Chapter 3:

A New Start (Part Deux)

Bleeding Gold (For You)


Bogart drops Kaji off at a shady looking Bed & Breakfast. Kaji takes out his bags from the car and says “Thank you for driving-“ And… Bogart drove off before he could finish his sentence.

“I hope that this is not a trap... I don’t know what to think. Somehow this trip made me overthink every move and every step I have taken in my life so far. Sometimes we still feel like the bad guys.. but I know we are not.” Kaji thinks deeply and stares off into the sky, where the sun sets slowly into the end of the canal.

“You are late.” Says a raspy voice coming from behind. Kaji gets startled and turns around “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He says. In front of Kaji stands a very bald and very muscular man. “Are you perhaps… Agent 46?” Kaji bursts out laughing and drops his baggage on the pavement.

The Bed & Breakfast looks like an old building. It is very narrow in comparison to the buildings in France. Many buildings in Amsterdam look like this specifically. Small terraced houses stuck to each other.

“That’s a good one, but no.” The muscular man smirks “My name is Peter.”

Kaji stops laughing in shock “I’m sorry again! I thought you would not know how to speak French… honestly”

“Don’t worry, I know you’ve had a long drive, come on in. I have lived in France for most of my life, by the way. Don’t underestimate Dutch people’s language skills; they learn French in school.”

Kaji follows Peter and enters the Bed & Breakfast. “This is the Dutch headquarters of the Brigade now. Sir Jean-Peter, my father, head of the Dux district in France, gave me the keys to the Bed & Breakfast. Before this i was a distributer of auction products.”

They made their way into the living room, where a group of people were sitting in a circle. Peter grabs Kaji a chair and forces him to sit down.

“I told you, you were late. The first plunder is happening tomorrow. Everything has already been talked-over with our inside-man. At 17:00 the museum-guides punch out their clocks and will go to their respective changing-rooms. Then our hacker-specialists who managed to get a job in IT there, will work their magic. The emergency alarms will be shut down for approximately 10 minutes and that's what we need you and some other guys for. You guys are quick, and should be going to work even faster. Grab the paintings and walk out the back-door into my cargo-truck.”

Kaji rubs his hands together and frowns “But what about security?”

One man sitting on the couch next to him laughs loudly “Diversion, my friend. We will all gain access via the IT-room into the building which is on the other side of the workers changing rooms. Day security clocks out at 17:04 and Night security clocks in at 17:06. The changing rooms need a workers-pass; everything is electronic. We will override the door so that nobody can get in- or outside the changing rooms.”

“Hmm…” Kaji says “Alright. A La Crypte!”
“A LA CRYPTE” Everyone responds in unison