Chapter 1:

New Day New Beginning

I became roommates with my high school crush

It early was an early Sunday morning. I decided to take a small nap because it my first day off in forever. I get comfy on the couch and start to doze off.Bookmark here

“Hey hiroto. Why you just hanging around the roof by yourself”Bookmark here

a strange but familiar voice spoke out. I start to thinkBookmark here

“… am…am I in a dream?”Bookmark here

I look over and notice my high school crush we are back at our old high school.Bookmark here

“Oh, wait I remember this day.” Bookmark here

I extend my arm over to her and with passion all I say is Bookmark here

“Aiko!”Bookmark here

she looks at me blushing as if she already knows what I’m going to say. I muster all the courage I have. I can’t believe even in a dream I stress as much as I am.Bookmark here

“Aiko will you….” Bookmark here

My phone starts to ring, and I wake up.Bookmark here

“Ugggggghh who would ruin my dream like that.”Bookmark here

I grab my phone and see it my landlord.Bookmark here

“Hello.” Bookmark here

I said in a quiet and soft voice. In harsh and raspy tone my landlord says, Bookmark here

“Hey Takahashi-kun you know your lease is almost up?” Bookmark here

I’m tired of being pushed around by him so all I answer isBookmark here

“Ya so?” Bookmark here

angrily he replies withBookmark here

“What do you mean ya so I want you to make sure you either get out by next week or pay up the 320,000 yen!!”Bookmark here

“Fine ill make sure I’m out by next week now stop bothering me I’m trying to relax!!!”Bookmark here

I answer hanging up the call before he could reply. This has been all month of January for me Hiroto Takahashi. I graduated over a year ago from Tokyo university and ended up becoming a salaryman for a marketing firm. I came to live in this high-end apartment complects but the landlord decided that he wanted to get higher paying tenets driving away the one who couldn’t pay the outrages price.Bookmark here

“I swear he is just a pain in my...”Bookmark here

I said hearing my phone ring again. I pick it up with anger. Bookmark here

“I said I’ll have my stuff out of here by next week”Bookmark here

I screamed at the top of my voice and hung up. I get another call and still angry I pick up and sayBookmark here

“If you want me out that bad how about you come down here and…” Bookmark here

before I could finish my thought that when I hear it. The most angelic voice I ever heard one I haven’t heard since high school but could clearly remember.Bookmark here

“Ummm… I don’t know why you are getting all your stuff out but I can help you get them somewhere else senpai.”Bookmark here

It was her Aiko Sato. I couldn’t believe it we stayed in communication after I graduated high school and went to college but we haven’t talk on the phone in four years. Bookmark here

“Sato-chan have you been?”Bookmark here

I said with a shaky voice and some regret from what I said.Bookmark here

“I’m fine but from the sounds of it you aren’t doing well senpai.”Bookmark here

She said in a disappointed tone. She stays quiet as if she is waiting for some sob story of why I’m getting my stuff out. Bookmark here

“I swear I’m not with girl just my landlord has been all on me to get out because my lease is up and he knows I can’t afford the rent” Bookmark here

I say defeated and tired. She just starts to laugh and says,Bookmark here

“Is that all hahaha for one do you still not have any luck with the ladies senpai and two even if you did have a girlfriend why would it matter!” Bookmark here

still laughing I tell herBookmark here

“Well, is that all you wanted to tease your senpai again after all these years”Bookmark here

I say trying to sound confident. She stops laughing and just says in a serious but shy toneBookmark here

“No actually I got a job at this perfume company called sweet lure and I had to move to Tokyo I was wonder if you wanted to go on a date with me and show me around.” Bookmark here

Surprised and shocked on the request I just simple say Bookmark here

“Yes of course that sounds great!” Bookmark here

she perks right back up saysBookmark here

“Alright then it’s a date meet me at ikebukuro station at 6pm tomorrow bye bye!” Bookmark here

she hung up before I could answer anything. The girl I fell in love in high school is going on a date with me that beyond fantastic. I feel as this is all a dream come true and just then I relies one thing Bookmark here

“I don’t have a outfit for the date.”Bookmark here

The worst of it even if I did, I have no sense of fashion. So, I grab my phone and call a friend from college. Its ringing and she picks upBookmark here

“Hello?”Bookmark here

she said with a sleepy voice. Bookmark here

“Hana are you still sleeping?!”Bookmark here

I said confused. Still sleepy she reply’sBookmark here

“Ya so what can’t I just sleep a bit longer?”Bookmark here

I tell her in the kindest voice I canBookmark here

“Its 10:37am that’s not a little!” Bookmark here

Hana is a friend from college even though she went to the literature department and I was in marketing our friend had a mixer and we kind clicked as friends from there. She became a famous novelist she even is getting a anime adaptation in fall of this year. But she has always been a on the lazy side of stuff but she has a great sense of style and what works or not. I start to ask her if it is possible to come over and help me choose a outfit for my first date. She starts to laugh and over the phone she just saysBookmark here

“of course, I can help you ill met you at your place tonight at 7pm. Just please don’t wear what you wore the night of the mixer. Unless you want someone to mistake you as a clown.”Bookmark here

I get ready to tell her I was that much of a train wreak but she hangs up before that. Bookmark here

“I wonder why every girl hangs up on me even before I can say anything.” Bookmark here

I say beyond defeated look at my closet.Bookmark here

“I guess I’ll do as told and wait for her to come by” Bookmark here

defeated I look around my apartment and just sigh because I know I must start packing. Luckily, it’s not a lot but at least it will kill time until Hana comes by.Bookmark here

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