Chapter 1:

The Great Tale of Old

The Adventures of Camp Loruna

Once, a long time ago, three humans were taken from their realm and placed into ours. They ended up stopping the great war, and made a peace treaty between the three warring kingdoms. They each sealed their end of the deal by making a special magical weapon, which was to be sealed away as a peace offering.

They were magically bound to be unable to fight again, because of the enchanted stone that symbolized the treaty. But these humans ended up betraying the queens, and they used the power in the stone to return to their realm.

Once in their realm the stone broke, but because they were in a different realm the treaty took time to wear away. These humans had children, who inherited the stone shards. But eventually they were lost to time.

Six years after the humans betrayal a prophecy was issued. "The three traitors, eaten by gators. The sprout shall bloom, averting doom. In our darkest hour, trapped in dour. The three heroes, they came from being zeroes."

This tells of those three villains being eaten by something called a 'Gator', and something about blooming flowers saving us from our darkest hour. Nobody has been able to decipher it. Its been 50 years since that prophecy was issued, and nothing has happened.

The demon king has been taking over, the three factions can't even stop him. We can only hope these heroes come soon to save us.