Chapter 1:

001. Last Match Pt. 1

Wind of Dreams

The last match on screen at the moment, SMP grade 9. This was a provincial-scale match where their opponent was an incumbent who had more than five years advancing to the national level. Their chart in the province is like hereditary, unchanged, they always lose.

"Hopefully the Marukami Middle School team wins, we can't lose to Iwato Middle School, this is our last witness, if we lose, then we won't be able to take part anymore."

They cheered each other on in the dressing room, nervousness and fear enveloped them and it was a problem that carried over as long as they kept thinking about how the 90 minutes went.

Everyone flocked to the field and the supporters began to shout for their respective schools that were in front of them.

"Marukami! We must go on!! Fight! God with You in This Match." The voices echoed in almost part of the stadium, it seemed they didn't want to lose to shout out the existing voices.

Tashiro seemed to feel that he didn't want to lose and became a pressured player with his position at number 11, he felt that his training so far was the peak of the day, no one could think that they would be better.

The game started and the ball was passed twice by different people with short passes. Supporting voices began to rumble. The formation being played is 4-3-3 with the aim of opening up space by taking advantage of enemy gaps, Tashiro can take goals by being a right winger with the tactics he has prepared.

"Tashiro pass to me," said one of those who got the ball from Arya for a mistake from the opposing team.

The voice came from Niwabi who is a defensive midfielder whose position is in the area near the attacking midfielder's front line, but it looks like he is being chased and started to be guarded by their opponent's attacking line, it is a mistake if he gives the ball straight away, because he doesn't pay attention to the gaps in the empty space which exists.

He gave it to Peter, because he knew that there was no one else in the middle yet, so Tashiro hesitated to attack any of them. Tashiro gave a long pass and immediately ran while watching the movement of Peter's ball.

Sefa started to dribble towards the wing of the field and he began to be overtaken by his position by the opposing defenders, here he began to feel the pressure to pass the ball, the ball would be useless, if the opposing defender had started to approach him.

"I'll pass you on, Niwabi." Peter seems to be moving to the center feels the bait is safe to pass to him.

When the ball almost reached Niwabi's feet, one of the enemies took the ball and turned towards the back, the ball continued to be dribbled past three people on Marukami's team. Apparently, Marukami's team play was unlucky, because their defensive midfielder, Daisho immediately blocked his movement and he immediately took the ball from the enemy.

Daisho immediately took a short pass from the central defender's pass towards Tashiro who is a right winger.

The team from Marukami immediately pulled the ball towards the opponent, their defense was deliberately focused more forward, while Tashiro was still running with the aim of being fooled by the movement he would make as a winger.

"Careful goal," said one of the opposing team who seemed to want to score.

The ball is kicked from the right halfspace with a high pass from the center back. However, the ball went out of control from Tashiro with full force, so the ball shot high into the air and didn't hit the goalpost. This is a truly worrying condition.

"Tashiro in serious mode," said Peter, who seemed to feel that his team was saved because of the wind factor kick.

Wind of Dreams