Chapter 1:

Marshmallows And Strawberries

Desert Eyes

" lunch is almost over lets head back." 
" fellas lets go. Math is next with Miriam"
"Yo who did the home work ???..."
"You're joking . what home work ?... " 
" fuuuckkkk.... "
"guys relax we can just ask one of the girls if we can copy there work, there's still like 15 min left . "
"ye ye lets go ..." 

*the group of boys rush to class. As they reach class one of the boys notices something.

"Woah, Micha who's that girl going into the other class ?"
" huh? Oh that's Riley man."

"Riley.... is she a new student." 
Micha bursts into laughter, " bro what are you on, she came here the same day we did in the 8th grade two years ago ." 

"Uhm I think I'd notice if a girl like that went to this school" 

" yeah you would have if you ever stepped outside class ..." 
"wh— what are you talking about ?"

" Nero , bro, I say this with love, you were absolutely clapped in G8 and 9" Micha said as he walked into class.  

" 'clapp-'? me ?  Oi hey watchu  mean by that, don't walk away from me ...! "

* class begins. Teacher asks for the home work.
* Nero forgot to copy the home work from someone. He ended up being the only one without his home work done.
*He got punished until Knocking off time by the Math teacher. 

*Bell rings, its time to knock off

(sigh) At least I can go home now.
" hey wait!! …."
" Oh hey Lily I was just heading home, what's up?"
" Mrs. Berry told me to give you more homework "
"Also she said you'll have to show your work tomorrow in front of class ."
"Huhhhh!!!?? You're joking right ?"
"No sir. Aww looks like you need a hug , would you like one "
"...yeah" Nero opens his arms to hug Lily.

Lily turns away from Nero and shouts out on top of her voice, " Heyyyy!! guys Listen up Nero feels a lil down someone come hug him." 
" Wh...? shut up "   Nero franticly tries to cover Lily's mouth  
" I'll do it!!!!!! " anna replies 

* Anna is a girl who loves to annoy Nero by calling him Roro. Rumor is Nero had a crush on her in G8 and that's why she does it.

" Anna, Perfect" Lily  says 
" Oh god not her "
" hey don't refuse to hug me , I'm your best Friend " 
" No you're not …!!!"
" Nevertheless I'm still gonna hug you roro, don't enjoy it too much " She smirks as she goes in for the hug 
" okay okay that's enough ." Nero says " you can let go of me now "
" few more sec-... oh hey Riley could you help me out  !!" Anna says as she sees Riley walk by.
" Oh hey Anna " Riley replies, " sure ."
Anna finally lets go of Nero " My sweet Roro here is a bit down, could you hug him "
" uhm I don't think that's necessa-..."
"umm Alright " Riley replied with a slight chuckle. 

She leans in for the hug, wrapping both of her slender arms around Nero's neck. She's about three inches shorter than him so she slightly lifts her heels. Nero can't help but notice Riley's perfume smells like strawberry flavored marshmallows. He hesitates a little but nervously hugs her back, placing his hands slightly above her waist. In response to that Riely hugs him a little bit tighter. It was just 3 to 4 seconds but to Nero it felt both very long and too short.

" Oh I'm Riley by the way nice to meet you roro, hope this helps " she whispered in Nero's ears as she hugged him. 
" oh uhm yeah.. I think it did " Nero replied nervously.
She lets go and waves goodbye as she walks away with Anna and Lily.

"what just happend " Nero mutters to himself as he tries to hide the huge smile on his face. 

*Nero starts heading home. He Still can't stop smiling 



Desert Eyes