Chapter 39:

Chapter 30.5 - Summoned Hero(ine) Status

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Name Marie

Level 4

Potential LVL 49 (100*)

*calculated potential with full support from the Hero Summoning System

Race Blessed Human

Titles Hero of Thrope

Household Thrope’s Heavens

Statistics STR 20 DEX 20 VIT 20/20 HP

DEF 20 MDEF 20 MAG 20/20 MP

MIND 23 CHA 20 WIS 15

Skills Common Language LVL MAX, Hero LVL 1, Language of Heroes LVL 7, Velian Language LVL MAX

Magic Schools Information Magic LVL 1 (Throne System Magic LVL 1)

Spells Appraisal LVL 1, Identify LVL 1, Status Check LVL 1

Hobbies ???

Luck Generally good

Crimes & Bounties Attempted assault on Heaven’s Envoy (Heavens)* - ------

*Later annulled.

Hero Summoning System Information:

Summoner Saintess Esmeralda Finglewort

Career Timeline 0 days

Hero Weapon Ice Render (blessed long sword) [Expand Information]

Notable Deeds none

Total Divinity Granted none

Population Affection (estimate) #3 pops = 0,00 %

Ascension Probability of Success Hopeless


Blessed species – Template of any species possessing miniscule amount of Divinity.

Human – Sapient humanoid of perfectly average stature. Humans are capable of anything. Even the things they really ought not to do. Some scholars believe that claims of their supposed intelligence and sapience are not to be trusted. There is no manly romance in picking this race upon character creation. Basically a loser normie casual gamer choice.


Hero of Thrope – get summoned to Thrope as a Hero. Rare Class title.

Otherworlder – travel to Thrope from another world. Be welcomed by Heavens, but not necessarily naturalized. People summoned with the authority of Heavens (Heroes of Thrope) do not have this title.


Common Language - proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Common. Language skill.

Hero – expertise in being a hero. Heroic skill.

Language of Heroes - proficiency in speaking, reading and writing one or more of Earth’s languages. Language skill.

Velian Language – proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Velian. Language skill.


Information Magic – magic for gathering or obscuring information. Often mistaken with Throne System Magic due to deliberate misinformation by System.


Appraisal – Throne System Magic – displays median price and name of an item or slave/tamed creature – Level Cap: 10 – Notes: lesser version of Identify spell-like.

Identify – Throne System Magic – displays information about an item – Level Cap: 10

Status Check – Throne System Magic – displays information about a living being – Level Cap: 10