Chapter 5:

Part 1- Chapter 5

Snowflake and Butterknife

The Peacekeeper office was a three story tall building, though apparently it had two basement levels. The building was newer, apparently only being constructed around a decade ago.

Edwin walked out of the building, feeling his exhaustion take him. It was well past midnight at this point, questioning having gone on for far too long. Reynard had grilled him about how he ended up there, though he did not break. Reynard just sighed and accepted it.

“Well, you look tired.” A voice called out.

Edwin looked to spot Harper’s father leaning against the hood of his green car. Harper sat in the passenger seat with the window rolled down, leaning against her folded arms.

“Hey.” Edwin said, making his way over to the car.

“Hey.” Harper said.

“You alright kid?” Harper’s dad, Klive, said.

“So tired.” Edwin said, his eyes drooping.

“You overdid it a bit.” Harper said, getting out of the passenger seat to open the back door. “How did you end up joining a raid on ACO?”

“Long story.” Edwin said lazily, getting into the back seat. Harper joined him in the back.

Klive came around to the other side of the car, turning on the ignition, and taking off into the night. “Do you need anything from your place? If not you can stay at our place tonight.”

“I don't need anything.” Edwin struggled to say. Now that he was sitting down he felt very comfortable. It didn't help that Harper was clinging to his arm, nuzzling her head into his shoulder.

“Great, I will get the air mattress out once we get home.” Klive said.

“He can just sleep in my room.” Harper stated.

A momentary silence filled the car. It was tense, but Edwin didn't pay much attention to it.

Klive laughed. “Now now Harper, that seems a tad inappropriate don't you think?”

Harper laughed too. “Not at all.”

Another silence.

“You should understand what it says for a boy and girl to be sleeping in the same bed together.” Klive stated.

“We do it all the time dad.” Harper said. “You think I sleep on his tiny love seat when I stay over?”

“Well, that is his house, not ours.” Klive stated.

“Oh but he has at our house too. Mom let us.” Harper said.

“Oh, did she?” Klive’s voice shook as he spoke, as if he was traumatized.

“Yeah, hell our first time was at the house.” Harper stated.

“Please dont talk about that.” Klive said.

“What? Our first time sleeping in the same bed? It's not that weird.” Harper explained.

“Right, sleeping.” Klive said, relief filling him.

Harper gave a smug smile. “You know, you make it seem so bad, yet if I am write on my math, you and mom were doing that stuff at a younger age then I am. Bit hypocritical of you isn't it?”

“That has nothing to do with this.” Klive said.

“Hey you cant use that, it has everything to do with this.” Harper said. “So no need for air mattress right?”

“I mean, I could just take him home.” Klive said.

“Oh that is an idea, I can just stay the night there. If that is the case you should turn right at the next street.”


“Hey you passed the turn, you not going to his place?” Harper said innocently.

“Where do you get that snarkiness from?” Klive said.

“Mom, sure aint from you, I get my stubbornness from you.” Harper laughed.

“And hair color.” Edwin said, his mind feeling very foggy.

“Oh good point, you did give me the pretty pigment of hair that I like.” Harper said, feeling her strawberry blonde hair. “Oh and the type of hair, mom’s it way straighter than mine, you gave me the waves.”

Klive sighed in the front seat.

Harper smiled at Edwin. “So, wanna talk about what happened?”

“Justin was mixed up in bad stuff, so I helped get him out of it.” Edwin stated.

“Hm, sounds boring.” Harper joked. “Did ya beat up guys?”

“Not really, only made contact with one. I mostly just blocked people from leaving.” Edwin said, giving Harper a fond look. “How was your night?”

“Oh it was so dull.” Harper said. “Well until this one customer came in. dude had a wig on right? But he had it crooked! So like his bald spot was just out and he didnt notice for so long!”

Harper went on talking about her night while Edwin listened intently. Once they got to Harper’s place he collapsed on Harpers bed and drifted off with Harper in his arms. Her dad probably grumbled more about the arrangement but Edwin was too tired to notice.

The next morning Edwin ate breakfast made by Harper’s mother, then headed home. Klive offered a ride, but Edwin wanted to walk. Harper got a ride from Klive to work. Harper worked a morning shift, so she would be off later to come over.

Edwin neared the dorms, and noticed someone standing outside the front door.

“Justin?” Edwin asked.

Justin jumped at his name, then noticed Edwin. “Edwin.” He looked at the ground, finicking with his fingers. “Can we talk?”

Justin had never been in Edwin’s dorm room before, he just looked around with amazement.

“You live with parents I am guessing?” Edwin stated.

Justin nodded. “It must be nice having all this freedom.”

Edwin looked around. “I guess so, though its just a different cage in a way.”

“What do you mean?” Justin questioned.

Edwin took a seat at his kitchen table, Justin sitting across from him. “Im here cause people don't want to deal with a Mageye roommate still. So while I have my own space, it shows the prejudice that we still have.”

Justin nodded. “Right.”

“So, wanna tell me about last night.” Edwin said straightforwardly.

Justin hesitated again. “Thank you, I was hesitant about it, then I was there in the room and I couldn't get out. I just, don't know.”

“Why were you there to begin with?” Edwin asked.

Justin’s fingers kept nudging each other, a way to keep his hands busy? “It's just, to much. These markings. They watch us constantly. They know where we are, they know when we use our powers, it feels like I constantly have eyes on me. It's unnerving. I just cant stand people staring, judging me. How do you do it?”

“How do I deal with the stares?” Edwin asked.

“Yeah, you always have your mark out, how do you. I dont know, how do you just accept it?” Justin said.

Edwin took a moment. “Because, I don't want to hide the fact I am a Mageye. I am proud of what I am, I want the world to know I am proud to be a Mageye.”

“But, why?” Justin said. “I just don't see the point, it just paints a bigger target on you doesn't it?”

“Yeah, it makes people watch what I do more.” Edwin began. “And that is why when I succeed and do great things, they will have to take notice.”

“Huh?” Justin said. “You think people who look down on Mageyes would really care if you did something good? They would just turn their heads to it! People would just keep ignoring your good things and only focus on the bad, that is how they are!”

“Then I will just keep doing good things.” Edwin stated bluntly. “I will keep doing good things to the point they can't ignore me. Besides, while the majority would turn their heads, there are always those that would look. If I can change the opinion of just a few people to be more accepting of Mageye, those people could then get more people.”

Justin was quiet. “You seem so confident in that, you have such lofty goals.” He laughed a little. “I just, cant see myself being like that.”

Edwin looked over Justin, then sighed. “You can do whatever you put your mind to. Change isn't instant, remember that. Focus on the things you can do for today, its a starting point.”

“Sounds like your preaching.” Justin laughed. “I guess Met is affecting you huh?”

“He is a good guy.” Edwin said. “He helped me keep your name out of the reports.”

“Thank you.” Justin said. “I am sorry for getting you into that mess.”

“I don't want your apologies, I want you to do better.” Edwin recited. It was a term he had used a lot in the past, so much so it was like reading a script. “Don't get yourself mixed up in people like that again okay? Learn from this, be a better you, okay?”

Justin nodded. “I will, it'll be hard though.”

“Change always is.” Edwin said. 

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