Chapter 1:

The first day

Locker 263

It was another year of school, I really wasn't ready. I strolled through the hallways, not many students got here this early. I only got here early because I wanted the good locker placements. If I got here early I could choose the perfect one, so I could pass it on the way to every class. I did some calculations, and the perfect locker was locker 265, it was the equilibrium between all of my classes.Bookmark here

The early morning sun beaming through the windows laced the floor in gold. My footsteps echoing across the school. The school was serene in the morning, before all the kids got here. I walked up to Mr. Kane's room, he was my favorite teacher. Bookmark here

He was always nice and understanding, and he let us eat in class, so he was just objectively the best. I walked inside and he greeted me with his usual "Hey there, good morning!", it was a pattern. He said the same phrase to every student every day.Bookmark here

I walked up to his desk and asked "Hey, i'm here for my locker assignment. I'd like locker 265 please." and he started flipping through his papers. After about a minute he said "Okay, it's vacant, here is your lock." he handed me a nice looking padlock. Much better than the old ones we had last year.Bookmark here

"thanks" I said as I was leaving. I knew where the locker was, I did plenty of research using the school maps. It was just down a few hallways, and there shouldn't be anything or anyone in my way.Bookmark here

I quickly walked through the halls, trying to finish up before the rush of students got here with the first bus. Just as I turned the corner, I saw someone. This person was standing just a few lockers away from locker 265. They were gorgeous, I never knew love at first sight until my eyes fell upon this heavenly being.Bookmark here

I may be overreacting, but they really are pretty. I was just standing in the middle of the hall, flabbergasted at how handsome they were. Eventually I stopped staring and went over to my locker. It would be a great chance to get close to them.Bookmark here

I took the padlock out of my pocket and stuck it on the door. I read the code on the back, 27-19-22. I was really good at remembering things, so I just memorized it.Bookmark here

After I was done, they had walked away, and I was alone. They were amazing, I never really knew true love until I laid eyes upon them. I wanted to be with them, but they would never love me. I didn't even know them, but I really wanted to take them to the winter dance.Bookmark here

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Locker 263

Locker 263

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