Chapter 3:

Intermission-The Detective part 1

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

Detective Smith Lance’s daily routine starts early. 

He opens his eyes and stares at the blank ceiling. His arm reaches for something next to him, perhaps out of instinct, but grasps at nothing but empty air. He rolls to the side and glances at the empty side of his bed for an instant, but then sits upright.

“Time to wake up…”

He slides out of bed and heads for the living room/kitchen of his apartment. The detective’s living space consisted of two adjoining rooms and a living room and kitchen, with 2 bathrooms located near the entrance and in his bedroom. The walls were a bright grey color and the floor was made of artificial wood, created by the same process as artificial paper. The living room had a large table over a medium sized rug, and 3 chairs surrounding it. The kitchen, which was in the same room, was separated by a long black countertop. The only décor in the entire space was a potted plant on the table across from the large window, which had its shutters shut so tight, no light came through. All and all, his apartment was a pretty high-end place. The only reason why Smith could even afford to rent the place was due to the double homicide that had taken place there. Long story short, a housewife had confronted her cheating husband and his partner in that very room.

It didn’t end well.

Anyways, as a detective, he had easy access to that information and leveraged it to coerce the landlord to give him a super cheap price.

At 6:00 A.M, he starts the coffee fabricator. As the the coffee is being materialized out of pseudo coffee paste, he heads to his bathroom. The displays on his bathroom mirror light up as he stands in front of it.

“You’re looking great today sir.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The detective replies to the virtual A.I and takes a good look at himself. He is a slightly older man, perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties with a surprisingly muscular build. He turns on the faucet, wets his hands, and slicks back his sleek long blonde hair. He then carefully trims and styles his bearded face. After he’s satisfied with the results, he turns his attention to his left arm and leg. They are robotic prosthetics that give off a slight glossy shine to them, but otherwise look completely normal. He grabs a nearby towel and starts wiping them off carefully, making sure not to damage the advanced internal circuitry.

“That should be good enough.”

He puts away the towel and heads to the kitchen.


The coffee is ready. He pours it into a small mug and moves to the window.

“Open blinds.”

The blinds on the window fade away to reveal the majestic and chaotic sight of the cityscape. He can see people walking across the lower levels below him, bright neon signs and holographic ads blaring, and the flying vehicles passing by in the distance. He stared at the massive tower in the distance. 

The tower was larger than all the other buildings around it and seemed to extend beyond the eternally cloudy skyline. This tower was the centerpiece of the city and was home to all the broadcasting stations and news outlets in Necropolis. It was also the headquarters of the city council that controlled the entire city. It was a bit shady, but since they controlled the information industry no one ever questioned why they needed to base their headquarters there in the first place.

“Ah, I’ll never get tired of this view.”

After taking in the sights, and finishing his morning coffee, he headed back to his bedroom. He opened his closet and selected his outfit for the day. He was quite a stylish man and he often liked to wear clothes that wouldn’t usually be expected for a detective. The outfit he liked and wore the most was a fancy tailored gray-white suit. He put on the suit and looked in his closet mirror. The suit was a custom tailored outfit that came with a set of white dress pants and black shoes. He then picked out a black tie that he wore with it.

“Looking good.”

Satisfied with his attire, he then carefully took out a small box from underneath him. Inside the box was a set of expensive looking watches. He picked out the one he liked and wore it on his wrist.

At 7:00 A.M. the detective leaves his apartment and heads toward the streets.