Chapter 13:

Bryson's Informant

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

Corporal Nico Reese, one of the Coldwater royal guards stood at attention. He had short copper red hair, brown eyes, and a clean-shaven face and wore his uniform, with the Coldwater crest across his heart and rank across his shoulder.

At seventeen he had served the Coldwaters since he was a cadet for nearly four years. He was an exceptional soldier, amazing reflexes, a handsome face, and healthy build. He was adept in arcane firearms and excelled at swordsmanship, he was one of the few men at his age who had experienced actual combat experience. This experience had gifted him knighthood and the ability to serve the Coldwater family.

As of right now, he was standing stock still, nervousness coursing through his body. The reason? He was inside an office room, and he had just given his report upon completing his mission to Bryson Coldwater, and Bryson did not seem impressed.

Nico’s mission was simple, find the location of the recently fired maid, Lila Frost, purchase the bracelet with the money given to him and leave before she figured anything out. Nico had achieved two of the three required tasks; however, he may have stumbled on the last hurdle. There may be a chance that Lila didn’t exactly buy his performance and that she might be suspecting something was greater amidst.

And that fact soured Bryson’s mood. Bryon sat at his desk in front of Nico, the head butler Phillip by his side. Bryson stared at the bracelet in front of him, he was studying it carefully as he was busy pondering.

“So… you are telling me that she found out?” Bryson seethed out.

“Uh, well no. Not exactly.” Nico stammered out, “But she asked some questions.”

“What did you say?” Bryson growled.

“Nothing! Nothing at all!” Nico said defensively. He then paused and recalled the last thing she had said to him. “Well…” His voice trailed of.

“Well, what?” Bryson asked, his voice ice cold.

“She may have figured out that whoever is responsible for isn’t actually from the south.” Nico said with a small voice.

“So she found out!?” Bryson asked voice rising.

“Well, I left before she did!”

“That just makes things more suspicious!”

“Well, well, all she knows is that someone she might have met bought the bracelet.” Nico tried to reason. “It could be anyone she knows!”

Bryson closed his eyes as he clenched and unclenched his fists before slowly opening his eyes once more staring directly at Nico.

“So you’re telling me that as of right now. She knows that someone, who knew she worked at the Coldwaters and was fired from there, who also has a lot of disposable income was responsible?” Bryson questioned.

“Uh, yes.”

Bryson gave a deep inhale before speaking again, “So, please. Tell me, how many people does she know who are wealthy and who know of this event that are willing to give her this money?”

“Uh… I suppose not many…” Nico stammered out.

“So doesn’t that mean that she knows?” Bryson questioned.

“But there still is a list! A small list of names, but still multiple options!” Nico tried to assure him.

“I am on the list!” Bryson snarled back.

Bryson began to become more and more agitated before Phillip gave a small cough, a hint for Bryson to calm down. Bryson noticed just how much fear was in the eyes of Nico, he probably believed that Bryson was going flay him alive.

Taking a small breath, Bryson leaned back onto his chair, “There is no point in continuing this. Leave. Now.” Bryson said with empathises on the last part.

With that Nico Reese, royal knight of the Coldwaters, bolted out a room in fear for the second time this day. Bryson watched as the man ran off, he gave a sigh of annoyance as he grabbed the bracelet that he had technically bought.

“Well sir, I would like to mention that your plan mostly worked out.” Phillip offered a fuming Bryson, “Miss Frost will not have any financial troubles for a little while. Plenty of time for her to prepare herself and get away from this mess.”

“I suppose I won’t be seeing her again either way.” Bryson said.

“Most likely not, so maybe you could let Sir Reese off with this?” Phillip asked.

“Hmm. Fine.” Bryson said, turning his attention back onto the bracelet. Paying closer attention to it he noticed just how strange it was. It was an old looking thing, but it seemed to have had some recent additions.

Bryson saw that there were two small letters that seemed to be recent additions to the bracelet, two silver letter Ls, silver painted not actually made of silver. Well, newer than the rest, the metal on the letters had begun to rust, but still at a higher quality than the rest of the stuff on the bracelet.

The rest of the bracelet had a few simple beads on it, some wooden, some metal, and some plastic. All of them old and worn down. The more Bryson looked at it the more he wondered why the maid wore such a tacky piece of jewelry. Also, how old this thing even was. The string seemed so old and worn it barely held things together.

Philip spoke once more, “It was very kind of you to do that for Miss Lisa. But aren’t you worried about your parents?”

“Worried about what?” Bryson said not paying much attention.

“The money you gifted? You gave her half a million credits worth of goods.” Phillip said, “I did the mana stone trading and made the bank account. But even still, your parents tend to notice these sorts of expenses.”

“Oh, they only notice their own expenses. They never pay attention to what we spend unless it’s brought to their attention specifically.” Bryson said with a shrug.

“Is that so?” Phillip said in surprise.

“Oh, I guess you wouldn’t have noticed. Most of the purchases that my siblings make tend to be with their own money.” Bryson explained.

“I suppose I never really deal with these matters regarding the children of the household. Here I thought Duke and Duchess Coldwaters purchase gifts for you.” Phillip mused.

“Well, technically they do. All their gifts are in the form of money and valuable treasures and whenever they want to buy us a gift, they just throw us into a store. With a few exceptions.” Bryson said.

“I suppose the only thing I remember the duke purchasing himself was the sword for Gareth.” Phillip said thinking about the matter, “Still I am surprised that you had half a million credits on you to spare.”

“That’s because I rarely spend any my own money. So all these years I’ve been saving up all my money my parents gave me during birthdays and holidays. Though that was most of my money. But I don’t need it right now.” Bryson informed Phillip as he began to play with the bracelet in his hand. Man, this is addicting. He thought as he continued to fiddle with it.

“Rather clever and selfless young master Bryson. To be expected for the golden boy of the Coldwater house. He would do such a great and wonderful act.” Phillip said with a playful smile.



“Shut up.” Bryson said with a glare.

“I apologize if I caused an issue. I was simply stating facts, am I not? That you are a kind and great man.” Phillip said smile not disappearing.

“I’m your boss.” Bryson threatened.

“Technically young master, your father is my boss. Not you. Not yet.” Phillip said smoothly.

“Hrmm.” Bryson gave a small grunt of disdain.

“Well, I should honestly commend you for doing this. Even if it meant going against the wishes of your family.” Phillip said genuinely.

“I just did what I wanted –, wait what do you mean by going against my family?” Bryson asked confused.

“Well, this is going against the wishes of your family.” Phillip said pointedly.

“I’m not going against my family.” Bryson argued before pausing, “Well, I guess helping her would go against Viola.” Bryson paused again, “Which would mean that I went against mother… which means I also went against father.”

Bryson’s eyes grew wide as he came to a realization, “Oh, I went against father.”

Bryson’s voice went bleak, “I went against father.”

“Yes, you did.” Phillip agreed with him.

Bryson sat still as his brain drew a blank. He then looked up, “Uh, I’ve got to go practice my magic.” He said awkwardly as he hurriedly got up and left the door, stashing the bracelet into his pocket quickly.

Phillip raised a brow, “Sir, I doubt they’re going to find out.”

“Shut up Phillip!” He yelled as he ran from the room.

Phillip watched as Bryson ran off with amusement. I suppose he is still young. Caution is a good thing, but he won’t need to worry about this. I doubt Duke Coldwater would ever care to look into this. Hopefully Miss Frost will be alright through this.