Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Killing demon as a deity

He looked down at his body, glancing over the sight of black and red charred skin bubbling.Bookmark here

“It…burns!” He screamed out in agony.Bookmark here

The intense flames around him began to swirl around the room in a controlled fashion and focused into his body, as if he was absorbing the flames.Bookmark here

Once the room was free of flames he stood up and examined the damage, thinking of how impossible it all seemed.Bookmark here

“What’s happening to me?” He let out.Bookmark here

Outside of the collapsing house, the men stood in shock after hearing Kiramaru’s cries and seeing the flames disappear.Bookmark here

“Hey Koga what the hell just happened?”Bookmark here

“Beats the hell out of me…” He said angrily.Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious, the witch probably realised what happened and is fighting back!” One man exclaimed.Bookmark here

Date stood back with a hesitant expression,Bookmark here

“We’ve already taken things far enough, if he really is a witch, then we should leave things at that.”Bookmark here

“Oh, is that right?”Bookmark here

Koga punched Date in the face, sending him falling back on to the ground with a bloody nose.Bookmark here

“You really are only a sack of shit Date; I suppose we have to deal with you before we kill that witch. We can’t have you running back and fighting against us later on again, can we?” Koga said menacingly.Bookmark here

The men lifted their tools and began closing in on Date, surrounding him. Two of them held him down while the others kicked him in the ribs.Bookmark here

The men standing above Date began emitting a dark purple aura, flaring up a red glint in their eyes.Bookmark here

“Ack! Uugh!!!” He wailed.Bookmark here

“Hold still you scum!”Bookmark here

Kiramaru stumbled around as he made his way over to his sister’s side, holding her arm with his charred hands.Bookmark here

“Umi…Umi is…she’s alive?”Bookmark here

Her breathing was faint even though her body was in worse condition than Kiramaru’s.Bookmark here

“That’s right, as I promised!” Bookmark here

Ko’s voice was racing through Kiramaru’s head and caused him to have an intense headache.Bookmark here

“What are you doing…in my head. Get out!” He cried out.Bookmark here

“Not yet, there’s one thing you need to do for me first. Step outside. Step outside now!”Bookmark here

The tones of voices grew menacing.Bookmark here

The voice became more intense and unbearable with each passing moment, compelling him to simply obey it and do whatever he could to make it stop.Bookmark here

Koga pointed his torch at Date, about to burn his face with the lively flame before he caught sight of Kiramaru in his peripheral vision.Bookmark here

“Oh it looks like the witch is alive and walking after all, most of you anyways. All burned up and still alive, we’ll be sure to finish you off properly!” Koga boasted.Bookmark here

Kiramaru gripped his head with both hands and almost collapsed from the pain.Bookmark here

“Get…out!” He yelled.Bookmark here

Koga stepped away from date, focusing his attention on Kiramaru.Bookmark here

“Let’s kill this thing while we can.” Koga smiled.Bookmark here

“Now kill them; their deaths will make for excellent sacrifices!” Ko commanded.Bookmark here

Kos voice had become so potent in Kiramaru’s head that it became damaging with every word.Bookmark here

“You demon…I won’t kill anyone! Get out of me now!!”Bookmark here

“You won’t kill them, even though they killed your precious Umi?” Ko stated.Bookmark here

At that point, Kiramaru became a bit more focused on Ko’s words, and stopped fighting him off as much.Bookmark here

“Think about it, your sister could have woken up some day but because of them, she died a young and pointless death.”Bookmark here

Kiramaru slowly relaxed his restraint over his mind. Over time Ko’s words began to seem less intense and rather became soothing to hear.Bookmark here

‘They killed Umi…?’ Kiramaru thought.Bookmark here

“You heard them, as the flames ate you from the outside to the centre of your core. What did you hear, sending you off to the afterlife?” Ko asked.Bookmark here

“That laugh…these bastards killed her…You took everything from me!” He shouted.Bookmark here

Kiramaru let out a monstrous scream that was followed by large black flames emitting from every inch of his body.Bookmark here

As the dark flames covered over his body, patches of skin began forming all over the surfaces of his arms and legs. In only mere seconds his whole body had been healed but remained buried under a large mass of flames, constantly in motion around his body. In a vortex of rage and intense motion.Bookmark here

His eyes filled with black and left only his burning red iris which focused on Koga and his men.Bookmark here

“Kill them.” Ko whispered gently.Bookmark here

Kiramaru burst forward in a hot rage, and punched one of the men with all of his might. As his fist made contact with his body, a mass of flames instantly spread around the man; burning his skin and clothes.Bookmark here

“Aaarrgh!”Bookmark here

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!” another man yelled.Bookmark here

He ran up to Kiramaru with a sickle, swinging it into his head.Bookmark here

The blade broke on impact and only slowed Kiramaru down from attacking him. He grabbed the broken handle and spread flames across it, burning the man up into a charred corpse.Bookmark here

He and his flames became an entity of pure chaos.Bookmark here

“You…I’ll kill you with my own hands!” He said while glaring at Koga.Bookmark here

The man holding down Date let him go as he ran off in terror, hoping to escape.Bookmark here

Kiramaru grabbed a thin beam of wood form the floor and hurled it to the man, impaling him in the back.Bookmark here

Koga and Kiramaru were left standing opposing each other, while Koga laughed out to him.Bookmark here

“It’s a pity that the other one had to die with such a pretty face, I almost wish I could have kept her alive to use as a play-thing! HAHHAHA!” Koga laughed menacingly.Bookmark here

Kiramaru’s flames flared in relation to his growing anger.Bookmark here

He burst forward and closed in on Koga, driving his open hand into Koga’s stomach. Kiramaru’s hand broke through his body, releasing the flames into his body.Bookmark here

“You’re no witch, you’re a…demon-” Koga muttered.Bookmark here

Koga’s body burnt up into a cloud of ash, crumbling away.Bookmark here

A small orb of light appeared from the ash and floated towards the house, followed by orbs from the other men.Bookmark here

Date stared in horror at the demonic figure, standing within fire over him.Bookmark here

“I’ll kill…I’ll…I don’t want to!!” Kiramaru bellowed in pain.Bookmark here

The orbs harmonised into a beam of light within the house. Moments later Umi walked out of the collapsing structure, gripping the soft torn rags over her naked body.Bookmark here

“U…Umi?” Kiramaru paused.Bookmark here

Tears rolled down his eyes, shrinking into lines of steam before they are able to reach his cheek.Bookmark here

Her body had completely recovered back to its milky quality and lively state, the difference was night and day.Bookmark here

“This is where we cut it short.” Ko said joyfully.Bookmark here

The flames around Kiramaru burst out, snuffing themselves in a sudden pulse of power. He stood confused and slightly drowsy from all of the mental exhaustion, as if a great mental pressure had escaped his mind.Bookmark here

A lump of white sludge poured out from his chest, leaving the surface of his skin and fell to the floor.Bookmark here

“Blaaargh!”Bookmark here

The sludge expanded out and wrapped around Umi, restraining her entire body.Bookmark here

“Kira-” She said as the slime covered her face.Bookmark here

As her body squirmed around weakly, the white substance began shrinking down until it eventually entered her body. Through her nose, mouth and skin; the sludge forced its way into her.Bookmark here

“No, Umi!” He yelled out.Bookmark here

Umi stood upright and stared up to the sky, admiring the collection of stars with a pearly smile.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“I’ve made it.” She said in awe.Bookmark here

Saito Forester
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