Chapter 4:

A Robbing of History

Bleeding Gold (For You)


Kaji woke up late. His twisting and turning kept him from sleeping properly. He never really adjusts quickly to new places. It was almost the same as when he traveled to France for the first time. When Kaji was still in Japan, he was recruited as a high-schooler during the G.O.P testing period by a French distribution center. This warehouse would distribute and store luxurious products like porcelain dressers, handmade wicker chairs, mirrors decorated with diamonds, and more unnecessary luxury products that were unavailable to the general public.

When he left Japan to work for one of those warehouses he was also met with terrible nervousness during his first week of stay. His new bed felt too uncomfortable, even the air he was breathing in would be too dry and give him a sore throat. This bed in Amsterdam feels the same to him; Just a piece of wood that hurt his back.

Kaji decides to get some food from a nearby supermarket. Walking inside he gets overwhelmed by the number of people there. He was just so lost in his thoughts walking there that he never realized that the supermarket may be busy during after-school hours. Groups of teenagers are lining up with their snacks and fizzy drinks, chatting loudly.


Kaji proceeds to walk to the bakery section of the store, eye-balling the last baguette with tomato sauce, paprika, red onion, mozzarella, and basil. Quickly he snatched the snack from the shelf, scared that one of the teenagers would try to steal it from him. On his way to the self-checkout, he grabs a bottle of sparkling water.

He steps out of the store and sighs “There are so many things that went by so quickly that I never really stopped to think. Maybe I should find a place to sit and relax before it’s time to work..”

Kaji whispers to himself while looking at the sky. It was bright, with a couple of white clouds here and there; a good day to be outside. Kaji turns and sees trees and a bit of grass across the street, followed by a path leading into some sort of park. “Hmm... Good” Kaji says to himself.

After a short, while he finds a wooden park bench, that looks out on a small lake. There were ducks quacking and eating old pieces of bread that an elderly man has been sprinkling on the grass.