Chapter 1:



The siren's shrilled past, with the ambulance speeding through the concrete night traffic which now paved a runway for it to run, as the thronged tailbacks heeded their consciousness to the emergency that latched, carried by the hospital wagon. For they could surmise their evident thoughts of - Bookmark here

 "A CALL FOR HELP".Bookmark here

The paramedic just landed herself out from an exigency, exhausted, she thought of wrapping up and call it a day even when her shift stipulated an hour for its death line, as the strenuous ritual of this fast-paced job was demanding her physique a deep slumber.
 She dialed to the person in next, it beeped for a while and ended, she tried the process twice but to no avail, the disappointment stinged her hard as she thought to herselfBookmark here

"I'm tired of this indolent bum"Bookmark here

SERIOUSLY! What in the Hell!, he promised me that he'd take over early today.Bookmark here

Does he expect me to cover his shift after this? "HELL NO!". This would be thrice in a week, it's time that I actually stop bartering ways with him.Bookmark here

As she sat on the chair, suffocating herself in that riling rumination with her eyes focused sharp at the fob watch on her hand which striked a sharp 22:12, the phone on the desk pealed, provoking her sense to present, she hastily picked it up and uttered Bookmark here

Hello, this is Maye morae, how can I help you?
The voice on the other side prompt out an expeditious reply, "Is there any paramedic in reach, there is an urgent situation to be heed".Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm a paramedic" Maye replied. May I know the gravitas of the circumstance?
The voice retorted from the other side, "There's a person stabbed in the abdomen and is bleeding excessively".Bookmark here

"Can you provide me the location?", Maye ripostedBookmark here

"Eno park, lone street, 5th cross", the person rejoindered.Bookmark here

Seek help from anyone nearby, we'll be right there.Bookmark here

With that said, she lunged for the jump bag, called up for EMT's at hand and set off.Bookmark here

That was 20 mins ago. Now, as she sat across the casualty, a young chap prolly in his twenties, head drenched in amalgam of blood and sweat, bedded motionless on the gurney with bag valve mask on support, her thoughts rested on the victim's wound, a deep puncture on the left abdomen nearly missing the spleens but rupturing the blood vessels and had eviscerated the bowels, if any seconds further, his life might have surrendered to the wounds as the aggressor lodged out the impaled object after the process leading it to bleed more profusely.Bookmark here

"This never ends", she thought to herself bone weary.Bookmark here

She then dressed the area with another layer of sterile moist cloth, and paddled her hands on to check his pulse and temperature as the ambulance roared its wheels through the highway, for the meagre interval of 2 km seemed interminable.Bookmark here

With each passing minutes, the imperilment sank its tooth deeper, alarming maye's sense for the imminent peril which now started protruding up to the surface, the man's pulse was slowly weakening, taking a big lapse in it's flow and even halting at times, Maye scurried and battered the small glass window, cueing the person at steering wheel to hit up knots.Bookmark here

As the vehicle bolted and snaked its way up to the hospital, the distant billboard exhibited an array of beauteous Cherry blossoms foretelling people about the warm embrace of spring's arrival.  Bookmark here

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