Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: The Crossroads

OFW: Billionaire's Life Story

Danielle and I enjoyed every moment of our lives without any recourse for anybody, anywhere, anything that could stop us from becoming lovers. We had done so many nights together, exploring our most precious gift from heaven. The remnants of our past didn't hinder an inch for which Danielle played her part so well. And, even my soul didn't bother to collide with my greedy ambition from wanting it.

Both of us developed something beautiful within our hearts, according to the dictates of our minds. For each of us, there's some kind of understanding which we wouldn't have to be spoken about, our actions were the prime movers of our future.

We were together all the time and found ourselves at the rooftop bar of the hotel. She held my hands, squeezed them tightly on the table, and said, "Marc, I like this moment so much, with you, having dinner in the Skylight. Bar. It reminds me, when I first saw you, for the first time I felt very different from myself. I knew too well, deep in my heart that it's you."

I looked at her face releasing my hands while solemnly sipping my liquor, then, put it slowly on the table. I pretend to be surprised by what she said; suddenly I held Danielle's soft hands at once and kissed her, "I love you dear so much, you're so beautiful." And, I edged a little toward Danielle's seat and whisper, "Can I dance with you sweet?"

Danielle's looked at me with love in her eyes. She loved the way I treated her as a woman, "Yes my love, yes I am yours."

We clutched each other hands, kissed, and danced to the tune of the sweet-soft music. I held her tightly to my body without much ado, and moved our bodies in unison with feelings of contentment.

"Love, your parents know about this matter? I mean between the two of us?" I whispered in her ear, while I clasped her body to mine tightly.

"Yes my love, they approved everything I wanted in my own life. Actually, they're very understanding; opened my own bank accounts provide my own condominium, and I mean everything, okay?"

I nodded slowly and started to kiss her again, but now on her lips, for a few minutes, to which she's responding positively. She's happy all throughout the night with me. I was glad that my actions magnetized her heart and mind. So, I played along because she's my investment for sure!

Around three in the morning, we left the Skylight Bar and proceeded to my new fully furnished apartment which Danielle gave to me last week. I was happy with my clandestine motives that resulted positively. I was doing more than what I could muster to make her love me totally. I knew my worth, and I will do it correctly this time. Unlike in the past, I totally damaged myself for my ambitions without applying a strategy; a continuous way of using my brain for the good of my goals in life. Now, I need another one, a luxury car!

I said, "Good night my love," while kissing her. She left thinking that everything's true, not a scene in the movie. For me, it's just a drama of my life, also a scene, in my dream.

I fingered my apartment keys in my bag; open the steel gate, and the front door and put on the light. I spotted Ayah Isabel sleeping on a sofa. I hurriedly woke her up and kissed her. I noticed the wetness of her face and eyes, "What happened to you? Why are you crying? Something's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong Marc," Ayah said trying to hide her feelings.

"Okay then, wipe your face and tell me why you are here," I pretended that I was not alarmed and sat beside her.....and hugged her.

"I observed that your grade's totally going down because you're not attending classes these past few days. How's your, I mean Danielle?" she said while looking through my eyes which made me stand upright suddenly.

"Ayah, we agreed not to talk about this matter. All you have to do is to trust me with this. I know what I am doing. Okay, starting tomorrow I'll attend my classes. Are you alright?"

"Yes, love...I'm okay." she nodded without looking at me. "Around six in the morning, I will be back in my boarding house because my cousin visited me yesterday. My co-boarders were watching about my activities. I hated them for that... and I thought that this is the best time that I could spend a night with you. Marc, I love you as always, I want your dream to be fulfilled...without any problems on your side."

What I heard from Ayah triggered my emotions to respond, to caress her, kissed her with passion. Still kissing I carried her in my arms going to the bathroom, opened the door, switched the faucet, and continue exploring her body. The water continued to cool our bodies. I undressed her completely lying on the bathroom floor. I stood up, took off my shirt and pants...everything. I closed the shower's faucet. She was looking at me while I was doing this and glanced at her. I loved the feeling so much when a woman was looking at me intently while I am naked. It turned me on.

The night was washed away by my passion for exploring Ayah Isabel. The ecstasy that I felt when I'm aroused gives me the feeling of heavenly excitement, and, I kissed her coming from my heart, "Happy love?" I asked her. She looked at me, nodded, and said while still holding my face, "Very...very much... Marco."

After a few minutes, I told Ayah Isabel to get dressed. It's nearly six in the morning, time for her to go home. I asked her to go with her outside the apartment but she refused. "Keep the extra keys of my apartment and don't bother yourself, that we're separated right now. I am only doing what I think is right for me and you. I know your situation, but, as of now, do not divulge this to anybody, even Edward Ramirez. And please, don't give much attention to my relationship with Danielle," I said feeling guilty inside and out. I kissed her before she left and she said while holding my face, "Yes Marc, I know that I promised to you my love, you're the only one in my heart."

Ayah left me; took a taxi cab to go to her boarding house. As she was leaving, I looked at her walking outside. I walked towards my bed thinking, "Tomorrow's another day."


In the University hallway, lots of students were clamoring about the tuition fee increased by the school administration. Almost everyone I saw got disgusted with what was happening to this private school. I heard them giving their own version and ways how to make a move against the management. Our school was a private one, run by Catholic Missionaries. The teaching's superb and of quality, as some alumni told the newcomers. It didn't bother me at all because the fact, that I had no right to ask and know what it was like, to be the brightest student in our department. I hated Chemistry, but since I started taking up Chemistry, it was fine for me, that's it. For extracurricular activities, I extended my extra effort to be with my colleagues. My academic grades suffered a lot and I had to be with the school's system for the development of my studies.

Ayah Isabel helped me with my assignments, projects, and other school requirements. She knew my situation with Danielle Gustilo and was really bothered about it. I couldn't manage my time as a student, and got bored easily, and tired. Even though how much I tried to concentrate on my studies, I've got hooked on my school activities and my relationships. Daniele Gustilo gave me everything that I want and my life seemed so great.

One day, Ayah sent a note to me that we had to meet at the canteen for some important matter. I readily went to her at the canteen, but I wondered what will be this meeting all about. When I arrived, I saw her sitting alone. I grabbed a chair and looked at her with a serious face.

"Marc, how are you?" Ayah started to talk first studying my face.

"I'm fine, thank you. What is this important thing we have to discuss?" I asked her in a whisper tone.

"Marc, last night, I think it over a hundred times about our situation; you, Danielle, and me. I'm afraid that it gives you some bad karma in the future. You know, instead of aiming for something good and big, it'll turn out bad as what you expected?"

I hesitated for a while and said with an angry tone raising my hand, "Don't bother about it, okay? Trust me, don't bother with this matter!"

Even though she knew about my agitation, she was determined to tell me something, "Marc, last night, Edward called me about your rendezvous with Danielle. He said that it's not proper to lie about your situation with me. And, he's not approved of what you're doing with Danielle and me. Please, Marc, it's only friendly advice."