuki: I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself, okay? I don't need you trying to play "caregiver" and try to give me any heads up about that damn clan."
(She then slammed the remains of Kazuki's food into his face as she stormed away in fury as Miyara came back, curious to what happened as Kazuki wasn't phased by her action.)
"Miyara: Whoa.. did something happen between you two?"
"Kazuki: Just a.. political disagreement."

(As lunch was continuing to be ate, Kazuki forgot their conversation ever happened. As time flies by, Kazuki notices the same vans again during class which Sayuri noticed and was nervous as she continued to pay attention. One of the teachers then came into the room a while later to inform Mr. Munesake that Takabe was needed down at the main office.)

"Mr. Munesake: Mister Takabe, you're needed in the main office."
(He then began to leave as Ukyo noticed Kazuki leaving the classroom to go to the office. As Kazuki wad accompanied by the vice principal whom waited for him in the hallway, Kazuki noticed his uncle sitting in the office with a very anxious look on his face.)
"Kazuki: Uncle?"
"Yuuma Seiichi(Kazuki's Uncle): Kazuki.. You're coming home early."
"Kazuki: Did something happen?"
"Yuuma: There's no time to explain, lets.. just go quick.."
(As Kazuki was anxious as well, Yuuma then noticed two hitmen in suits which triggered his protective side after catching them pull out two handguns.)
(As shots was fired, the windows to the main office was shattered as Kazuki and his uncle Yuuma got down for cover to avoid being shot. The entire school suddenly sounded emergency alarms as the lockdown was quickly activated.)

(Kazuki quickly pulled out his Glock, loads then fires back at the gunman which he landed one headshot each to the two armed men. Kazuki then commanded Yuuma to follow him as he knew an exit out the school as more hitmen was beginning to enter the school to search for Kazuki. A while later, Yuuma and Kazuki escaped to the school's parking lot in the back as Yuuma then starts the car and begins to drive off and escape.)

"Yuuma: Kazuki.. I need you to answer me a question. What the hell did you do last night..?"
"Kazuki: I... I tried to go on a killing spree but I-"
"Yuuma: Did you run into a girl by the name Ukyo Sayuri?"
"Kazuki: I did."
"Yuuma: Kazuki, you never should've went out that night!"
"Kazuki: Look, what's going on?!"
"Yuuma: That convoy you helped her kill last night was part of a Yakuza Organization! They placed you on a hitlist!"
"Yuuma: Kazuki... I don't know how-"
"Kazuki: Wait.. what's that..?"

(In the distance, Kazuki noticed black rising smoke from a familiar area which Yuuma stopped the car but Kazuki ran with voices in his head. As Kazuki made it to the smoke as his eyes widened in shock after seeing his naked, assaulted and murdered sisters, mother, father and brother hung by their necks over a large fire and a note in front of it gory scene.)

"Note: Should've kept walking, your family paid the price! Now you're next, Takabe Kazuki!"
(Kazuki sat there on both his knees as he started to cry at the horrifying scene.)
"Yuuma: I'm sorry nephew... They got them."
(Yuuma then started to comfort Kazuki as he was completely broken and in an instant, two more black vans stopped right in front of the house which was more armed hitmen as Yuuma noticed and shielded Kazuki from being shot. As Kazuki turned around quickly, he noticed Yuuma was still guarding him.)
"Kazuki: UNCLE YUUMA!!!!!"
"Yuuma: Take care.. my dear nephew..."

(Multiple rounds of gunfire was heard and fired at both Kazuki and Yuuma. As the gunfire concluded, Yuuma was still on his feet but then collapsed as he died from the massive counts of gunfire into his unprotected body then lies in a flowing pool of blood. Kazuki stared at his uncle's fallen body as he then screams out of anguish and dived into a bush and pulls out a hidden AK-12 while strapped with several other types of guns. Kazuki then yells a war cry as he fires endless rounds at the vans while the hitmen fires back but some ended up becoming shot in the process. Kazuki then runs in with a dagger and slashed any nearby attackers along with shooting them once. As Kazuki then later takes out the final gunman, the rain began soaking the blood off of Kazuki's drenched clothes as police sirens was heard nearby, Kazuki then looked at his deceased family right in front of him as he took his uncle's keys and drove his car out of the area before getting caught by the police who then arrived moments later. As a year now went by the rainy spring season returns as the news was then reporting the gruesome scene at the Takabe's home as a rerun.)

-Present Time, Year 2010-

"News Anchorman: Our top story tonight, police responds to a call regarding heard gunfire but ended up arriving at a VERY gruesome scene. For the sake of the weak-stomached viewers, we will not show any footage or photography of the gory scene for it is definitely disturbing... According to the Commanding Lieutenant of Kyoto's law enforcement, Hirose Yaeko, she has informed the following message to all civilians and I quote: "Until all gun-related crime goes down, Kyoto will be under a strict curfew. All civilians are to be within their homes by seven PM every night until further notice by the Japan Government Branch." There has also been verified evidence that the ones responsible for the gruesome murder of the Takabe family is the Yakuza Organization. Officials has yet to release a public statement, regarding this incident so we will keep you all updated for any official statements. Do be safe out there everyone..."

(Meanwhile at a closed bar, Kazuki was given a free refill as an elderly bar owner smiled at the mentally changed yet somewhat calm Kazuki.)
"Kazuki: Keep the beer coming, gramps. I need it."
"Akibara Yoshiiku(Bar Owner): Are you sure you need to drink, Kazuki..? I know its been a year since your family died, don't you have your grandfather and grandmother left?"
"Kazuki: They moved out of Japan years ago. I forgot where they are."
"Akibara: I see. Well, you can't stay holed up forever. Don't you got school to go back to?"
"Kazuki: I can't really go back. The principal found out about me and the convoy incident, I got expelled before I could graduate. I don't have a school to go to... and I can't go back home knowing that the Yakuza Organization took over the area."
"Akibara: Well.. You don't have to give up hope you know. When an organization takes over your loved possessions, you have to fight to get them back. They took over a warzone but they did not win the war. You can bring down the Yakuza Organization and get back what they took from you, if you play your cards right."
"Kazuki: How exactly am I going to do that..?"
"Akibara: I made a call to a little friend of a friend of mines. She'll be able to teach you everything she knows about the Yakuza Organization and how to handle them personally."
(The door opens as an entire gang entered the closed bar as the leader of the clan walked in wearing combat boots, a medium skirt and wore her clan's jacket with the words "Ukyo" in bold with the color dark pink.)

"???: You called-"
(In an instant, Sayuri and Kazuki stared at each other with pure silence as Kazuki slams his face down onto the tray where his beer was carried.)
"Akibara: I assume you two are acquainted?"
"Kazuki(Muffled): We were classmates..."
"Sayuri: Takabe. From this moment on, you're now under the Kabukicho's protection. Together, we can place an end to the Yakuza Organization."
(He lifted his head and stared at Sayuri.)
"Kazuki: Whatever.. I guess."
"Sayuri: Hey Akibara, its okay to crash here right?"
"Akibara: Please, stay as long as you want!"
"Sayuri: Okay everyone, for the time being, this is our official hideout. Now lets drink!"
(They all cheered as Kazuki focused on finishing his beer with a irritated look on his face.)

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