Chapter 7:

all poo-poo times are pee-pee times but all pee-pee times are not poo-poo times

The Hives Chronicles

If you take enough meds, even your bodily waste starts smelling like a rotten hospital ward.Bookmark here

The prison infirmary is the kindest place in prison but it's where I faced my worst hell. Endless itching, diarrhoea, convulsions and a fever higher than I was when I overdosed. Withdrawal and hives make for a hell of a happy meal combo.Bookmark here

I wished I had a thousand hands that I could use to scratch my entire body at once. Once I hallucinated that I actually did. Some spots I scratched so much that the skin came off. They had to tie me to the bed again to stop me from scratching myself bloody. Bookmark here

I wished I would die. And in my delirium, when I felt I was lost for good, that I would suffer this inferno for eternity, I had a vision.Bookmark here

A small ball of fire, sometimes blue and sometimes red, cleansed my mind.Bookmark here

Everything disappeared except for one word: Bookmark here

whatBookmark here

Bookmark here

Note to Blip: I was going to DM this to you but I can't get out of bed and I don't have Discord on my phone so I'm posting it.Bookmark here

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