Chapter 1:

The winter gator and the vault

Dream's Requiem

Ah~ I'm almost done! I walk through my pile of papers trying to find my bed. I shove all the papers out of it and finally lay down. Now I can finally go to sleep...Bookmark here

My eyes pop open. We're walking down a path. There's trees all around us, dead, covered in snow, and are gigantic. Late at night. We're trying to head down south to make it before the blizzard hits...
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"It's oddly quiet don't you think Beruto?"Bookmark here

 Now that he mentions it... I can't hear anything. It's almost as if time itself had stopped.
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"Yea..."Bookmark here

We continue walking and find a lake. It's frozen over, and it's pretty wide. We have to head over the lake to get to where we need to go.
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"Wait a second, someone might have fallen in!"Bookmark here

Yu points to a hole in the middle of the lake. He walks on the ice cautiously trying to look for the person that might have fallen in.Bookmark here

I'm not sure why he would've done that. There's no blood nor anything that would've indicated that there was a person even around here. I guess it's safe to cross seeing as he hasn't fallen in yet. I walk onto the ice following behind Yu.Bookmark here

"There's something in the water..."Bookmark here

"Is it a human?"Bookmark here

"No, look."Bookmark here

He points to right under him. Revealing a gigantic silhouette of something. It's moving with it's tail.
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"I wonder what it is..."

Yu puts his face close to the water.

A massive gator breaks out through the ice and grabs Yu's arm! Dragging him under the water! I run towards the hole and dive in where the gator broke through.Bookmark here

Huh...? It's just Yu where did the gator go?Bookmark here

"Behind you!"Bookmark here

I turn around as Yu yells at me. I see the gator with it's mouth wide open ready to eat me. I pull out a knife from my back pocket. Sticking it between it's teeth while I swim backwards. It bites on it trying to break it, but it can't. I go underneath it's stomach and kick it up out of the water. Yu swims up by me launching himself out of the water flying higher than the gator. He locks his feet together then torpedoes the gator right back into the water sending ice flying everywhere.Bookmark here

The gator stops moving. I swim back to the top of the lake with Yu.Bookmark here

"Aw... My clothes are all wet now!"Bookmark here

"Same!"Bookmark here

We climb out of the lake. Soaked.Bookmark here

"Oh look at you two! You're a mess."Bookmark here

Eva is looking at us. Yu sighs.
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"Thanks for recognizing..."Bookmark here

"Oh don't worry, we'll get you fixed up!"Bookmark here

We walk to the mall. Heading to a clothing store to get changed. We walk in looking around for a change of clothes. We grab a pair of matching clothes and toss them on.
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"What's that in the back of the store?"Bookmark here

Eva points to a door...?Bookmark here

"It's a rusty submarine door!"Bookmark here

"We should go check it out."Bookmark here

Eva makes her way to the door. We followed behind. As we got closer, the bigger the door got. Yu is astonished by it.
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"Woah... It's so big!"Bookmark here

"The only issue is how do we get in?"Bookmark here

I try and think of a solution. Only for Eva to tap on the door pushing it open.Bookmark here

"Nevermind."Bookmark here

The door opens to reveal a large bridge. The walls are very spaced out. Leaving lots of dead room. Everything was coated in a layer of rust.
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"Oh great another door."Bookmark here

Yu points to the door on the other side of the bridge. I look around to see if there's any way to get to the other side. I see a panel in the middle of the bridge. I rush over to it and there's a case that won't budge.
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"We're never getting past this door are we?!"Bookmark here

"Wait! I have one last idea."Bookmark here

There's a ladder, but it's at the bottom of the vault like structure. There's a large pit of water. I jump off into the deep water. I try and climb up the ladder only to find it locked...There's a sign on the side of the wall.
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"Huh?!"Bookmark here

I hear my alarm go off as my body flies up. My paper flies everywhere. I hear my alarm go off. I slam it and then go back to sleep.
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"Ah~ WcDonlands land! I'm so glad we made it!"Bookmark here

Yu is excited. Sara on the other hand...Bookmark here

"It looks like a repurposed gigantic warehouse."Bookmark here

"Come on Sara I'm sure it'll be fun!"Bookmark here

She rolls her eyes and we all walk in. There's tons of crates and a large metal cage. There's no telling what they have inside of them. On the other side was the sign of a sign. We walk up a metal ramp.
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There's all types of bright colors. Shapes and other objects encased in a glass box. The more we walked the weirder it got. It's almost like it wasn't made for a theme park...
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I get up from my bed rubbing my head. The birds are chirping. I check the time.Bookmark here

"N-no way! I'm an hour late?!"Bookmark here

I rush out of my paper filled room.
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Dream's Requiem

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