Chapter 0:


What Lies Beneath the Surface

Greetings.Bookmark here

If you are reading this memo, then it is with a heavy heart that I must confirm the rumors that the rest of the world has desperately tried to deny.Bookmark here

Earth is dying.Bookmark here

Don’t believe what the media, politicians, and scientists tell you. The truth is that radiation levels worldwide have been climbing higher and higher over the last century and soon our beloved planet will no longer be capable of sustaining human life. Bookmark here

I understand that you must have a lot of questions, and I promise you all of those questions will be answered when the guards bring you back for your formal debriefing. But rest assured, while this may be the end of life as we know it, the human race will survive.Bookmark here

When the smartest minds on Earth failed to find a solution to counteract the rising radiation levels, they turned their genius towards the idea of surviving it. Decades of research culminated in the creation of an Artificial Intelligence designed to solve this problem. Using the projections it provided, our countries developed a plan to ensure the preservation of our species.Bookmark here

You have been selected as one of 500,000 candidates for Project: N.O.A.H.Bookmark here

N.O.A.H. is a fully self-sustaining bunker capable of withstanding the levels of radiation projected. Under the guidance of the A.I., we have ensured that we will not perish in this extinction-level event.Bookmark here

We do not yet know at this time if the radiation levels will drop to the point where we can safely return to the ground. But rest assured that until that day comes, you and your descendents will work for a better future. Bookmark here

With your help, the human race will survive.Bookmark here

Thank you for accepting this great honor for the sake of us all.Bookmark here

Godspeed.Bookmark here

- Global Chairman Theodore WallaceBookmark here

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