Chapter 2:

The Ceremony

Sharply Cold at Zone


I walked inside along with Nura-san.

Many students were gathered in the main lobby they were talking to their friends that seated next to them, as a result, I could hear a lot of fuss.

I couldn't see Nura-san anymore she must’ve gone to sit between them. As I was just standing in front of the entrance, director Omura-sensei noticed me and started to talk in the microphone.

“Nage-kun you’re late, not a good first impression hehh.” he said with a laugh. “Come here to the main stage the students are waiting for you.”

I began walking towards the stage. I had a lot of eyes fixed on me while walking so I kept my cool and didn't think much of it.

I, Sakai Rumi, saw my best friend Nura Yori take a seat next to mine and asked her angrily, “Where have you been Yori!”

“Sorry, I overslept!” she replied.

We both attend the same class, Class A of the first year. We started being friends in elementary school and have been going to school together ever since.

“Well, you didn't miss anything the new transfer student is late. Maybe he didn't have the courage to come to the ceremony.”

“No, I was talking to the new student on our way to school that's why he was late."

“What?... You already met him?” I asked bewildered.

"Not really, he didn't even bother to tell me his name. He simply ignored me the whole way from the subway station."

"That's so rude, who does he think he is!"

He didn't have any right to behave like that, Yori is one of the friendliest people in this school she doesn't deserve to be treated that way if she only wanted to introduce herself to him.

Then I heard the director speaking. “Nage-kun you’re late, not a good first impression hehh. Come here to the main stage the students are waiting for you.”

He started walking to the stage, I was curious about what he looked like so I watched him walk to the stage.

My first impression was that he’s really attractive, he has dark brown hair and his short hairstyle looked very good on him.

I saw the director looking at me while I scanned the new student, odd.

“Welcome Nage-kun introduce yourself to the students now.” I heard as he was standing in the center of the stage.

All the students were quiet.

“Hello, my name is Nage Gazo. I’m 17 years of age and I have no interest in making any friends, so I hope you all don't bother me.” 

'So disrespectful.' I thought. His name is Nage Gazo and he's a year older than me, and I can see that he's rude. Why does he come to school if he doesn't want to make any friends? His introduction was certainly plain.

I looked at the student's faces to see some reactions and found out that all the girls were looking at him with love eyes. I even heard a girl around me say that he was handsome.

“Handsome? He is damn hot! He was sent from heaven for me to date him!” A girl, Miya Ida from Class C student from the first years, said.

They started to make a fuss, the director saw this and asked everyone to be quiet again.

“Does anyone have a question for Nage-kun?” he asked.

The girls immediately raised their hands to ask a question. The director pointed one out. “Miya-chan, what is your question for Nage-kun?”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Miya-san asked. Most of the girls waited patiently for his response.

"I'm not required to answer that as it is private." He didn't seem to be willing to talk about his private life.

All the girls had these sad faces as they wanted to know if he was in a relationship. It is up to him really, If he doesn't want to answer questions about his love life then we can't really argue with that.

"Come on Nage-kun, just tell them already. You can see that the girls really want to know if you're taken or not," the director said with a laugh.

Nage-kun was looking directly at the director for a moment and replied, "Fine." He waited for a couple of seconds and continued. “No, currently I’m not in a relationship. And I’m not looking to be in any while I am attending school.”

Almost all the girls were unhappy to hear that. A lot of hands were withdrawn from the air.

A boy was chosen for the next question, "Do you have any hobbies?" He asked, and Nage-kun replied: "No." What... He doesn't have any hobbies?

"Nage-kun put some more effort into this please, you must have at least one thing you like to do?" The director said.

"I like to read in my free time." I didn't expect someone like him to read books, he just doesn't seem like a reader to me. All the students were surprised to hear that, I think we all thought the same.

Some time passed, and the questions asked during this time were about things that he liked like movies, brands, and his favorite food.

Then the director pointed to another girl. “You look like you're exercising regularly, do you do any sports?”

“No, but sometimes I do go for a run.” He said.

“Can we see your upper body?” A girl asked, why would you want to see this loner's naked body? I was thinking in my mind. After hearing that more and more girls wanted to see his upper body.

“If Nage-kun wants to show his physical appearance then I see no problem.” the director said after hearing the girls.

“That's not going to happen, I’m not going to strip down to show you all my body,” Nage-kun said irritated.

“Well if you don't wan..” The director stopped talking midway after a bell sound started ringing. All the students were looking at me as I was ringing the bell.

For being the most popular boy or girl in this school, you get some privileges. Like the bell for this occasion, when transfer students' ceremonies are being held the person that has the bell can ring it so that they can ask the new student to say something that he or she doesn't want to talk about in their introduction or make them do something that they don't want to. It's obligated to respect the person's wish that rings the bell. So they have no choice but to comply with any request we ask.

“Sakai-san you rang the bell, I thought you would never use it.” The director said surprised.

Nage-kun didn't understand anything that was happening and couldn't understand why this bell was a huge deal.

So the director explained to him that whoever rings that bell gets to ask the new student a question that they need to answer with full honesty or make them do something that they don't want to.

The bell was rare because you could only use it once if you ever got a hold of one. You could say that it was a dangerous weapon in a student's hands.

I didn't think I would ever use it. But this time it's different. I want to get back at him for what he did to Yori-san.

“I want Nage-kun to undress himself so that I can see his physique.”

Almost everybody looked flabbergasted hearing my answer. Even the boys were not expecting me to say that.

Nage-kun instantly rejected the whole thing I wanted him to do. But the director said that he doesn't have a choice because there was a strict rule that you must comply with the bell's wishes, and warned him that he could face expulsion if he didn't obey.

He figured that he didn't have a choice and started stripping down.

While doing so every layer of clothing he threw on the ground resulted in girls being more and more amazed.

He finished removing his clothing and was left with only his trousers on, now you could see his entire upper body completely naked.

The boys didn't think much of it only that he had a nice build and didn't find it interesting. On the other hand, the girls were speechless seeing the upper body of Nage-kun.

He had this amazing physique, I could see his six-pack that was standing out in that stage lightning from all the way back. From his appearance, you think that he is skinny but when he doesn't have any shirt on you could see his amazing form. I don't believe you can get such a physique just from running, he must've lied about that.

I stood up and walked to the stage to see it from a closer distance. While walking I saw Ichika Nonaka, the student council president of the school blocking my path. Almost all of the students were looking at us. 

“Let me pass Ichika-san,” I said.

And she replied, “Can’t do that, you see it's against the rules to get up from your seat when a ceremony for the new student is being held! So go back to your seat!”

I want to tease him so as to embarrass him even more, I can't turn back

“Sorry, I need to go on stage just to talk to Nage-kun. I just want to ask him something in private.”

I directly looked at the director while saying this, he found that interesting and said, “Go on then.”

Ichika stepped aside and let me pass.

“You got your fun now princess?” Nage-kun said annoyed while looking at me.

I got on the stage and closed the distance between the two of us.


What! She wants me to strip down and show my body to her, who does she think she is? I, Nage Gazo, thought while hearing the wish of the most popular girl in this school Sakai Rumi.

This was the first time I saw her in my life and immediately hated her. I despised such people who think they are all that.

I obviously rejected that wish as it was not something I wanted to show to all the students.

The director seriously warned me that I could be expelled if I didn't obey the bell’s wishes. So I took off the tie of my uniform and started to unbutton my shirt.

Did she do this on purpose to make fun of me? Or did she hate me for some reason?

As I was undressing, the girls were pleased to see me do that and let out some noises and giggles. Most of the boys ignored me, I would too if I were in their seat. Actively watching a guy remove his clothes is something that you don't do as a male.

I finished undressing and only had my trousers on, and faced all the students. I could see most of the girls being stunned at the sight of my six-pack. I took a good look at Sakai-san and saw that she too was surprised to see my upper body.

Then she started walking to the main stage. From a distance I watch her and found her rather cute, no... she was gorgeous! With her long black hair, beautiful eyes, and having this slim figure, she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen.

The price you pay for being the most popular girl is that you always have eyes on you. Think about it, you’re so popular that all of the students talk about what you've done that day or what clothes you're wearing. All of their topics are mostly about you. That must be frustrating, I would be stressed thinking about that all the time.

But she didn't look stressed or frustrated at all, it seemed like she enjoyed that attention. I could tell she was a hard person to deal with.

After dealing with the director and a girl that looked like a third-year student, she entered the stage and closed the distance between us two, she looked serious. Then my nose picked up this light scent of flowers, that must be her shampoo. It smelled nice.

I asked her if she had fun embarrassing me in front of all the students and called her princess. Yes, that was a suitable name for her. No, it was perfect for her because of her confidence and high standing in this school.

“I’m sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you.” She said.

I didn't believe her.

“Well, you should think more about the person's feelings before telling them to undress themselves in front of the whole school. Are you always that unthoughtful?”

I took a shot at her to see if I can get the real reason why she wanted me to do this.

She came so close to me that our skin touched and whispered in my ear.

“You are right, I knew it was inappropriate but I couldn't hold myself back to ask you to show your upper body.”

I was surprised to hear her say that. Was that like a confession? Or does she like to tease students? I couldn't figure it out so I grabbed her hand and put my other hand behind her lower back to bend her over and stare directly at her eyes just to see her reaction.

All the students were stunned to see me do that to the popular girl. The director on the other hand was enjoying the scene, I could tell by seeing him smiling at me. 

She was taken by surprise and did not expect me to do that. Her facial expression told me all that by just looking at her. She quickly got out of that awkward position and took two steps back.

Her face started to become red, she was baffled. She started speaking, "W-W-WA-WHAT D-DO YOU TIN-THINK YOU'RE DOING? She was at a loss of words.

I felt a little guilty after doing that she obviously had never been touched by a boy before.

"I just returned the favor, a little payback for letting me undress myself in front of the whole school."

"NO, YOU SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ME!" She claimed. and I replied, "Technically you touched me first so it's the other way around, the students saw you touch me when you whispered in my ear."

She couldn't deny this as everyone saw her do it. After realizing that, she started to walk and left the stage in anger.

Then the director started speaking again, "Well that was an interesting ceremony," He said while laughing. "Everyone, follow your homerun teacher back to your classrooms!" He wasn't mad or anything it felt like he got some kind of satisfaction from seeing that.

Almost everyone stood up simultaneously and formed lines in front of their teachers, I didn't go in any line as I didn't even know which class I was assigned to. They all began walking to their classrooms.

The director made a hand gesture to follow him back to his office. As we began walking towards the director's office I looked back at the students and noticed Nura-san walking beside Sakai-san. 

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