Chapter 0:

The plan

Assassination Classroom : Afterschool mission ( Short )

It's been 6 years after Koro-sensei's death, Karma became a bureaucrat, Nagisa became a remarkable lecturer, Kaede became a popular star, Fuwa became a detective, Sugino became the captain of Japan's national baseball team, Itona was running the shop with Ritsu, Okuda and Takebayashi had made their name in the field of science..............


Kotaro Yanagisawa's pupil "Shimura hotaro" was attempting to create another creature like Koro-Sensei. Still, unlike Koro-Sensei, he could command that creature, and he named the project to create that creature "capture all," this information had leaked to " KARASUMA TADAOMI," who was head of the agency.

(his men gave him information, one of them was Saturo, the person who worked with Yanagisawa in the past, he owned an electric shop, he became suspicious when the people came to take the same materials which they used to create Koro-sensei, he had flashbacks of the incident when Koro-sensei destroyed their place when he went berserk, then Saturo told the agency about it, then the other day another agent reported, he owned a chemical shop and also encountered the same thing that Saturo did, then the agency became suspicious and sent a team to investigate, then they kept an eye on those men and the materials they took, then followed them and after some time discovered the building, and when they checked in the record for that building and the construction which was going on, they found that that building was owned by a Yakuza and the construction going inside wasn't sanctioned, so they restrained one of their workers secretly and questioned him, and when they discharged him they asked him to be quiet or he is done for.)

I ( Karasuma ) went to report this to the Japanese government. I had to make an appointment with our defense minister, it was scheduled for 10th November at 10 A.M. I reached 10 minutes early, so I had to wait outside his cabin then his assistant came and asked me to come inside, then I greeted the minister and took my seat, and gave him the file in which I had confiscated all the past incidents, then he looked into the file, and after reading it, he kept it on the desk and asked me to elaborate, so I told him all about chemicals, electric appliances and the building which we discovered in the forest, after hearing to the story he took a sigh! And asked about my opinions.

So I said it's essential to stop Hotaro from creating such a creature at any cost because if he succeeds, then it will be a great danger to all the world, and the mission has to be done silently, and a word shouldn't get out otherwise, there will be turmoil, it is also a dangerous mission. Hence we need a highly skilled team because Hotaro had his organization and had made agreements with the yakuza that he will share profit with them when he succeeds. In return, they granted him their workforce, and moreover, he had his base in the deep jungle, which made it hard to reach there because there were high chances of traps being in the jungle, and if we fail, then it will be a great danger to the world.

So I recommend that we should take the kids who were in class-E of kungigaoka high school because they are highly trained assassins and were able to conquer the whole army when they went to save Koro -Sensei, and they were also well-known with forests because they used to climb up to them, had better knowledge and experience than the others. However, it's a different forest, but they knew how to deal with them, so if we give them more training, then I'm sure they will give a better outcome than others. After hearing my opinion, the minister thought for a while and said that he will contact me tomorrow at 11 A.M. and will give further details, from there I undeviatingly went to the agency, there I that people were waiting for me as they wanted to hear what happened at minister's office. Hence, I told them what happened at the meeting. At 4 P.M., when I was about to leave my office, I received a call from the minister's office. He asked me to come to his office immediately, so without wasting any time, I left for his office, and as expected, there were other ministers too, including our president. It was a great honor to meet them all, and then I was asked to tell others what was going on. Hence, I explained in detail, and after hearing my story and thoughts, the President immediately ordered me to form the team and stop Hotaro. We named this mission "SAVE ALL," it seemed like they had discussed it before I arrived because the president's action was swift.

So without wasting any time, I started to plan whom to take first, and I found it better to reach Akabane Karma first, because he was in bureaucracy so he would understand the situation immediately, so I undeviatingly went to the bureaucracy, after entering in it I asked at the reception about Akabane then the receptionist asked about my details and what business I had with him, so I told her that I was from the agency and had the endorsement from the president, so she allowed me to meet Karma and told me the way to his office. I reached Karma's office and knocked, he responded, come in, at first I wasn't able to recognize him as he had become a grown-up man with an exceptional personality, after seeing me, Karma got shocked then he greeted me and said to have a seat. He said, what happened, sensei, that you came to meet me all of a sudden? Is everything okay? I explained the whole situation to him, and after hearing it, he immediately said "yes" to the mission, then we did the paperwork at the bureaucracy and left to meet Nagisa Shiota, so we went to " Gokuraka Private High School" then I asked about Nagisa at the reception and found that he was giving a lecture, so we waited for him in the hall, and after half an hour Nagisa came there and got shocked to see Karma and me together, he became suspicious and realized that something severe had happened. Then we greeted each other, and Nagisa asked what had transpired that you both came out of nowhere, then we explained the whole situation to Nagisa, and he also promptly said "Yes," but the quandary was that what would be the reason that he will tell to the principal for a month's leave because he couldn't tell him about the mission, then we a came to a conclusion, and then I and karma left the school and Nagisa went to give his lectures, then on the other day Nagisa didn't go to school, and his mom went to the school with a hospital letter in which it was mentioned that Nagisa had a fracture in his femur so he can't come to school for a month and was given bed rest. Our agency's doctor made this notice, but it was official, so the school had to affirm it, and so the problem was solved, and Nagisa was in.

Then he came to the agency where Karma and I were waiting for him, and then the three of us discussed whom to take and whom to leave. After 2 hours, we concluded and chose 19 people we wanted to recruit, including Karma and Nagisa but excluding me................

1) Akabane Karma - Skilled assassin, great leader, strong physic, great knifework, amazing reflexes.

2) Nagisa Shiota - Silent assassin, Bloodlust, Discernment.

3) Ryunosuke Chiba - Amazing Sniper

4) Rinka Hayami - Sniper, Flexibility

5) Ryoma Terasaka - Strength, Durability, Explosives

6) Itona Horibe - Intelligence, Athletics, Mechanics, and Engineering

7) Tomoshito Sugino- Knifework, Gun Control

8) Yuma Isogai - Knifework, Marksmanship, Leadership, Reflexes

9) Nakamura Rio - Night vision, Technology, Marksmanship

10) Hiroto Maehara - Knifework, Mobility

11) Meg Kataoka - Athletics, Knifework, Leadership

12) Hinata Okano - Knifework, agility, close combat skills.

13) Yukiko Kanzaki - Marksmanship, a skilled shooter

14) Manami Okuda - Poison making, excels in science

15) Koki Mimura - Reconnaissance

16) Masayoshi Kimura - Running, Mobility, Gun Control.

17)Takebayashi - Analytical Skills, Explosives Specialist, Risk Management

18) Gakushu Asano ( not from class 3-E) but chosen because of his ability to keep secrets, good leadership, martial arts, the capability of learning the situation and reacting to it

19) Yuzuki Fuwa - Investigation

We didn't choose Kaede Kayano because she was a popular star, and if she would be out for a month or two, then it would seem suspicious. We chose Sugino because there weren't league matches so he might agree, but there wasn't a full possibility that he would agree to this mission. We chose autonomously intelligent fixed artillery (Ritsu) because of its high capabilities and access to the internet. Then I asked my secretary to take out all the information about the list members except Karma and Nagisa.

This mission was to be completed in a month from now on.......................................