Chapter 1:

vol.1 ch.1 a storm of nonsense

that day

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(just so you remember our mc is now on her way to school)

"Oi sato, care to tell me about that secret techniques"

"Uh... Huh? Why?"

"You know it isn't easy to burn that much fat in just that short period. It can be a very useful technique for a lot of people"

".... But... As much as I remember I was just too tired the whole time that I...... Didn't eat food for long intervals"

"Uh fine you should have just told me that you don't want to talk about it"

"Uh... But... But"

"Chill dude it is totally fine, but don't forget to tell me when you are in the mode"

"I am sorry suzuki-Kun"


Here it comes the school gate some great successful people say that it was their way to the top but for me, it is the door to a hell of blue color

"Oi sato why are you standing there"

"Huh, nothing... On second thought, I think I will return home"

"For real dude, it is the first day of school at least attend this"

"But... But I don't want to return"

"What are you talking about now man up and let's... Hey where are you running"

To my surprise, I was a lot faster than before, but I am nothing in the face of a school sports star

"I said you are going to school today"

"But... I don't want to return to that hell..(hick) pweas"

As I felt his hand that was dragging me losing the strength in its grasp

"Now now why are you crying? Didn't you work hard to lose weight"

"Um (hick) uh"

"The next step is to beat your fears up like a man"

"But but"

'how am I supposed to beat them as a girl'

"Now let's go"



Entering the school as usual I saw a lot of groups that had already formed in the schoolyard speaking about school and funny topics and I saw my crisis just around the corner

'that blonde hair'

It was the same hair of the devil that tormented my everyday Kawashima Kaito talking to a lot of girls until a girl entered the group. With orange-red hair and green eyes, it was no one either than the popular girl's leader Akiba yuri.

'just looking at them make me tremble I swear they are like a couple from hell'

While I was trembling slightly I feel a hand hitting me on the back of my head, it wasn't a strong head it was rather like a one to catch my attention

"You stupid if you don't want to see them just don't look at them, just pay attention to the bright side for now I suppose"

"Uh... Sorry"

I think that Suzuki was a real kind man but in his way even if he talks like a delinquent and act like one all of his actions up until now was reasonable

"Uh can I have a moment of your time"

Cutting out talking was a girl with brown hair and clear black eyes

"Uh and what business do you have with me"

"I am Aizawa Asuna from the 1st year and I want to ask would you be my friend!!"

'this girl sure has a lot of energy if it was me I won't be able to respond'

"Uh and why"

"I will tell you if you say yes, now yes or no"

"Oi but you have to tell me why first what friendship will this be"

"BUT just answer already"

'f*ck this load exchange will catch the attention of the council for sure no no'

As Kawashima starts to feel something wrong in the atmosphere, huh you ask me how did I know? Fine, it is just like the feeling of the weak prey under the eyes of a predator. Long months of bullying acquired me the ability to know his state of self just by seeing that blond devil

'nononono if I am beaten like before with this body I am sure I won't make it alive

As I unconsciously catch the edge of Suzuki's shirt tightly while trembling

"Uh fine I will be your friend then why??"

The girl blushes there for a second there

"Be... Because you seemed so cool and I wanted to be your friend"

'you were about to drag me in hell again just for that!!!'

I wish I could say that our loud

"Oi you are really messing with me right now"

"No no, but can I have a question"


"Then who is this girl behind you"

'huh, how... Did... She?'

"You know I just said no, and you are freaking annoying. And he is a guy you airhead"

"A guy but... I am sure she is a girl"

"You now just interrupted us and no is sticking your nose inside something out of your business"

"I am sorry I will be leaving you now"

Before she leave she knocked on her head and said 'ehe' for some reason

"YOU don't ehe me"

"Pl... Please calm down now Suzuki-Kun"

"What about you are you ok"

'wait did he accept her just to stop Kawashima from coming towards us'

"I am so sorry Suzuki (hick) I am sorry I was just too scared"

'f*ck why can't I just stop crying'

"Don't concern yourself about it, there is nothing to be disappointed of, people take time to fight their fears"

As I nod silently while hearing the school ring ringing announcing the start of the year word

"So I think we shall go to the school theatre then"



I think all of you can predict who will give his word after the principal one, of course, it is no one but the blond devil

"My dear classmates and juniors here in kazato school we treat each other with nothing but respect to create an atmosphere that is fair and suitable for all students, as for problem makers they shall just quit it or I will stop them myself if you are being bullied or mistreated just inform us the student council and I will stop them at any costs"

'YOU are a devil from hell for real after all!!!"


"I mean how can he be this cool"

"It is like a dark anime character doing good deeds and asking for nothing"

"And he is so handsome"

"That group of juniors know nothing for sure, don't you think, sato?"

"Um they are just some stupid girls"

"Then how about making this your first goal to get his reputation among the girls towards the ground"

"But that would be hard"

"It won't and I will be there to help you don't you worry"

"Uh Suzuki-Kun can I ask you why are you helping me this much"

"It is just for the sake of you to be born again and I want to see that bastard suffering too, so it is too birds by one stone"

"I am sorry to concern you Suzuki-Kun I will remember this for the rest of my life for sure, I will even give you a huge present after all of this"

"Nah don't worry about that I am not annoyed at all"

'you are really too kind I hope that won't backfire on you'


Now it is time for the first class in the term

As I enter the class I hear a lot of people talking I even see new faces here maybe they were increasing the number of students of the classes or just to fill the place of the dropout students in the student code order as I look for my desk I found it at the end of the class as usual, as I hear the following conversation between Kawashima and his followers while walking.

"Hey Kawashima you sure looked like the handsome main character"

"Yeah you shall teach me how to create such an atmosphere, you have been doing that from primary school, you shall be an expert"

"Haha of course I did but I didn't do much I was just acting naturally, you know my character is like that, to begin with"

"Just stop it who are you jocking. Stop bullying haha that is a good jock, then what about sato you know we are all in this"

"Ah what a headache of course your monkey brain won't understand this, those rules and rights are just for humans, not pigs"

"That is a good point to remember"

"Don't blame me for misunderstanding your word were kind of hard"

"Speaking of him did anyone see him today"

"Not at all, Kawashima-kun maybe he changed school"

"Nah my sister is his sister's friend and she said he was kicked from house maybe he dropped school because of a money problem, no wonder no one will want him at his working place"

"Wait wait now guys why are you hurting your heads there is his disk just wait for him"

'f*ck I think I shall stand until he turns his head now'

As he finally leave my topic alone and start talking about some girls for some reason

'yeah not interested'

As I put my bag on the desk and sit there

'i think I can get my breath now'

But soon I feel the presence of something bad coming my way as I lift my head from my desk I see the blond devil coming right towards me

"Excuse me, can you tell me what a girl is doing on a boy desk, because this is the desk of our precious fellow classmate sato Subaru"

"But I am... Sato"

"I am not saying you are laying but you look nothing like my fellow classmate maybe you just have the same family name so you got the wrong desk by mistake"

"But.. but... I am sato... Subaru"

"If you are so persistent then can you show me your student id"

"Hai............. Here"

"So you are sato........ Haha how the f*ck did you get that size in a few months, you look too pathetic I thought you were a girl"

"An ugly one at that"

"Maybe the pig had forgotten his place"

"Oi sato go and get us three drinks to start our term with joy, I mean you will be happy to no?"

'no no I shall collect myself'

"But... But the class will start soon,..... And get your drinks by yourself "

"Maybe you have acquired some guts so how about a friendly lesson so you remember last term subjects"

'f*ck I think I have gone too far'

I thought will that punch was getting my face


But I feel no pain did I die already


The scene before me made me widen my eyes to its limit as I saw the back of the familiar black-haired boy stoping the devil punch using one hand

'totally a divine fight'

"Kawashima-Kun but I think we do remember our subjects then how about you educate yourself about being more human-like I know it will be hard for ape brains like you but I can help you with the lesson what do you say"

As Kawashima draw his hand fast

"Tch you have some guts to stop the hand of justice from achieving it"

"I am so sorry Kawashima-Kun but I think my friend's current body can't threshold that justice maybe you would kill him by mistake then"

It was true that anyone would know such a punch can cause some quite big injury for me and of course, that will hurt Kawashima and his reputation as well

"Tch f*ck you I will get you next time"

"Then sato I wanted to ask can...... Wait why are you crying now"

"Because I am just sooooo happy (hick) you are zhe best suzukiiii (hick)"

"We shall really work on your crying later anyways I was going to ask to take the seat next to you but I think I will take it anyway"

"You you (hick) in my class now?"

"It seems like that which will make our plan even easier, now the first step is to concentrate on the class we don't want your academics to decrease because of the plan"

"(Hick) hai"

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