Chapter 4:

Part 1- Chapter 4

Snowflake and Butterknife

Harper left work, her wallet a little bigger then when it had started at. She sent a text to Edwin to let him know that she was heading home, and that she would text him when she was home. Edwin tended to worry about her walking around the city at night, even if the walk wasn't that far. She had no idea the trouble Edwin was getting up to.

The Peacekeepers stood under a street light to show their presence. There were four of them, one being very familiar to Edwin. The man with the chain marking stood at the head of the group, clearly the leader. Next to him was a buff man with a short buzz cut, he wore a peacekeeper shirt with the sleeves ripped off, leaving a black shirt with a gold trim on the neck. His mark was clear on his upper right arm, it looked like a green mushroom cloud, signaling a Enhancer type.

The two on the other side of the chain marked man stood out in their own ways. The first one had well kept gelled black hair with a sharp face and a clean build. The man had his mark on his right wrist, a yellow mirror by the looks of it. He was an Illusion type.

The last one had his brown hair pulled into a ponytail, revealing his large forehead. Edwin almost missed his mark, but spotted it on his face. The man had removed his eyebrow on the right side with a blue flame mark. Edwin paused at that, a Manipulator like him, who also got the mark on his face?

“ReyRey! You got my message!” Met declared as they entered the light. He went to hug the man with the chains on his neck, but was stopped as he grabbed Met’s cheeks.

“Old war signals?” The chain man said. “Be glad I was nearby, Loghain here didn't even recognize it at first! Just call us!” He pulled at Met’s cheeks with each word.

“You should have heard him, he was all panicked.” The buzzcut man said with a laugh. “He was like ‘What is COA? Boss, COA?”

“I saw it out of order!” The ponytail man said. “Gema missed it too.”

“You're also going to apologize to Gema for worrying her.” the chain man said. His look was very angry yet, not? Almost like he was faking it.

“I'm sorry.” Met said as his cheeks were pulled in wild directions. “I knew you would be there though, so it was fine!”

“Also, it's Reynard, not ReyRey.” The chain man said before finally releasing Met. “Now, who is this, and explain the situation.” He pointed at Edwin.

“He looks familiar.” the Illusionist said, pondering over Edwin.

“Oh he was that guy who caught Newman!” The pony tail guy said. “Wow what are the odds of seeing this guy again huh?”

“Met. Explain.” Reynard said.

“Right right hold your horses.” Met said, rubbing his face. “We got an ACO rally, they are removing kids' markings inside. Oh this is Edwin in case you missed that, he helped me locate this place. He will be joining us on this raid.”

Reynard grabbed Met’s face in one hand and held it tightly. “Why would you drag a civilian into this raid.”

“He has personal reasons that align with our assignment.” Met said, being lifted slightly off the ground by Reynard’s grip. “I ask that you dont ask anymore please.”

Reynard sighed, then dropped Met.

“Is that really Metatron?” The ponytail guy said to the Illusionist.

“Yep, he's an old war buddy of the captains.” The Illusionist said.

“So cool!” The pony tail guy said with wide eyes.

Reynard cleared his throat. “Alright, so what are we looking at?”

“Numbers are high, though I expect most to be non combatants.” Met said. “Two entrances, one in front, one in back, plus a balcony on the second floor. They are removing marks in the back, so we should split into groups for that. I can take the lead with Edwin here.”

Reynard nodded. “I'll also send Loghain with you, it wouldn't hurt to give the greenhorn some training.”

“What's a greenhorn?” The ponytail guy, Loghain, asked.

“Means you're a noob.” the Illusionist stated.

“I would like to send Nova, but I think you can handle it, Met.” Reynard said.

“No worries, Edwin here is skilled all on his own, he can pick up the slack.” Met stated.

Reynard looked over Edwin. “Is that so?”

“Can we please hurry?” Edwin said. As they spoke Justin could be having his mark removed, he needed to stop that.

“Right, any threats we should be aware of?” Reynard asked Met.

“An Enhancer type, he removed his mark though.” Met stated. “On the upper forearm, a flexed arm. Buff guy.”

Reynard held his hand to his ear. “Gema, can you pull up any info on that mark description? Give us some intel.” There was silence, but it seemed the Peacekeepers could hear something Edwin couldn't. “Target is Harris, he creates scales. His mark went offline a year ago and was presumed dead.”

“Not a good mark representation.” The Illusionist sighed.

“Sometimes they work with what they got.” Nova stated. “I bet if we looked at the mark it would show the scales, but it's hard to see that from a distance.”

The Illusionist looked over at Edwin. “By the way, I am Loric. The noob here is Loghain, and the buzz cut is Nova. of and the Captain is Captain Fussy Pants Mcstickupthebutt. Sorry we didn't introduce ourselves earlier, we are very rude like that.”

Reynard simply glared Loric down. Loric just laughed.

“These are the Peacekeepers huh.” Edwin said to Met.

“Not just any Peacekeepers. They are the best in Chicago.” Met stated.

“Huh?” Edwin questioned.

“They are apart of the station that can operate anywhere in Chicago, most Peacekeepers take parts of the city under their jurisdiction, but Reynards branch can go anywhere. Some call em the Clean up crew, or the Closers.”

“Closers is pretty close.” Loric sighed. “I was off the clock, bout to put my first drink in me, and what do I get? Some weird cryptic message from Captain's old war buddy!”

“Are you done?” Reynard said. “Good, let move. Nova, Loric we will take the front, Loghain you go with Met and the civilian to the back. We arrest all that we can got that?”

“Roger.” They all said, all but Edwin.

Edwin’s team moved around the back quietly. They spotted a guard at the back, they would have to catch him.

“So like, this is awesome!” Loghain said in a whisper. “Like, we are a perfect team! You use ice powers right?”

“Yeah?” Edwin said, watching all around for a sign of trouble.

“Thats awesome! I use fire! Though mine is only close range. I can light my own body on fire, anything after that would require some kind of catalyst.” Loghain said.

“I guess that we are opposites in that way.” Edwin said. “Though if I wanted I could freeze myself I guess. Though it's like how your mind doesn't let you bite off your own tongue even though it could.”

“Alright, lets do this fast.” Met said. “Edwin, grab your guy and go. Loghain, we handle the bulk of the fighters.”

“What guy are you grabbing Edwin?” Loghain asked. Edwin realized he was only a few years older than him, it was kind of strange.

“A friend who got mixed up in this.” Edwin said.

“Ah the personal stuff.” Loghain said.

Edwin had noted how Met had not brought up Justin, meaning Edwin could sneak him out without his name going on record. He appreciated that greatly. Maybe Met wasn't that bad of a guy after all.

“Alright, follow my lead.” Met said, then sprinted out of the darkness.

Met used his flashlight to create a whip of light and used it to pull the guard from his ankle towards him. He then pinned the man to the ground, informing him of his arrest. The man resisted, forcing Met to knock him out. Edwin had a thought that the man would be unconscious anyways since Met had no cuffs on him.

With that, Loghain charged the back door, standing to the side and opening it slightly. Edwin and Met caught up to him a moment later, peeking thru the crack.

“I see six back here.” Loghain stated.

“Those are the people getting their marks removed. Other side has more. Including our target Harris.” Met stated.

Edwin spotted Justin, his mark still attached. He was about to get onto an operating table, but was hesitating. The room was filled with tables, surgery tools all around. It looked like they were about to sell organs. Across the room Edwin spotted the man Harris watching over the operation. One person screamed out in pain as a laser dug at his skin.

“I will separate the people getting their marks removed from the others and hold off any escapes from the back.” Edwin said.

“Good thinking.” Met stated, noticing Justin himself. “Loghain, we are going to take them on. Harris probably won't go down without a fight, hell most of these guys won't. Are you ready?”

Loghain nodded.

Met threw the door open, and the three flew in. Edwin let Met and Loghain go first, charging the ACO members. They announced their arrest, but quickly they began to defend themselves. Edwin placed his hand to the floor, letting a wall of ice separate the fight from those getting the markings removed. He stood as the guardian of the door.

“Edwin!” Justin said sharply as he spotted him.

Edwin rushed over to Justin. “You. go.” He said, pushing him away form the operating table.

Justin’s eyes were wide in panic. “Oh god, oh god. Im screwed.”

“Justin!” Edwin said loudly. “You go, go home, forget this happened, got it?”

“What.” Justin said hesitantly.

Others tried to escape, but Edwin placed his hand to the floor and froze the bottoms of their shoes to the floor. He made sure to cover them to keep them from slipping off the shoes and running.

“You are going to get the hell out of here!” Edwin said. “Got that?”

Justin nodded.

“Good, now go!” Edwin said, and pushed Justin through the door. He sealed the door with ice. He could shatter his own ice so his escape wasn't an issue, but now he had to help.

His side of the wall was dealt with, stuck in place and looking at him helplessly. They were in the same situation as Justin, but some were the surgeons so he couldn't let them go. Some even had their mark removed already. He couldn't let them go, would he have said the same thing if Justin had his mark removed?

Edwin let part of his wall separating the fight fall to assist. Met had two light whips wrapped around Harris’s wrists, holding him back from attacking Loghain. Loghain’s body was covered in fire, and Harris’s in large sharp scales.

Loghain was locked in a fight with other Mageyes, using enhancer abilities by the looks of things. It seemed that Harris was holding Met in place, both stuck in a tug of war. Edwin rushed forward. His ice wasn't the most accurate, it often would shoot up in wild shapes. Doing the floor ability was more about just keeping the ice from digging into the target's ankles. He had to close the gap for his plan.

Harris turned towards the rushing Edwin, hoping to get a swing in at him. Edwin got low to the ground, freezing the ground in front of him. He could get it flat, but that was about the best control he could manage of a particular shape in a large form. Edwin dropped his body into a slide, and kicked out the ground under Harris.

“Let go Met!” Edwin yelled out as he slid under Harris.

Met let the whips go, vanishing back into rays of light. Harris was pushing forward towards Edwin, thus when the whips were released he was falling forward. Normally a person could stop themselves from falling with their legs, but Edwin had made sure they were up in the air at the time.

Harris fell face first onto the icy ground. The ice shattered from his impact, showing how hard headed he was. Harris quickly flipped over onto his back to get back up, but Edwin had already placed his hands on the ground. Edwin was still in a slide, but managed to send his ice at Harris, locking his arms and legs to the ground.

With that, Edwin finished his slide, crashing into the wall. The impact hurt, but nothing major for a Mageye. Harris thrashed wildly at the ice. His scales were probably putting pressure on them that would eventually beat away at the ice, but Met was already upon him. Met used the light whips and smacked him hard in the head, forcing him to hit the ground again. However, Harris did not get back up after that one.

The other ACO members in the room stood in shocked silence as Loghain took them down. Without their leader, they lost hope.

“Is he dead?” Loghain asked as he placed cuffs on the targets.

“Just unconscious, may have a concussion.” Met stated.

“You could get in legal trouble for that.” Loghain stated.

“He has no mark, removed it himself, meaning he gave up his rights.” Met stated.

Edwin laid upside down, his legs in front of his face. He didn't feel like moving, he did enough for the moment. Met approached him.

“Good work.” Met said with a smile down at Edwin.

“Thanks.” Edwin said.


“He got away.” Edwin said. “I would appreciate it if he remained out of your reports.”

“That can be arranged.” Met stated. “Though you mention nothing of yourself.”

Edwin looked down, or up from his position. He didn't respond to Met.

Reynard and his group entered the back room after several minutes. They assessed the scene and nodded.

“Good work tonight boys.” Reynard said.

Edwin fell to his side, then got to his feet. He let the ice around the back door shatter, as well as the wall that separated the fight. Reynard looked over the creations with interest.

“Edwin, I will need you to come answer some questions at the station, is that alright?” Reynard stated.

Edwin nodded in agreement.

“Very well, we have transport on the way, so let's finish getting them cuffed.” Reynard said, then walked over to Harris. “I'd like to know why they did this.”

“It's probably for some great war the ACO is planning.” Loghain said.

“ACO branches aren't working together.” Nova said, putting cuffs on some of the people Edwin had caught. “They just share the same ideology of Mageye freedom, different branches do different things.”

“Woh look at the meathead talking about complex things like ideology.” Loric laughed.

Nova shot Loric an annoyed look. “Maybe you should look into complex topics, might make that thing in your head start working for a change.”

Loric just laughed at the rebuke.

“Get back to work you two, the civilian doesn't need to see this.” Reynard stated.

Edwin actually didn't mind it, reminded him that Peacekeepers were humans too. They were all humans.

Once the transport came, Edwin climbed in the back of a truck with Met. Loghain sat behind Edwin, Loric behind Met. Nova drove, and Reynard sat in the front seat.

“You're a student of the regional college?” Reynard asked without looking at Edwin.

“Yes, I am studying history.” Edwin stated.

“History? You going to be a historian?” Nova asked.

“No, I want to teach history.” Edwin stated.

“Oh teaching an honorable profession.” Loghain said, pulling up next to Edwin.

“Why that path exactly?” Reynard asked, looking at Edwin thru the rear view mirror.

Edwin looked at the ground, then looked at Met. Met was a good man, and this Reynard was a person he trusted. Were they good people? He wasn't sure.

“Just because.” Edwin said.

“Hm.” Reynard said. “Winter break is coming up right?”

“Yes sir. A few weeks.” Edwin stated.

“Good, you staying in the area?” Reynard said.

“Yes I live in the dorms.” Edwin said.

“You going to see family?” Reynard probed.

“No.” Edwin said coldly.

“Good, I would like you to do an internship with us over the break.” Reynard said.

“What?” Edwin asked.

“After tonight, you showed us that you have some abilities. I would like to know the extent of those abilities.” Reynard stated.

Edwin felt cold. Was he being promoted to A class?

“Be aware, we have no intention of recruiting you.” Reynard stated. “The council will hear of you from our reports. They would ask us to investigate you anyways, so I am just getting it over with now.”

He was being tested for promotion, a test he had to fail. “Alright, oh but I would like to have Christmas off, is that okay?”

“That is fine.” Reynard said.

“Oh you and that girl going out that day?” Met stated.

“Oh a girlfriend?” Loric said, leaning forward. “Show me, is she good looking?”

“Yes.” Edwin stated plainly, but did not move to show a picture of her.

Loric smiled widely at Edwin. “We going to work together for a bit, ill break that icy shell of yours in time. If you need romantic advice you can ask old Loric here.”

Loric looked to be in his late twenties, so not that old. Nova was well into thirties or forties, and Reynard looked as old as Met.

“We look forward to having you.” Nova said from the front seat.

Edwin sat quietly, he wasn't looking forward to this break now. He had to fail their expectations. Edwin checked his phone, revealing a text from Harper, he would have to call her to let her know of what happened, for now he sent her a text to let her know he was aware of her text. He really didn't look forward to telling her about what happened tonight. 

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