Chapter 0:

36th Generation.

Fully Operational World

This story has been past down for 35 generations. It is burned into our memory to make sure nothing like it were to happen again. I can't imagine that the story changes one bit through all the tellers. It remains the exact same; we are the history books. Without this story people will recreate the same mistakes as before. It will all be for nothing. To bad I don't care too much for the story. Somewhere along the lines of a family bloodline, a generation will mess up all the past generations have worked for. I am that generation. My two, much younger sisters Ava and Mari along with our younger brother, Grim, are all innocent. They haven't been able to have their own individual thoughts yet. But I'm starting to think that the past generations had it all wrong. They had the right idea, just executed it all very poorly. I believe that I can make a difference, I have to make a difference.