Chapter 1:

Upon the Earth

Testamentum Novum

Liam awoke, lying face down on the ground in a place he did not know. Raising his head, he looked around and saw trees, grass, benches and a river. Why he was here, he also didn't know. All he knew, was that moments before, he was in Heaven, living a peaceful afterlife.Bookmark here

Liam sat up and looked down at his hands. They looked like normal flesh. Though, they had a soft, wispy outline, which told him that he was still a soul with no host body. He needed to find one, and fast.Bookmark here

The lore goes, if a soul is beyond Heaven's Gates, then they need a vessel. A host body. If they don't have one after 24 hours, they fade out of existence. Many believe that you are sent to Hell.Bookmark here

"Dammit." Liam cursed softly as he stood. "How am I going to find a vessel if I've got no idea where I am?"Bookmark here

Looking around once again, he saw an opening in the trees. A path! He took his chances and quickly walked towards it.Bookmark here

Following it all the way, he eventually came to a park. A very populated park. Children were running around everywhere and playing on the equipment, with parents watching and laughing.Bookmark here

"Perfect!" Liam cheered quietly. "Now, I must pick a host. If I remember right, the body must be of similar age and height as me. Easy." Picking out a body, he started to move towards his target.Bookmark here

The boy had dark brown hair and turquoise eyes. He was in a school uniform, black pants, white top and a blazer. He was sitting alone and listening to music. The world around him barely existed.Bookmark here

Liam walked up and sat down next to the boy. He would've taken the body by force, but it is required to any being from Heaven must have permission to take control of a vessel. He gave the boy a tap on the shoulder.Bookmark here

"Hey, my name's Liam. What's yours?" He asked when the boy looked at him in surprise.Bookmark here

"M-My name is Nathan. Nathan Gallagher." The boy said. "Can... Can I help you?"Bookmark here

"You can, but whether you want to is a different matter." Liam nodded. "You see, I'm what you would call a 'lost soul'. Cast out of Heaven by the armies of Lucifer after they killed the big man upstairs. The lore goes that if I don't find a vessel in 24 hours, I'll be sent to Hell. I'm wondering if you'd like to be my vessel?"Bookmark here

Nathan stared the Liam and then started to laugh. Liam rolled his eyes.Bookmark here

"You are quite the story teller, Liam." Nathan sighed happily. "Maybe you should consider writing a book if you haven't already."Bookmark here

"Let me demonstrate something to you that may change your mind." Liam sighed. He reached his hand out to Nathan and placed his hand on his shoulder, only it never planted there, it went straight through.Bookmark here

"Allow me to repeat. My name is Liam Stevens. I'm 18 years old and I died in a fire almost 8 years ago in California."Bookmark here

"What the fuck?" Nathan whispered. "Y-You were telling the truth?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"I-I can't-"Bookmark here

"If it makes you feel better, I can help you with your little friend situation." Liam offered, cutting Nathan off. "Of course, I can only help you if you accept to be my vessel." Nathan's eyes told Liam he was considering the offer.Bookmark here

"All I have to do is say 'yes'?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"But, what will happen to me?"Bookmark here

"You'll be alive and well, so long as your body receives no fatal wounds. You'll be able to talk and think freely, and if you want, I can even let you take control of the body every now and again." Liam was now standing up, waiting for Nathan's response.Bookmark here

"Yes." Nathan nodded. Liam watched as he stood up and reached out his hand. Nathan reached for it.Bookmark here

"Thank you, Nathan." Liam smiled. "You'll black out for a second, but don't panic." Nathan nodded, and Liam entered.Bookmark here

******************Bookmark here

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