Chapter 1:

Part I

One More Time, One More Chance

I’m Kenneth Aquino, and this is the story about me and Patricia. I met her when we were in high school. Many people surrounded her because she is kind, beautiful, and intelligent. I tried to talk to her about school work and I did not expect her to talk to me. I was just a transfer there and she was an old student. She had many suitors but none of them became her boyfriend.

Like other men, I also fell in love with her so I decided back then to court her. I can say that I was lucky because, unlike her suitors, she chose me. Since that day, we have faced all the trials of life together. Our parents became close and she met my older brother who was always supportive of me. My big brother, Tonio. We both dreamed of becoming Engineers so, in the future, we will build our own house that will be the source of our happiness. We both went to college and graduate from the same university. We took a Civil Engineering course.

When we finished school, we also started to look for a job together. Pat and I did not accept the same company where my big brother works because they lacked a vacancy. I decided to give Pat the job because she dreamed of working as a professional engineer. I also found another company and I also worked. Even though we are not together, we always meet after work to date. We also had a lot of get-togethers and we went to many beautiful places. There were also disagreements and misunderstandings because sometimes we didn’t meet because of the work we do, but even so, we still recover from each other. I noticed that sometimes when I am with her, she acts differently as if she is hiding something from me. I always greeted her and she always says that she is okay, so I always think that. For the last 10 years, she is still the one I love and no one else can replace her.

For our 10th anniversary, I thought of something I could do to make her very happy because that was the day she answered me. I even asked for help from my parents and also from my big brother for our anniversary. Pat did not know the plan so I have been just as usual when she was with me. I bought a present for her and I thought she would be surprised when she saw it. I am ready to settle with her. 7.00 P.M when my big brother took Pat to the venue of our anniversary. Her eyes were blindfolded so he could not see the surprise. He gave me a big head start so I could tell her everything I wanted to say.

 When the blindfold was removed, she was suddenly surprised by what she saw. We were in the park with colorful lights and we were surrounded by beautiful flowers. There is a dinner table in the middle of the tent with lights that are labeled, “HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!”. I didn't see that she was satisfied with what she saw, maybe she was just tired from work.