Chapter 2:


Testamentum Novum

Comfortably within his new vessel, Liam was re-adjusting to his life on Earth. Walking around New York instead of flying around Heaven, talking to people who had less knowledge of pretty much everything, and, probably the most annoying thing, preachers. Preachers preaching about matters they don't understand. Each one he passed would say something like, 'The Good Lord is watching over and protecting us all!' or 'Believe in God, and live without fear and doubt!'

"Bastards." Liam cursed. "How dare they speak of things that aren't true. God gave up on humanity years ago. He was too caught up in his stupid war."

"Your memories seem to be synced with mine. At one point, I would've disagreed, but after seeing... or better yet, remembering, everything, I agree with you." Nathan said from the back of his mind. "He seemed so... distant from everything. Even the Archangels."

"The Archangels caused nothing but trouble for us souls." Liam sneered. "Gabriel and Michael especially. the Arch-Pranksters we called them."

"I saw that." Nathan said.

"Raphael was a little better, but not by much."

As he continued walking, Liam was listening to Nathan telling his life story. Where he grew up and where he went to school on Rhode Island, where he had his first date and kiss. All the nitty-gritty details about his life that Liam was only very vaguely interested in.

Nathan was in the middle of telling Liam about the time he nearly drowned when Liam stopped.

"Hold that thought." Liam said.

"Why?" Nathan asked.

"Because I can feel another soul. I can't quite tell who it is, though." Liam explained. "I have to pinpoint their location and head there immediately."

"Is there anyway I can help?" Nathan asked hopefully.

"Keeping quiet so I can concentrate would be a fantastic start." Liam grunted. "This requires a large amount of concentration and patience."

"Oh... okay." Nathan said quietly.

Closing his eyes, Liam singled out the beacon of the new soul. It seemed to be close by, and thankfully not moving. He hoped whoever it was had picked up on him and was trying to find him as well.

"Three blocks south." Liam whispered. "That's where they are."

"Wall Street." Nathan said. "They're on Wall Street."

"The street with the banks?"


"Then to Wall Street it is." Liam nodded. "You may have to be my guide."

"That's fine by me."


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