Chapter 0:

The Deer Goddess

Deer Goddess' Will 鹿の女神の意志

Great antlers adorned a beautiful woman, hair great down long to cover her breasts as the sheer dress she wore did not cover anything. Indeed its sheer fabric gleamed, as if a translucent rainbow was spun and woven. The woman stepped through the forest head held high as she knew she was the ruler of it. Bookmark here

At the edge of a small town far away from any major city, where snow fell thick and nature crept in, a small child was first to notice the woman. His eyes grew wide with her majesty. For a moment he could do nothing more than to watch her elegant legs dance across the forest floor.Bookmark here

As she approached closer and closer he realised that she might be something his parents might want to see. Though he worried that if he looked away she might disappear. He took a big breath, looked away and looked forward again and she still remained there, antlers gazing at the branches of the trees. He took this to mean that she was real and rushed away as fast as his small legs would take him. Bookmark here

Once he told his parents they sceptically followed their son to the spot he had seen that fantastical woman, they two were entranced by her presence. This was something the town needed to hear of, the word spread fast after that and many came to gaze upon the woman but none did approach her.Bookmark here

Whether the woman noticed them was not clear, she just continued slowly gliding through the forest. However she was getting closer to the town. The townsfolk discussed amongst themselves as to what her intentions were. Did she come to destroy it? To bless it? Or perhaps she just merely wanted to speak to them? They assembled the bravest amongst them. 12 all together some with arms linked together others had brave faces on but the tips of their fingers trembled.Bookmark here

As they drew closer she turned and looked upon them. It was tense for a moment as she took each of them in. Not even the bravest of the brave dared to speak first. Until her face broke into a smile. Her hand reached out and she pointed to the first. Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of water, may you command oceans.”Bookmark here

Ichibangase glowed with deep blue power.Bookmark here

And she turned to the next.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of armour, may you be forever safe.”Bookmark here

Kai glowed with a burning orange power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of the trees, may the forest bend to your will.”Bookmark here

Kon glowed a vibrant green power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift to summon, may the spirits guide your way.”Bookmark here

Hirawa glowed with a white power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift to repair what is broken, may you mend those in need.”Bookmark here

Botan glowed with a soft pink power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of bounty, may you never go hungry.”Bookmark here

Taue glowed with a golden brown power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of blessings, may you create your own magic wherever you go.”Bookmark here

Wamuro glowed with a glorious red power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of knowledge, may the history of the world be yours.”Bookmark here

Senju glowed with a silver power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of time, may it bend and flow at your will.”Bookmark here

Tokei glowed with sky blue power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of the shield, may you protect everything you hold dear.”Bookmark here

Higasa glowed with a peachy power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of light, may you shine upon the world.”Bookmark here

Hinode glowed with yellow power.Bookmark here

“To you I give the gift of darkness, may you have nothing to fear ever again.”Bookmark here

Kuromiya glowed with dark power.Bookmark here

With that the woman faded into nothingness right before their very eyes. She was never seen again but she was known as the Deer Goddess and she brought the blessings of magic into the world. Those blessings grew and grew with each generation of what become great families.Bookmark here

But alone with these great and exclusive families an evil lurked, pondered and plotted. Monsters of the abyss crawled out and hunted the families. Bookmark here

So a high school was created to train the descendants, so that they would be able to face the world. Bookmark here

Deer’s Valley High School.Bookmark here

F.C Fondness
Taylor Victoria
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