Chapter 0:

vol.1 ch.0 that day

that day

author: This is my first time writing this type of story so I wish all of you would like it

Hello I am sato Subaru a normal high school student living a normal life, well I think only the first part is right

"Hey there, pig you forgot to grab me my juice go get it"


As you can conclude I am that otaku fat guy that always gets bullied and the one yelling there is Kawashima Kaito the student council president as for my conditions the bullies is not delinquents but the student council

'Better get that juice fast'

As I reach the vending machine and it's already crowded with the popular girls' group

'F*ck not again'

"Ma..may I get a juice"

"Oh it's piggy, and who said you can?"

"P...please I need it"

"Listen girls this is gonna be entertaining, if you want one you shall plead for it on your knees"

'Crap but I need it so much'

As I kneel and look to the ground because I don't seem to find any other option

"What do you want now, pig"

"I need some ju..juice"

"I will be kind this time, here take it"

As I feel a hot liquid pouring on my head

"Ou ou ouch"

"Oh sorry I accidentally poured it on your head"

'This bitch'

"It is alright"

"But you know I wanted to give it to you as a gift would you drink it for me"

"From the...the ground but but"

"Will you be refusing my gift"

"You pot face how can you"

"Now drink it"


As I lower myself and drink it from the ground

"Hahaha you did it, did you think someone like me will give you a gift"

As I feel something solid on my head do not tell me it is her shoes again

After I got kicked by her

"Here is the juice and go out you are grossing me"


As I return to the student council room

"Kawashima-sama here is you ju...juice"

As I give it to him but instead of leaving me

"Hey I told you orange juice not manga go and get another one"

"But but"

As I feel a punch on my stomach

"There is no but go"

And so here goes the whole break

Back to class, I sit on the lass disk next to the window

'So what is written on the disk this time'

'Pig, just die, worthless'

'Oh the same insults again I think I will just sit

As I sit on the chair and the teacher enters the class

' i think I can get to be sort of safe in the class time man I am so tired'

As I sleep because of the hellish day

"Oi oi sato wake up"


"You have got some guts to sleep, my class"

"I am so..sorry I passed out"

"There is no sorry this is the fifth time this week I will be taking that from your grades"

"But but"

"There is no but you shall sleep in your house and stop playing video games late at night"


'How I wish I can say that the council is billing me'

And I tried before but that happened


"But sensei Kawashima was bullying me the whole day which made me tired"

"Do you really want me to believe that a model student would do such a thing? I think he doesn't have enough time to, so instead of saying that why do not you use him as your model just look at his grades"


Back to present

'The whole school is my enemies even the teachers'

As it is finally time to return home it is midyear break I won't be out to the school for one month but of my bad luck I met Kawashima on my way

"HEY pig you were intending to say my name again weren't you"

"No no, I swear"

"Then DO NOT dare to give me that look again"

"Oi Kawashima would you stop that for one time you are really making a lot of noise"

"Oh Suzuki-Kun can you take your shit out of here"

"I wish I can buy that is home so can you go away and also leave sato here"


"Because no fights happen in my area this is not school"

"F*ck I swear I will get your guts next term for sure"

As he leaves

"Listen sato you shall work on yourself I won't always send him away"

"I know but I cannot"

"Just believe in yourself dude"

As he enters his house and closes the door

This was Suzuki Aoi the leader of the delinquent group I swear the roles here is reversed he is actually a good guy that has a strong sense of justice but he cannot help me because of Kawashima's authority at school

'I wish I can be strong as him'

As I continue my way to the video games store to prepare for the break as any other otaku by buying video games and anime as something catches my sight

"What is this"

'Life simulator limited edition

"Yeah perfect~"

'I can use this to escape some of this reality maybe even gain some confidence'

As I return home

"Oh you are there go to the dining table"

As I sit at the dining table to eat lunch in front of my father, mother, and sister

"I am sorry Subaru but I and your father decided that you shall live by yourself"

"What why?"

"I will go straight to the point your sister friend's parents will be living here and I cannot embarrass her by your existence because a very bad reputation will go around about her"

For who is surprised I forgot to introduce my parents both of them are models and they really really hate ugly they have been holding back just because I am their son but if it was because of my beautiful so-called sister they will shove me away nicely and their meaning was

'We do not want you here anymore you are sore for our eyes'

"And we already bought a small apartment for you and will be paying your rent, bills, and living expenses but please do not come here until you are told so"

'Trying to appear kind hah'

"Ok mother I understand I will start collecting my stuff after launch"

As I end launch and is encountered with a girl with large green eyes, blond hair, and fair skin

"Oh mister pig what are you doing here shouldn't you be out of here"

"I will just grab my belongings"

"No need to I have already hired some guys to move it you can go to your apartment"

'I forgot because she is in middle school but she is a part-time model for some magazine too'

"And to make the things straight for you too because I know your pig brain won't understand it quickly my mom and dad do not want you here too they won't be even asking on what you buy with the money they give you or even check you condition no out of here piggy"

"........ok I will be out then sister"

As I leave the house and start to go to the address of my apartment

"Oi sato what are you doing here with your school uniform"

"Oh Suzuki-Kun"

"Shouldn't you be in your house by now oi oi why are you crying now are not you a man"

"I do not want to disturb you either with myself but this is my new apartment"

It was actually that small one-floor building next to Suzuki house

"Oi oi now I do not understand anything *sigh* what do you say inviting me in and getting the weight off your shoulders"

As we enter the small apartment and sit on a small table in the kitchen I spill out everything for him

"F*ck how can they even can they call themselves you family"

"I am sorry Suzuki-Kun but that is how it is sorry for taking your precious time I swear I won't bother you again so do not leave me"

"Chill chill dude I am not gonna leave you I am not like these people I will turn you into a new man with muscles but I think I shall leave you for about two weeks to get used to new life kay?"

"Thank you Suzuki-Kun thank you very much"

"Hey hey now no need for all of this so I will be going now"

As he got out of the apartment

"I think he is just kind for the sake of being kind"

As I have my dinner and go to sleep crying the whole night remembering how everyone didn't want me to exist

I continued this for two weeks now just get up eat, play video games and sleep


"Ding ding"

"Oh an email notification"

'To all our dear students will be starting the term tomorrow because of some critical conditions'

"I knew life was not kind enough to leave the string of hope called Suzuki training last long"

As I lay on the ground in the front of my counsel but I feel something solid on my back

"Oh it is that game"

'Life simulator limited edition

" I think opening it might get me out of the bad mood"

As I open the game and a blue screen appears

'This limited edition gives you the option to but your own life story and conditions to play using yourself'

"Wow that seems so coll why did not I open this earlier"

As I enter my whole life story and click start

"I just want to know something if I click the help button will it give useful advice maybe like a cheat system"

As I click the button and the whole screen turn blue and the game CD is out and no matter how many times I try it won't work again

"F*ck just my luck, ok I think it is time to sleep by now"

As I sleep crying even more than any time as I remember hell is coming again tomorrow


As I woke up I felt myself way lighter than before

'What is this feeling'

I am feeling lighter but there is some so uncomfortable breeze coming from down my crouch

As I set up I realized something

"Wait why am I only in my hoodie how I did fit in it alone, wait shit even my hands got smaller what is happening "

As I feel some tickling at my cheek

"What even my hair got a little longer"

As I hurriedly stand up and run to the mirror and there stood a very cute girl with short straight black hair with radish orange eyes and a small frame

"Wait this is supposed to be a mirror right? Then does that mean this is me? No no, no impossible it shall still be there I mean this girl will look like a cut boy to me"


"But...but I think there is no reason not to check"

As I raise my hoodie a bit and to my surprise, it was not there

"Does that mean I am a girl huh how can this be real anyway how am supposed to go to school like this...... Oh I know that clothes from my parents"

My parents once bought me a uniform from a very small size just to tell me to get fit or else in a nice way

"But wait I am a girl now right does not that mean I must have boobs but I do not have any bandages f*ck"

As I try to look at them super embarrassed

"Oh I think only I will need wound plaster"

'Ok I am confused as shit shall I be happy or sad'

As I get dressed and hear some knocking on my door

"Ok remember make your sound deeper and all will be alright"

As I open the door and meet Suzuki

"Uhhhh is not this supposed to be sato apartment"

"Um it is me sato, Suzuki-Kun but what do you want"

"Wait what you are sato"


"But-but how what kind of exercises did you do to get slim like this and how are you shorter"

"Uh I used some secret technique and I was smaller but all the fat made me look bigger, so what do you want"

"Uh, I just figured out we can go to school together so you won't be bullied on the road what do you think?"

"I think this is a very good idea thank you so much Suzuki-Kun"

As we go out towards the school and I do not know how will this day pass at all

author: This would be the end of the first chap if you like the chap please do not forget to comment it will get me really motivated and thanks

that day

that day