Chapter 0:

The New Instructor

Plane Wars

In a large white room, there was a round wooden table with cups of drinks on top of it. There was 12 people sitting around this table and were going to talking about a topic that has been discussed nearly around 7 times now.Bookmark here

"So who shall we appoint as instructor?"Bookmark here

Said the general in a very cold voice.Bookmark here

He wasn't very happy with the situation as it took free time off him. It was a problem which should've not been discussed in the first place but the people within the 47th sector were quite irresponsible which then had led to this feud.Bookmark here

"Sir do we have to do this? It's a waste of time anyway, those kids are not worth our time."Bookmark here

Said by one of the lieutenant. His name was Mike. Mike was a rather lazy guy who always slept during day and would not even bother to do anything. Some were surprised by how he managed to get the rank of lieutenant.Bookmark here

"Shut up Mike, This is why you get no girls."Bookmark here

Rather cold but was very true to an extent.Bookmark here

"Major do you have any reports?"Bookmark here

The major was a girl and was named Liza. She was the polar opposite of Mike. Like literally. She was woman, she was not lazy and was rather cute to an extent. she was still aged 21, rather young but had the major rank rather impressive.Bookmark here

The general look at the reports but was rather unpleased with the outcome.Bookmark here

"These bums, they look like they just came out of the sewers, like look at this, he's wrinkly and is aged...."Bookmark here

Liza then quickly ran to the General and swiped the documents.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for my Lack of hard work"Bookmark here

she then thought to herself and remembered.Bookmark here

He was age 70.Bookmark here

Liza was a weird species she was smart but was dumb and lack common sense. This is why she was rather unsuitable for report-like task.Bookmark here

It was then a boy who looked around 19 but was 28 and had brown hair put up his hand to ask a question.Bookmark here

"What is it Aymeric?"Bookmark here

Aymeric was a very narcissistic guy. He always overrated himself and made big deals out of small things. However, when it came to these type of things, he never disappointed.Bookmark here

"How about this guy?"Bookmark here

He then slid a thin piece of a4 paper across the table to the General.Bookmark here

"Who is he?"Bookmark here

"Former ace of the Osaka Royal Airs."Bookmark here

"He is age 18, so why would I bother appointing him then?"Bookmark here

"He is a rather responsible guy you know."Bookmark here

"What is your relationship with him Aymeric?"Bookmark here

"I'm like his elder and we live in the same area."Bookmark here

"Sounds rather biased I will not all-"Bookmark here

"Then there's no one let those kids cripple themselves and end up as people with failed potential."Bookmark here

The General crushed his teeth together so tightly that his teeth were sinking ever so deep into his gums.Bookmark here

"How hard can you vouch for this kid?"Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

With the rather confusing answer the general stood up from his seat and pointed at him with a furious tone.Bookmark here


Aymeric just stood there leg crossed on the table, seemingly happy with himself as he just triggered the general, once again.Bookmark here

"Shhh."Bookmark here

"I really can't be bothered hire him if you want. If these kids can't even accept him its a lost endeavor."Bookmark here

"Sure thing."Bookmark here

Lionel Clarke. The former ace. The former pilot. He would be the one taking over the 47th sector. He would be the instructor and this time not the pilot...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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Plane Wars

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