Chapter 1:

That Fateful Day... (Part 1)

Romance of the Three Metal Angels

It was September of 2020.

The month that changed my life.

It was the start of my junior year in high school. I remember being late for class. I was running as fast as humanly possible. I had to make it, I don't want to embarrass myself on the first day of school! 

The school's white hallways blurred around me. The floor and ceiling twisted and turned around me. 

I have to make it

have to make it

to make it

make it...

I fell.

I felt blood dripping down my nose, or was it snot? I rolled over in an attempt to get myself up when I saw her.


Her emerald green eyes...

They sent shockwaves into my soul itself. My heart fell into a void of what felt like death itself, or maybe life? I couldn't tell. It felt like an abyss. A never ending abyss. I never felt anything like it before.



I had to go to the nurses office.

I was there for what felt like hours. Just laying. I didn't make it to class that day, but the image of that girl was burned into my head. I couldn't stop thinking of her... a girl I've never even met.

The next day I walked shamefully to class. My head down like a death row criminal. The teacher's remarks didn't help.

"Look who finally decided to show up" he said scornfully.

I made my way to my desk, the only empty desk left. I look to my right and nearly lost my balance. To the right of me wad her. The girl. The emerald eyed girl. I couldn't believe it. The heavens must have blessed me that day. Who would've known I would have lived to regret every decision I made that month. 

"In case SOME of you don't know yet, my name is Mr Wolfe. Remeber it or face the consequences" he said in a frightful tone. 

I looked around. The whole class looked tense. I don't blame them.

After a long, awkward silence the teacher jumped back into an startlingly joyful tone, "Time for an icebreaker!" he shouted energetically. 

The whole class groaned. Once again, I don't blame them.

I groaned too.

So did she.

So did she.

Mr Wolfe trusted his arm forward, making me jump. He was not pointing at me however, he was pointing at the girl. 

"Kaori! Your turn!" he said gleefully. This dude creeps me out. "Kaori! State your name and your favorite passtime." he ordered. 

"My name is Kaori and I love poetry." she uttered in a monotone voice.

My heart jumped. I love poetry too! I NEEDED to go up next.

I waited until Kaori sat down before raising my hand.

It caught the teacher's attention.

"Shut up" he exclaimed.

Kaori began to look at her notebook. Now was my chance!

"Hey Kaori" I said hesitantly, "what's in your notebook?" 

"None of your buisness asshole" she shouted. The whole class looked. I embarrassed myself again.

I tried to continue the conversation.

"I- I like poetry too..." I said shyly. I gave her my notebook. She seemed suprisingly interested. 

The bell rang.

Before I got a chance to leave I heard her utter one sentence,


"May I borrow it?"