Chapter 1:

The Preparation

I Confessed My Love To The “Winter Princess” Of Our School, And She Accepted It?! My High School Romance Life Has Begun!

\Kazami's POV/

"How should I do it...?"

I, Kazami Arata, a freshman, is thinking about how I would confess my love to Shiro Amane, the famous girl around our school and known as the "Winter Princess" as she act cold towards others.

"-Sighs- I wish I could just confess my love that easy..."

As I just said, confessing to a girl is hard. Moreover, Shiro Amane, the Winter Princess" had already turned down too many confessions and what's more, she turns them down with a cold response that all of them got depressed.

If I know that, I'm sure you guys are saying I'm really a dumb person for doing that. But well, I can't really just hide this feeling anymore, I just... Can't...

Well, as some people says it is hard to have your love hidden than it is shown, so well, I'm going to do this. I got this.

I stood up from my chair, and I take a deep breath. 

I head straight to the shoe lockers and I look for the locker of Amane-san.

As I found it, I opened it and put my love letter to her locker before she arrives and I ran back to the classroom.

"Yes, I did it! All I need to do is wait for Amane-san to arrive and see that love letter."

— And with that, the preparation for confession is now done.

I sat down at my chair and a girl who I admired entered our classroom, Shiro Amane.

As she entered, she head straight to her chair. Her expression is well, still cold as ever but she is also beautiful as ever.

Her black hair flutters as she sat down to her chair. 

(Ah... I wish she becomes my girlfriend...)

— I wonder if she already saw the love letter...

As I'm thinking about that, our homeroom teacher comes in and said," Okay, everyone go back to your sits and we'll start."

And with that, the homeroom class started.