Chapter 4:

Intermission-The Detective part 2

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

“We have arrived at your destination. Thank you for using Skycab. Please have a good day!”

The detective stepped out of the vehicle and made his way into the large building in front of him.

“Good morning sir.”


The holographic automated receptionist greeted him as he walked through the entrance. He placed his keycard onto the desk.

“Hello, detective Smith. You are needed on the 5 floor, sir.”


The detective slips the keycard back into his pocket and heads to the elevators next to the reception desk. The doors open and he steps inside.

“Fifth floor, and make it quick.”

The elevator starts up with a jolt and after a moment he arrives at his floor. Smith walks down the hallway to the only entrance on the floor and opens it up. Inside he sees his fellow colleagues sitting around a long rectangular table looking at the man who is presenting something on the holographic display.

“Ah look who finally showed up. Take a seat detective Dandy.”

“…yes sir.”

The detective pulls out the chair closest to him and takes a seat. His coworkers chuckle as he does. You see, detective Smith was the black sheep of the bunch. He was often mocked for his demeanor and attire. Detective ‘Dangerous’ Dandy they called him. He hated that nickname.

‘Time and time again, even after I keep telling him to cut it out! If that asshole wasn’t my superior officer, I’d shoot him in the leg once or twice till he finally gets the message!’ he thought, then he sighed. ‘Guess there’s nothing I can do about it right now though…’

Detective Smith Lance wasn’t the best detective, but he did his job decently and achieved results. However his methods were a bit questionable. He was the kind of person who would use whatever means he needed to get the results he wanted. He once set a building on fire just to solve a hostage situation. When questioned by internal affairs, his response had been ‘Well, we needed to get the culprit to get out with the hostage right? So I put him in a situation where he could only come out or he would die. Then, I waited at the entrance with my firearm aimed at him and demanded that he release the hostage or he would burn to death.’

He was super messed up on the inside.

Through that method, the detective successfully resolved the hostage situation. However internal affairs was immensely disturbed, and the rest of his colleagues were thoroughly creeped out. As a result he was being ostracized by basically everybody in the precinct and had been demoted into doing various grunt level assignments like traffic monitoring and looking for parking violations. As a side note, his superior officer was a pudgy man who had only been handed the position due to his relation to the head of police in the city council and had no actual experience or skill in police work.

Yup, nepotism in action.

“Yesterday a young couple was found dead in the Downer district. I’m assigning 2 of you to look into it, but don’t worry about trying to hard to solve it.”

The pudgy superior gave a nasty smirk as he handed the two their case files.

“We don’t have time to look into every random stray that dies down there. Just give a quick scan using your forensic scanners and do a quick once over to make it look good. You can send the data to the archives afterwards.”

The detective grimaced at this blatant disregard for their duty.

“You got something to say, Dandy?!”

He sneered at the detective and handed him his assignment. Traffic duty. Again.

“…no sir.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Smith leaves the room and heads to the streets, unwittingly heading towards a fateful encounter.