Chapter 9:

Give a Cute Half-Elf a Rifle, Increase her Lovely Appeal. (Ninth_Armament)


:: Dear Diary.....I give up. It hasn’t been 10 days since I left my village and became an adventurer, that I realized I am not cut out for this line of profession. I thought I could borrow this position in order to access intimate information about my father who used to be a great adventurer himself before he settled down and married my mother. Now, I’m a failure to my Elven Blood. I shot my friend in the eye and I'm still stricken with Guilt Status. It's effects are worse than Poison or Burn Damages. I’ll never be a great archer like my ancestors…never…. never… ::Bookmark here

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

“...Cough...Hmm? A rifle?”Bookmark here

“Y-yes. O-ow! Y-you could use a rifle. I-I’ve seen them in action in the Battle of Stalingrad. Even a civilian who helped to defend the city could use it with very, ow, little training.”Bookmark here

The Soviet Tank named Nello was a kind soul. Bookmark here

Despite its 26.5 ton mass, he had the kind of personality that wanted to reach out its barrel as a hand and help others. A friendly iron giant with a big heart so to speak. But don’t tell him that, he’ll be confused by the meaning if you dragged in something organic like hearts, livers, or kidneys. Bookmark here

Also, this bunny narrator isn't in the mood to be coerced to have a Korean Hotpot - the bill will break her weekly allowance like a vase.Bookmark here

So the tank came up with a suggestion for his failing friend, Pastrache the Half-Elf Girl.Bookmark here

>> Congratulations! Party Member Nello has given you a new weapon!
>> Mosin-Nagant M91 Bolt Action Rifle added to your inventory!
>> 120, 7.42 x 54 mm Rounds added to your inventory
Bookmark here

“... Are you sure I would be better off with this thing you call a rifle? What is it exactly?”Bookmark here

“Well, when I watched you hold your weird gun with the u-shaped metal bar and string, it reminded me of a rifle the soldiers in the Russian Army would use. It looked exactly like it, only it’s longer and doesn't have the weird… Horseshoe face.”Bookmark here

“But where can I find one? Remember, you ended up being reborn and transmigrated to my world thanks to the Goddess Odyssey. Other than your body, I don’t think you could carry any weapon with you during the transferal.”Bookmark here

“I think there was one inside of me. In a bag. Remember? You were looking for a blanket.”Bookmark here

“…Now that you mention it, I did see weird items inside that flimsy treasure chest made of silk.”Bookmark here

Pastrache thought it over as she touched her chin, her other hand stroking the 7.62 mm DT machine gun next to her as if the head of a cat. Bookmark here

She could be found sitting on the leg armor of the Soviet Tank, her legs swinging over the side as if a swing on a playground. The Tanks anti-infantry machine gun was, for some reason, wrapped in white bandages. It was hard to discern the backstory behind it, but it looked like a crossbow bolt had been stuck somewhere and was pulled out like a bullet stuck in a wound.Bookmark here

“…Should I take a look again? Doesn’t it belong to the people who once rode inside of you?”Bookmark here

“Go ahead Big Sis and take a look. Since I’m in a new world, I guess you can say the Battle back in Stalingrad is over. And I don’t think anyone from my hometown will show up here and ask for their bag back. ...U-unless, the Soviet Army calls me…Uwaaah. They’ll scrap me for sure!!”Bookmark here

“Hyup.”Bookmark here

Pastrache the Half-Elf Girl was already crawling all over Nello before she heard the last part of his worrying sentence. She opened the iron lid across the top of the turret and dove right inside as if it were a pool. Bookmark here

A cute ‘woop!?' could be heard and something large ended up tumbling inside of the tank. The Soviet Tank rocked a bit, but then went still…like a bobble head after parking a car.Bookmark here

“.....Big Sis, you ok—UGYAAAG!? M-MY INTESTINES!”Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry Nello. I grabbed the wrong thing. Ah, here is that bag! Hyup!”Bookmark here


After making weird noises like something was pulling at his tail or entrails (take your pick), the beautiful Half-Elf girl happily crawled out from the top of the tank turret and back onto the armor she used as a raised platform / bench.Bookmark here

She brought out the duffel bag full of items she had seen before but didn’t check thoroughly. She figured out how to work out the zipper again and started to explore the contents.Bookmark here

“Now that I see this again, there’s a lot of strange objects sitting inside it. Is it really necessary?”Bookmark here

“Um…Well, I remember the crew always waving around this metal stick that shines light around, to make sure there were no German soldiers hiding in the snow. Then you have the gun that shoots out colourful smoke, mostly to tell my other tank brothers we found a German Panzer unit charging down the street or somewhere.”Bookmark here

“Hmm. It sounds useful now that you mention it. I’ll keep it in mind for next time. Good Nello.”Bookmark here

"Uwaaah. B-Big Sis's hand is so warm on my nose...Uwa-uwaa..."Bookmark here

After some wincing, looking, and digging her hand in deep places, Pastrache finally found what she was looking for and pulled it out from the long duffel bag. She waved the item around in front of Nello's face, er his turret head for him to see.Bookmark here

“Nello. This broomstick in my hand. Is this what you mentioned, the rifle?"Bookmark here

“Yes! That’s the one alright! I think it will suit you perfectly Big Sis!”
Bookmark here

Pastrache slipped herself off from the tank and onto her feet across the ground. In her hand clutched this foreign looking weapon that resembled an exotic matchlock or even Arquebues in shape and length, albeit more refined and extra metal parts.Bookmark here

“…<< Scan Weapon >>"

The Half-Elf girl said a simple voice command under her small breath. A series of particles appeared within her vision, forming a large screen that printed lines of coding and words.
Bookmark here


=== WEAPON TYPE: ----- Bolt Action Rifle
=== DAMAGE TYPE: ----- Piercing
=== RATE OF FIRE: ----- One Shot Per Bolt Load
=== RANGE OF ATTACK: ----- 500 meters (Standard), 850 meters (Scoped)
=== MUZZLE VELOCITY: ----- 865 meters / second
=== YEARS OF SERVICE: ----- 1891 to Present (Earth Years)
=== COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: ----- Russian Empire
=== OTHER MODELS AVAILABLE?: ----- Yes, 8 Variants
=== DESIGNER: ----- Captain Sergei Mosin and Emile Nagant
=== MANUFACTURER: ----- JSC Kalishnakov Concern Arms Plant
=== SERVICE HISTORY: ----- (List of War Participated too long, would you like to expand?)
Bookmark here

>> You gained +150 XP from Studying New Weapon.
>> Your INT has increased by 0.5!!

==============================================================Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Wh-what is it, Big Sis? Y-you don’t like it?”Bookmark here

“How do I use it? It looks like a Crossbow, but where do I load the bolt to shoot with?”Bookmark here

“…Ah… good question.” Bookmark here

The Half-Elf looked up at the Soviet Tank. The Soviet Tank looked up at the sky. Bookmark here

It was trying to remember something as its 3 meter barrel quietly went up and down…like a certain English detective chewing on his smoke pipe as he mulled over a complicated case.Bookmark here

“Oh! I remember now!”Bookmark here

“Yes? Yes?”Bookmark here

“You see the wide part? You push that into your chest.”Bookmark here

“Nello. I love you, but if this is a prank to show the curves of my body, I won’t forgive you.”Bookmark here

“Meaap! B-Big Sis has this scary look that’s even more terrifying than a German Tiger Tank! N-no! I’m serious, you hold the wide end against your shoulder. L-like your horseshoe gun!”Bookmark here

“… Oh. I see.”Bookmark here

Whatever rage that ignited in that short moment instantly blew over like a birthday candle. Bookmark here

Whether or not this was the calm before an even bigger storm, it all came down to how this Half-Elf Girl was going to manage herself with this new weapon.Bookmark here

She braced the stock end of the rifle to her shoulder, the trigger pointed downward and she straighten the barrel. It was a heavy weapon, but surprisingly lighter than her crossbow as it had all of its weight shifted forward towards the metal horseshoe bow.Bookmark here

Like she said before, she didn’t know where to load the crossbow bolt to fire it at high velocity.Bookmark here

“Do you see the bullets inside of the bag. They’re super long ones that look like dog fangs. Yes, those ones. Now, you load them into the chamber thing.”Bookmark here

“Chamber thing?”Bookmark here

“I-I don’t know I’ve seen soldiers using them would push the tray of bullets into this space in the center of the gun, where your trigger would be. Yes there! But you have to slide the bolt back to open it up.”Bookmark here

“Hnnn…Oh! I-it popped open! I-it even has a nice sound! Um. So, insert like this?”Bookmark here

“N-no! The other way! The other way! The pointy end facing away from you!”Bookmark here

Pastrache bit her lip when she realized her mistake. She quickly flipped the stack of bullets connected on a metal plate and figured out how to slip in the end into the chamber of the rifle. She then realized the metal place won’t go down any further than 1 inch.Bookmark here

“Nello? What now?”Bookmark here

“Use your thumb, push the bullets inside. Gently.”Bookmark here

“…Oh! It slides off the metal bar! How convenient!”Bookmark here

The Half-Elf carefully pushed the 5, 7.62 x 52 mm rounds into the chamber, hearing it click one by one as it fitted inside of the loading dock. Once the last bullet was pushed in, she removed the plate. Bookmark here

She could have thrown it away like any other soldier, but seeing how this was her first rifle loading, she decided to keep it as a memento of this grand occasion. Thus, she slipped it under her corset and patted it securely across her warm bosom.Bookmark here

“………………..”Bookmark here

“What Nello?”Bookmark here

“N-nothing. I-I’m fine. Cough. (I never knew Big Sis could be so bouncy!)Bookmark here

Pastrache tilted her head at her friend, while the Tank turned its turret away from her for some reason. She wondered if she made a mistake, but Nello would have told her. The girl shrugged it off from her shoulder and she held up the rifle like she would to a crossbow.Bookmark here

“Oh, how convenient. This has a more accurate iron sight than my other weapon. “Bookmark here

“Go ahead and test fire it!”Bookmark here

“………….I don’t know.”Bookmark here

Despite owning an authentic Mosen-Nagant M91 rifle (#NotReplica), there was a sense of hesitation coming from Pastrache. She would look at her weapon once more, as if inspecting every angle of a stone. It was still something she wasn’t used to, and she had not seen how this particular model work.Bookmark here

She wasn’t even sure if it had the same result to that of an exotic matchlock gun.Bookmark here

“…..I guess, it won’t hurt. Just one shot, okay, Nello?”Bookmark here

“Okay Big Sis. Tell me when you’re ready!”Bookmark here

The Soviet Tank seemed to be in an encouraging mood, as it raised up his barrel in order to lift up a certain paper cut-out. It was a large piece of parchment paper that was drawn to resemble an Orc…Orca…Shoggoth…Sarlaac, anyways, this was Pastrache’s target practice.Bookmark here

It was left hanging from the ropes tied to the barrel. And it was ready to be shot at.Bookmark here

“Fuuuuuuuu…Fuuuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

Remembering her training in archery lessons, Pastrache would take deep breaths and slowly exhale. She then shouldered her rifle to soft bosom and rested her cheek across the stock. She then had one eye down the line of sight, adjusting its angle. Bookmark here

This time, she didn’t gravitate to the location in the center of the cut out called the crotch.Bookmark here

“Okay Nello. I’m ready to shoot this thing. Are you?”Bookmark here

“Ready to go, Big Sis! Fire away!”Bookmark here

…………….*Click*Bookmark here

“…Hmm?”Bookmark here

*Click. Click*Bookmark here

“…Nello. This was a prank after all.”Bookmark here

“N-no! No! It-it should be firing the bullet from the rifle! I don’t know why it’s not working!”Bookmark here

No matter how many times the Half-Elf pulled the trigger, nothing happened. No loud bang, no cloud of smoke, not even an absurd recoil. Nothing. As if it had no bullets in the first place.Bookmark here

That was when the child inside of the Soviet Tank spoke up.Bookmark here

“Oh! Big Sis! You didn’t pull on the bolt!”Bookmark here

“The bolt?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, on the rifle over your trigger. I almost forgot, you had to manually load the bullet with each shot. So you have to load one into the chamber to fire with!”Bookmark here

“…Isn’t that annoying?”Bookmark here

“I-I don’t know how it works, b-but that’s the way it is. The soldiers keep saying it’s troublesome, bu-but they mention how much power it has. I haven't seen a single soldier throw away their weapon... unless they got into a fight with each other after having too many Vodka.”Bookmark here

“…….Hmm... Fine.”Bookmark here

Swallowing her irritation, Pastrache moaned as she struggled to move the bolt lever on her weapon. It took her some trial and error before she figure out the sliding mechanism of the device. Bookmark here

With Nello’s guidance, she would pull it back, make a satisfying click sound, and then push the lever back to its closing form. The gun was now loaded. Clear!Bookmark here

“…Now Nello?”Bookmark here

“It should fire. Give it—“Bookmark here

*BAAAAAAAAANG!*Bookmark here

“GUBGAAFFFF!?”Bookmark here

Two things happened. Bookmark here

One, the Mosin-Nagant M91 actually fired. It launched a sharp bullet at a maximum velocity of 860 meters per second. The brass round cut through the air so fast, it took everyone one minute to realize it vanished after it sliced through the dead center of the paper cut out target.Bookmark here

Directly through the crotch. Bookmark here

A clean shot with destructive force. Not to mention, beautiful precision (in between the jewels).Bookmark here

“Oh! You did it, Big Sis! You hit the target! Right in the bull's eye! You’re very cool! Do it again, do it again!”Bookmark here

“……………………………………”Bookmark here

“…Big Sis? Why aren’t you—Ah.”Bookmark here

Two, the Half-Elf have been using a crossbow that used all of its kinetic energy from the string to launch a projectile. So recoil was very light. Given that this was a ballistics rifle that had a effective range of 500 meters … it as obvious how much energy was needed accelerate a small bullet at Mach 1 (#NewtonsLawIsBad@ss).Bookmark here

Therefore, the rifle smashed into Pastrache’s face after she pulled the trigger, and it knocked her over to fall onto the ground. Bookmark here

Her current State of Mind: Unconscious. Bookmark here


And that's that.Bookmark here

... Is there a doctor in Honeyfeed? Anyone?Bookmark here

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