Chapter 1:

Team Assemble!

Takahashi Basketball

"OUT THE WAY!" (As this was said, a fairly large man flew through the air and dunked a basketball on a basketball court in a park.)

???: "You guys are way too damn slow to keep up with me" (They shouted his out as he crossed up 6 different people and made a perfect 3 pointer.) "What's the matter quitting already you cowards?" (As he said this they all started to walk away)

???: "You really need to quit doing that Riki, you're going to get yourself in trouble and beaten one day."

Riki: "Sorry Sumiko, I can't help it. Scoring on all these losers gets me pumped and excited, Its a good start to a workout."

???: "Hey Riki, Sumiko where have you guys been, I've been waiting forever, school is about to start we only got 10 minutes to get there."

"YOU CHOOSE NOW TO TELL US THAT REY? WE NEED TO HURRY UP." (They all start running as the clock ticks down and only make it with 5 seconds late.)

"Excuse me Mr. Takahashi, You are late again. I warned you about this, I'm going to have to take you off the basketball team."

"WHAAAAT?!?!? NO MR KISHIMOTO YOU CAN'T DO THAT PLEASE!" (Riki said this while jumping around him and begging with his hands together.) "ALL MY FRIENDS PLAY ON THAT"

"Fine, I'll give you one more chance Mr. Takahashi, Next time you don't make it on time its a suspension!"

"Thank you, Mr. Kishimoto." (Riki said this with tears in his eyes.)

(Rey was rolling around on the ground while laughing at Riki) "Pipe it down Rey before I hang you from the flagpole by your underwear again."

A few hours pass

(In the middle of the game, the opposing coach is cocky and Riki's coach calls him over) "Propose to them." (Riki heard this with a smile)

(Riki gets the ball and runs full court, jumping from half court and slamming it, pulling off the hoop as he runs and slides on his knees and is on one knee to the opposing coach.)

"Will you marry me?" (Riki says this with a grin as the coach gets angry and storms off calling a timeout.)

Sumiko: "Woooooo lets go Hokori! Fight fight fight! Defeat them!"

(After winning their game 140-30, the team goes out to celebrate at a pizza shop, where they try out a challenge.)

Riki: "Eat 20 pizzas and get all of it for free?" (They all grinned as they walked in and accepted the challenge.)

A few minutes later

Rey: "I'm tapping out, I can't eat a single bite." (The entire team taps out as they have only eaten 6 pizzas.) "Cowards, give me the rest of the pizza and ill do this myself." (Riki then devours the entirety of 14 whole pizzas as Sumiko shakes her head in disappointment.)

(They all dragged out Riki as he cannot walk from the amount of food, that he has eaten.)

Coach: "I'm proud of you guys, you all did great today and put your soul and hearts into your first game, it will only get harder from this point on, are we all staying motivated and ready to win more."

Entire team: "OF COURSE COACH!"

(Riki mumbles as he sleeps off the food he ate at his home as he wakes up the next morning and starts working out.)

Riki: "I should see if Rey and the guys want to hang out and do something today, I'm kind of bored and it's a Saturday." (A few hours later him and the entire team meet up to go bowling and to an arcade, when they get interrupted and challenged to a streetball game and they accept.)

Riki thinking: (Our team is pretty good, we have the greatest players in our school in every position.)

Hokori basketball team:
Captain Kenji: 100 Handles|60 Shooting| 40 misc.| Point guard
Sana: 100 assist|70 shooting|20 misc.| Small forward
Riki: 100 Defense|30 shooting|60 post/vertical|Center
Rey: 100 shooting| 100 passing| 40 misc| shooting guard
Benjiro: 100 Stamina|40 Assist| 80 misc.|Power foward

(After their workout and street ball game as they are all walking home, they come across some thugs bothering a girl that goes to their school, and it pisses off Riki, but Rey stops him and approached the thugs instead.)

(Rey towers over the thugs as he stands behind them.) "What seems to be the problem here?"

Thug 1: "Hey pal, mind your own damn business, you're gonna get yourself hurt if you don't."

Thug 2: "Yeah get the hell out of here before we cut you." (He said this as he pulled out a knife and aimed it at Rey.)

(Rey's grin turned to a frown and angry look very quickly, as he got in the face of the one with the knife.) "No hard feelings." (he grabs the head of the thug and slams it into his knee breaking his nose as he drops the knife and stumbles back.)

Thug 2: "DAMN IT, HE BROKE MY NOSE, GET HIM BRO!" (The other thug went for the knife as he said this.)

Rey: "I don't think so." (Rey stomped on the hand of the thug and kicked the knife into his leg as he fell, and him and the other thug ran off leaving them.) "Are you hurt in anyway?"

???: "No thanks to you." (The girl said while blushing, she gave Rey her number and walked away as Rey casually walked back to his friends and they all laughed at him trying to be cool.)

Rey: "Hey shut it, I wasn't trying to get her number, I was just trying to help her." (He said this as they all started to walk again.)

(They next day, Riki got up and instead of working out that day, he decided to lay around and be lazy.)

Rey: "Are you being lazy again?" (Riki slowly looked over at his window and fell out of his chair headfirst as his snacks flew everywhere.)


Rey: "I just climbed up here, can't you do that?"

Riki: "No, not everyone is a monkey like you, you could of just knocked on the front door, you're like family, my mom would let you in."

(They hear a commotion outside and see a big thug wearing a special gang uniform mugging businessmen, Riki leaped out his window pissed off.)

"Hey, you need to give them back their stuff before I make you." (The thug expected to turn and see someone his size and turned and saw someone's stomach and looked up.) "Do you know who I am, I am the Commander of the Rising Dragon Gang."

Riki: "I don't give a damn who you are." (They commander then threw a surprise attack and Riki caught his kick and swung him around by his ankle like a sack of potatoes and slammed him.)

Riki: "Thats it" (He slammed him down and leaped up with a flying leg drop as he then gets on top of him and beats his head into the pavement, making the thug bleed a lot out of his head.) "Here is your stuff back sirs." (The businessmen grabbed their stuff and ran in fear as the police showed up and detained Riki.)

(Riki was sleeping in the holding cell as the officer walked in and banged his baton on the bars waking him up.) "You're free to go Takahashi, we have no proof against you doing the beating, you were bailed out."

Riki: "Who bailed me out?" (Rey then walked in and waved as Riki walked out and they did their secret handshake.)

???: (The person grins as he sinks a basket.) "Do you remember those losers Riki and Rey from Junior High?"

???: "Of course, they were always on the bench, coach never even gave them a chance, What about them?"

???: "Well, we are facing them two games from now." (He said this with an excited and maniacal laugh.)

Somewhere else

Riki: "Hey Rey you want to go grab a bite to eat and watch a movie?" (He said this as he lay on the ground outside.)

Rey: "sure why not, I'm pretty bored."

(As they got up and were walking, they came across an outdoor basketball court where a shorter guy was practicing, they stopped to watch him.)

Rey: "Hes not bad, we should ask him if he goes to our school or not." (As Rey said this a group of bigger guys came onto the court.)

Bully: "Get off the court short stack, this is our court, and we have to practice for our up coming game." (As the bully said this, him and his friends surrounded the kid and pushed him against a fence about to beat him up.)

Rey: "Don't even think about it Riki, its none of our busine-" (As he said this, he noticed Riki was already on the court with a pissed off look.)

Riki under his breath: "Bastards....."(He walked up behind them and grabbed them on the shoulder.)

Bully: "Who do you think you are? (The bully turns as he looks up.) "....WHAT DO THEY FEED YOU, YOU'RE A GIANT."

Riki: "I don't tolerate you bullying people." (He proceeds to beat up all the bullies as they run with their tails between their legs.) "Are you alright?"

???: "I'm just fine thanks to you." (He put a handout to Riki.) "The name is Gideon Lavine, I am a transfer from America, we go to the same school It would appear that we will be playing basketball together."

(As they speak, all three of them go out to eat and get to know each other and eventually getting along very well.)


Takahashi Basketball