Chapter 1:

An Honest Wish

A Wish Left Behind in this Forsaken World

A place where everything exists and at the same time there’s nothing. Ayumu was dreaming once again, seeing the same dream that has appeared in his nights countless times before. He was walking around the place he wouldn't be able to describe after waking up, but in the middle of this ephemeral place was a girl.

It felt like the wind was blowing, carrying cherry petals with it. In that place that would be lost from his memory, Ayumu would always go towards the girl and when he got very close to her, she smiled and said those words again.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

The alarm clock went off, waking up Ayumu who turned it off immediately. It was time to get ready for school. Spring had arrived, bringing with it Ayumu's second year of high school and today was the first day.

As Ayumu was getting ready to go to school, a person speaking on a TV show was the only voice filling the house, but the only one who could’ve been listening to it didn't pay any attention and little to no information was actually captured by his mind.

“Today will be sunny with a few clouds in the sky, a beautiful day of spring!”

When he was ready to leave, Ayumu stopped in front of a photograph that was on a shelf in the living room and offered a prayer. In that photo was him as a child with his late parents. The photo wasn't the best one, it was very off-centered but it was the last picture they took together.

“I’m going now.”

Although he lived alone, Ayumu had a habit of saying those words every time he went out.

The school wasn’t close to his home, so a short walk to the station was necessary. Still, having to walk wasn't bad with the great spring weather.

I need to make sure this year will be good!

Ayumu was thinking while inside the train.

I need to get more involved with the school life, I need to have more initiative!

Too quiet, that was the definition of his life. Middle school passed without Ayumu doing much, with him always trying not to get involved with anything, always closed off in his own world. Thinking he would regret this one day, he tried to change during his first year of high school without much success.

This year will be different!

Before long, Ayumu had arrived at school. The cherry trees were in full bloom and they welcomed the students.

Let’s go, Ayumu! You can do it!

Even with those words of encouragement to himself, nothing was different. Ayumu had quickly greeted just a couple of classmates when class started.

“You’ll all be pretty busy studying next year, so make sure to enjoy this second year!”

Even the teacher was encouraging him to make the most of his school life, but in the end, Ayumu was having lunch alone in the schoolyard.

And then, the first day of school was over. And because he wasn’t a member of a club, Ayumu returned to his home.

He had failed.

Incense burned while Ayumu said his morning prayer. It was another beautiful day and he was determined to make something different today.

I can't give up, everything will be fine today!

Ayumu was back at school, it was another chance to start over. Spring just started, he still had time to change.

But the day passed quickly and again Ayumu was returning home with a depressed look in his face.

“When did I close myself like this?”

There was no one to answer him as he made his way to the train station.

“Today we need to choose the class rep.”

The teacher had announced, but Ayumu wasn’t interested in that and he continued to look to the sky outside.

This is completely out of my reach.

And another day passed without any sign of change.

“Ayumu, are you watching that new mystery anime?”

A classmate asked.

“Oh, I'm. It seems interesting.”

“It's really interesting!”

Another classmate who was near them joined the conversation.

It wasn't like everyone hated Ayumu, it wasn't like he was ignored by everyone. He would just not take the initiative to do anything, not even to start a conversation. Because of that, Ayumu didn't really have any friends, just classmates.

And with that, he could only watch the world pass by.

“I’m going now.”

Another day of spring, another failure.

The weekend came and went.

It's the second week and I haven't done anything yet…

Was the tragic death of his parents that had made him close off like this?

“Ayumu, aren’t you going to join any club again?”

A teacher asked him in a hallway at school.

“I haven't decided yet...”

No, it's not that he hadn't made up his mind, he simply ignored the matter.

Another day came. Another day ended.

Nothing changed.

In the future, how would Ayumu remember his school days?

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

There would certainly be regrets. He knew that, but even so…

"Dad, mom. Why is it so hard for someone to change?”

Ayumu asked that question after his morning prayer.

It was already summer and nothing had changed from the year before.

And upon arriving at school, Ayumu didn't think in anything, not a single word of encouragement for himself. He had already given up.

As if reflecting his mood, the next day was dark, it could rain at any moment. But as if the world wanted to punish him, the rain waited until he was returning home from school to fall.

Ayumu took shelter at a bus stop.

“I’m so unlucky...”

The rain was pouring down and the city looked incredibly empty. But then something caught his attention.

“Huh? What's with that girl?"

On the corner across the street, a girl with a long black hair and wearing a black gothic dress was standing in the rain, looking in Ayumu's direction. Confused, he looked away to see if anyone else was around, but there was no one else. And when he returned his eyes towards the girl, she was no longer there.

"What was that? My imagination?”

The next day, it was still raining. And the day after too.

When Ayumu was getting used to those rainy days, the sun appeared with all its might. But not even the heat and the singing of the cicadas gave him any strength.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

If Ayumu could remember those words, would something be different?

The trees’ leaves were falling, announcing the arrival of a new fall season. The year was approaching its end and Ayumu was completely indifferent to it. So indifferent that when the snow started to fall after a couple of months, he didn't even care.

The year was lost. He still had his third year of high school, but it would be even harder to change anything. This stage of Ayumu's life was about to end and in the future he would remember these moments with sadness.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

Could he do something this spring? Something that would bring change?

This year has to be different!

But that day wasn’t. And not a single day of the next season neither.

During fall season, something strange happened, not like it was because Ayumu tried to do something. While waiting for a traffic light to change its color, he saw a girl in a black gothic dress across the street. But when the cars finally stopped, the girl had disappeared, leaving him confused.

Nothing much happened after that. And in the blink of an eye, winter arrived.

A place where everything exists and at the same time there’s nothing. The same dream that repeats itself from time to time. Who was that girl with such a gentle voice?

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

Maybe if those words weren't always lost, Ayumu could be truly happy.

“Today will be sunny with a few clouds in the sky, a beautiful day of spring!”

Ayumu finished his prayer and left the house.

“I’m going now.”

It was a new year, a new beginning. Ayumu was sure this time would be different. Filled with hope, he went to his destination.

The school's cherry trees were in full bloom, a beautiful welcome for the students.

Before entering the classroom, Ayumu took a deep breath.

This year will be different!

Ayumu went towards his desk and halfway, he greeted a boy.

“Good morning, Ryou.”

“Oh, Ayumu, good morning.”

“Excited for class?”

“Who would be excited for class?”

“You are right, but I hope we’ll have a good year.”

“I hope so too.”

“Okay, everyone to your seats.”

Said the teacher as he entered the classroom.

I did it! It was very fast, but I started a conversation!

Ayumu was really happy. It was just a small step, but the simple fact that he did something could mark the beginning of something bigger. The old Ayumu would stop on the “good morning”.

“You’ll all be pretty busy studying next year, so make sure to enjoy this second year!”

The teacher said and Ayumu received that message with a smile.

During lunch, Ayumu was invited by Ryou to have lunch together. And another classmate, Takashi, joined them. The year had started well indeed.

And at the end of that day, Ayumu was so pleased with himself that when he was inside the train while returning home, he didn't even notice the girl in a black dress watching him.

The second day of school is over. As Ayumu packed his things to leave, Ryou and Takashi approached him.

“Ayumu, we'll go with the rest of the class to the karaoke. Want to join us?”

Takashi made the invitation with a smile and Ayumu didn't even waste a moment to accept it.

"Sure! It’ll be fun!"

“So, let’s go!”

Ryou said smiling too.

This year would really be different. Ayumu had finally stopped avoiding the world around him and bonds of friendship began to strengthen.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

Ayumu was much happier than before. And during the summer of that year, he went with a large group of friends to a festival. There, while seeing the fireworks, he was being watched from afar by the mysterious girl in the black dress.

And the days continued to pass.

Christmas was approaching and Ayumu's class would have a party the day before.

"You're going to the party, right, Ayumu?"

Ryou asked his friend the day before the party while they had lunch in the schoolyard.

"Of course! This is an opportunity I would never miss.”

Ayumu was really looking forward to the party. He was so anxious that that night he had trouble falling asleep.

It was hard, but I finally had a good year at school…

That was his last thought before his mind went blank.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

Ayumu was excited that morning. For some reason, he had a feeling that something good was about to happen.

As he prepared to go to school, a reporter spoke on a TV show.

“Today will be sunny with a few clouds in the sky, a beautiful day of spring!”

It was indeed a beautiful day and a pleasant weather enveloped Ayumu as he left his home. And as he walked towards the station, he had a strange feeling.

What is this? Is this…

Ayumu turned around and behind him, watching from afar, was a girl in a black dress.


Ayumu started to walk again, but after a few steps, he turned around again and the girl wasn’t there anymore.

Was it my imagination?

With that doubt in his mind, he went to school.

Perhaps because of the strange excitement Ayumu felt early in the morning, he ended up arriving at school a bit early and the classroom was still a little empty. But after a few minutes, Ryou arrived and sat down next to Ayumu.

“Good morning, Ryou.”

“Oh, Ayumu, good morning.”

“Excited for class?”

“Who would be excited for class?”

“You are right, but I hope we’ll have a good year.”

“I hope so too.”

“Hey, are you member of a club?”

“Huh? Yes, the judo club. Why the question? Oh, you’re not in any club. If you’re interested, how about joining us?”

“To tell the truth, I was really thinking about joining a club, but maybe it's too late for a sports club."

“It’s not too late! The veterans would accept you with open arms!”

"Really? I'll think a bit before I make up my mind."

“After school, stop by the club to chat and see how it's like.”

Ayumu ended up not going to the club as Ryou suggested, but the next day, he filled out the form to become a member.

With a simple change of posture, Ayumu's life changed, creating several special moments that he would surely remember forever.

But there was something strange that occurred from time to time. Something that really let Ayumu confused. That spring season, he met the mysterious girl in the black dress twice. During summer, he saw her two more times. And during fall, four more times.

The girl was always looking at him, but she never said anything and she would always disappear quickly. It was impossible to approach her.

And on the first day of winter, as he returned home, he again had a strange feeling, unlike any other he ever had. It was already getting dark and he was all alone on the street, but the bad feeling wouldn't go away.

A few seconds or maybe minutes passed with him completely still. But in the end, he could do nothing but continue on his way home, never seeing that inhuman thing watching him.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”

“You’ll all be pretty busy studying next year, so make sure to enjoy this second year!”

When Ayumu was heading home that day, the girl in the black dress was at the train station, watching him. He tried to approach her, but someone walked in front of him and that brief moment was enough for her to disappear.

“Today we need to choose the class rep.”

Ayumu raised his hand without hesitation, but the previous year’s class rep also applied for the position and ended up being the one chosen for it. But in the end, Ayumu was quite pleased with himself as he went home that day.

The street looked deserted, but suddenly the girl in the black dress appeared right ahead of him.

Her again?

It was the second time this mysterious girl had appeared, but Ayumu had the strange feeling that he had seen her multiple times already.

Without taking his eyes off her, he approached and this time she didn't disappear. And looking at her closely, he could see how beautiful that girl was with her long straight black hair, sky blue eyes and snow white skin. She was short, so she had to look up to face him.

"Do we know each other?"

The question remained unanswered. With a smile on her face, the girl just kept staring at him.

“Huh... Do you want to ask me something?”

The silence continued, but a terrible feeling enveloped Ayumu. He turned around and behind him he saw it.

"What are you?!"

It wasn't human, but it looked like a girl. A completely exposed body as dark as the night sky, red eyes that looked like the eyes of a beast, long black hair, a small pair of horns on its head and long claws in its right hand. Demon, that was the word that came to Ayumu's mind.

The demon girl took a big leap and fell just a little behind the mysterious girl who had a terrified expression on her face.

It was the end. The demon raised its claw…

“No way in hell!”

In an instant, Ayumu stood in front of the girl and his heart was pierced. His life was coming to an end.

“I hope you’ll find happiness this time.”