Chapter 8:

a japanophile cellmate

The Hives Chronicles

♪ Baby, now you feel like Number One! Shining bright for everyone! ♪ Bookmark here

'Could you turn that off already? I feel like number two right now.' My cellmate smuggled in an old iPod filled with anime songs and I couldn't stand it. Just when I thought the worst of my hell was over.Bookmark here

'Shut the fuck up, you baka junkie! You asked for bottom bunk, I gave you bottom bunk. You ask for something else, I'll make sure you never get out of it,' he replied, politely. Bookmark here

I couldn't argue. I could hardly move because of my withdrawal symptoms and he worked out all day while listening to a dubstep track that just went Ay-ay-ay-ayBookmark here

'Hey, you see any stand users today? Anything bizarre happen to you?' he asked.Bookmark here

I had no idea what a stand user was and I didn't want to know. I don't even know why he thought I'd be experiencing anything. I only got out of bed for the purposes of eating and excreting. Bookmark here

But there was something bizarre that was happening to me that I couldn't figure out. A word kept appearing in my mind over and over again. And every time it did, it calmed me and made my pain bearable. Bookmark here

'What,' I said out loud.Bookmark here

'What?' my cellmate asked.Bookmark here

'Exactly. What,' I replied.Bookmark here

'What did you say? I couldn't hear you.'Bookmark here

'What.'Bookmark here

'I was asking what you said. I couldn't hear over the music.'Bookmark here

'What.'Bookmark here

'Say what again! I dare you, motherfucker!'Bookmark here

'What.'Bookmark here

'Is this the work of an enemy stand?'Bookmark here

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The Hives Chronicles

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