My name is Sawa but I also go by Varon. I am an twenty year old writer with the never-ending determination to write!

I've brought my novel: "Project: INFERNO" from a different writing site and I've decided on expanding to different communities for the experience and feedback of others!

If any questions, please feel free to ask!

1st Novel: Project: INFERNO
2nd Novel: Koibito Tero: Kazuki x Sayuri (DISCON)
3rd Novel: Prophet Of A Destroyer
4th Novel: Saved By The Bell!
5th Novel: My Near-Death Is A Blessing!
6th Novel: World Quest: Escape To Reality!

Discord nickname for Questions: vampireking12134

registered at: Dec 12, 2021
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    "The Abyss usually isn't as dark as this you know." - ???
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    I am Sakura Hino, a 24-year-old novelist from Kyoto, Japan, who embraces a unique blend of cultures. My passion for literature led me to Kyoto University, where I discovered my love for exploring the full spectrum of human emotions and desires. This inspiration drives me to create captivating stories that delve into not only sexuality and intimacy but also the darker aspects of human behavior, such as violence and anger, as well as the lighter aspects like love and kindness. My novels are unapologetically bold, intended for mature audiences who appreciate the beauty and complexity of human emotions and desires. I strive to erase the stigma against discussing taboo subjects by encouraging healthy and open expression, fostering a more accepting and inclusive conversation around the many facets of human nature.