Chapter 0:


I Got Summoned Back In The World Where I Was Before, And What's More With My Friends?! What Will Happen To Us In The Modern World?! (Re: Isekai)

Five years ago, Year 2017. Leon Makeru, a 14 years old and a second year middle schooler, got summoned in the another world.

His mission is to protect that another world from demons and defeat the demon king to achieve peace in that world.

He became a great hero that everyone on that world knows him as the “Holy Hero” as he annihilated all demon and the demon king.

And now, 5 years later, he is now living a peaceful life as an adventurer and as a 19 year old man.

All he did now is to wander in different dungeons with his friends who fought alongside him before against demons and the demon king.

His friends names are, Luria, Albert, Arc, Alice and Solia. They are all adventurers.

Luria, a girl and a valkyrie. She a girl who has feelings for Leon but Leon don't know about that. She is also a strong woman. An 18 year old girl.

Albert, a boy and an assassin. He is a guy who formerly hates Leon due to some reasons. He is also a scary assassin but a boy who is also funny and kind. A 19 year old man.

Arc, a boy and a knight. He is the guy, who the most closest friend of Leon. He is a strong knight that fights for justice and also kind to others. An 18 year old man.

Alice, a girl and an archer. She is a girl who played the role of big sister of Leon but still she is the same age as Leon, a 19 year old girl. She is also a great archer and she is some kind of silly girl.

And at last, Solia, a girl and a priestess. She is a straightforward girl who confessed to Leon but unfortunately got rejected but she still hasn't given up. She is also an 18 year old girl. She is a great priestess who supports her teammates and a lovely girl.

These friends of Leon's are originally born from this another world.

But one day, they don't know something extraordinary will happen to them.

A magic circle has appeared in their feets while they are exploring a dungeon together.

And they was summoned somewhere.

They got summoned in the modern world where Leon Makeru was living before and a world without magic.


They are all shocked to what happened.

And now, what will happen to their daily lives from now on?

The story of an another worlders that got summoned in modern world begins!