Chapter 1:

Harbinger - Prologue


I was born to a farming Family near the outskirts of the DoomWood, a large forest home to the Demon race kingdom and the Dark Elven Kingdom. The moment i was born, i was hated. My parents wished for a third son, someone to help their ever growing labor. Instead I was born, a small girl, who would only ever be able to help with the house. I don't remember my birth, but i can say for certain my parents cursed me that day. Growing up in the farm, i was ignored for the most part. As soon as i could walk, i tried my best around the house, to improve my parent, show them that i could help, but every time we made eye contact, i could feel their disappointment. Even my brothers stayed away from me like the plague. Eventually, around the age of 5, a merchant that my father sold his produce of corn to stopped by. I was in the living room of and they were discussing things in the kitchen next door. At first it was the usual stuff, how much corn father had harvested and how much the merchant was going to buy it for. Then, somehow, my name came up in the conversation.Bookmark here

“She’s old enough now, i can take her off your hands if you want.” I could hear the merchants voice. My hearts drops, they must be talking about some off the livestock right? Surely he wouldn't sell me of.Bookmark here

{I'm your daughter for fucks sake!} I scream in my head.} Then i hear what i dreaded the most. Bookmark here

“Alice, get over hear.” My father says in calm voice. I slowly make my way into the kitchen, making sure not to make eye contact as i start to tear up.Bookmark here

“Y-yes father?” I ask in a soft voice.Bookmark here

“Alice, you will be leaving with this man today, make sure you do as your told.” He says with that same calm, cold voice.Bookmark here

My heart drops. Just like that, he tossed me aside. I was his daughter by blood only, to him, i was just a pest. I steel myself, refusing to let them see me cry.Bookmark here

“Alright.” I respond. If he was going to give me away fine. I won't give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I see the merchant reach into his pocket and hand my father a gold coin. A single gold coin was all i was worth to him. After they shake hands, i leave with the merchant out the door and make my way to his carriage, i look around and see my two brothers, they see me too, but once they realize what is happening, they simple turn back to what they were doing, as if i didn't matter. I get on the merchants carriage and we take off. In my soul, i feel something, a sharp, piercing pain, i close my eyes and grip my chest, and at that moment i see a vision of a black seed burrowing itself within my soul.Bookmark here

I travel with the merchant in silence for three days, he gave me scraps of food but other than that, it was like I was just another product to him, and mostly ignores me. Eventually we arrived at a camp near the woods, across the road from it was a quarry, i could see a lot of people in tattered rags hauling stone out and loading it into carts. The camp was surrounded by a wooden fence, and once we got into the camp, i saw a farm house towards one of the ends of the camp, and could make out several cows grazing near it.Bookmark here

The carriage comes to a stop in the middle of the camp and i see A fat man dressed well approaches us. The moment i saw the camp, i knew what was going to happen, this is where i was going to be sold, no, Re-sold to. Getting off the carriage, i examined the workers, it seems there were only humans in this camp. Just as i thought that, i saw a girl, around my age distributing water near one of the tents, she wasn't human, i could tell because of her Puppy ears and bushy tail. She was a demi human, however, i didn't see one else like that. We made eye contact while i was staring at her, and she gave me a smile. I turned away shyly.Bookmark here

The merchant and the fat man were now talking, it seems they have know each other for a while, they address each other with familiarity, then the fat man turns to me. Bookmark here

“So this is what you bring me this time eh? Seems pretty young.” The fat man says while making his way to me.Bookmark here

“Ah yeah, there weren't too many children being sold this season, so she was all i was able to buy.” The merchant replies.Bookmark here

The fat man then begins to poke at my arms and measuring me up.Bookmark here

“I guess she’ll do, maybe she’ll even grow up to be a fine wench HAHAHA!” the fat man says laughing. “Alright brat, go instead the big tent in the middle, someone will be there to get you started.” He points towards a large tent in the center. I proceed to walk over there, then after i take a few steps a sharp pain strikes my back, followed by a loud cracking sound. I fall to the floor in pain, turning around to see what happened.Bookmark here

“Get a move on you shit!” I see the fat man now holding a whip.Bookmark here

I get up ignoring the pain and sprint towards the tent. Tears flowing from my eyes. This is how my few years in hell began.Bookmark here

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