Chapter 5:

#Day 4 - Inside a GREEN Forest, We Went On A Sporty Adventure

A Week Like A Rainbow

Next day, I woke up at 9am in the morning. As I am also taking a break from school today, therefore I packed some food items and a diary, where I had written some tips for badminton coaching, in a bag and paddled my bicycle on the way to Sanjay Van.Bookmark here

Sanjay Van is basically a forest, which is also a very famous tourist spot and mainly famous for it's widely known horror rumours.Bookmark here

I reached there at around 10:15. She had not come yet. I waited for her. After waiting for around 15-20 minutes, she came.Bookmark here

- "Good morning, senior!"Bookmark here

- "Good morning."Bookmark here

- "Let's start our horror adventure."Bookmark here

- "More like a sporty adventure."Bookmark here

- "Yeah, you can also call it that. Let's move inside."Bookmark here

Then, we purchased our tickets and went inside Sanjay Van. There was a big map  near the entrance. We planned our tour according to that and decided to practice near the Peacock Hills. As we came on weekdays, so there were a very few people inside the place, mostly the workers.Bookmark here

We started walking. Slowly, we were starting to feel the mesmerizing beauty of the place. The chirping of birds, rays of sunshine from the space between the leaves of trees and the amazing greenery of the forest, everything felt like heaven.Bookmark here

I looked at her. Her eyes were shining with joy and the expression of her face has such a warmth, as if, she was living every moment like the last.Bookmark here

We came across a small lake. There were many swans swimming there. "Let's do some boating there.", she said. I couldn't refuse, as it seemed like the pure excellence of nature had spelled some kind of magic on me.Bookmark here

We boated there for about 10 minutes. To be honest, I enjoyed it. By looking into her face, i could bet that she was happy as well. Then, we started walking again and reached near the Peacock Hills.Bookmark here

Peacock Hills is nothing but a green park with some big rock on which, tourists can climb. Me and Aisha kept our bags near on of those rocks and took out all the necessary belongings like the racket, shuttlecock, mobile phones and my diary. She asked," What is there in that diary?".Bookmark here

- "Just some tips for your coaching."Bookmark here

- "Where did you gathered it from? The internet?Bookmark here

- "Yes, a bit from internet and a bit from the advices of Prakash sir."Bookmark here

- "You don't have to go that far for coaching me. You can just use your own experiences."Bookmark here

- "But, my experiences were of no use to me. I don't want to ruin your opportunity of winning the finals with those."Bookmark here

- "Then teach me however you like. But please don't use guides from internet. They are the worst!"Bookmark here

As she said, I closed my diary and put it inside my bag. We started practicing on, the way to perfectly serve a shuttlecock.Bookmark here

It seemed like she was a master at service, as expected. After the practice of serving the shuttlecock, my plan was to make her play some drop shots. But she had something in her mind.Bookmark here

- "Argh....I am feeling a little bored now here. Let's go more deep inside the actual forest and practice.Bookmark here

- "But don't you think it's risky?"Bookmark here

- "It will be great adventure. Perhaps, it's daytime, so nothing bad can happen, i guess."Bookmark here

- "What about wild animals?"Bookmark here

- "Let's go there and see. Come on, hurry up!"Bookmark here

She ran towards the deep forest. I hastily took our bags and belongings and ran before her. Bookmark here

There was such a happy and genuine smile on her face that, even though she broke rules, I liked it. It melted my heart, as if, she was an independent butterfly flying in her own way, without caring about anything else.Bookmark here

Suddenly she tripped and fell down on the path. I went to her tensely and asked, " Why were you running like that? Are you a child?!"Bookmark here

- "No, but I want to be. Wish I could go back to my childhood days..... Anyways, I think my legs are hurt, I can't stand up. Please help me!"Bookmark here

I tried to help her, but unsuccessful. Her legs were so deeply hurt that she couldn't even move them. I found myself standing there helplessly. To my surprise, she asked," Can you piggyback me?". I replied, "I can try, if you have no issue."Bookmark here

Then I carried her on my back went straight out of Sanjay Van, towards the area where I parked my cycle. I sat her on the back of the cycle and drove it towards a nearby hospital.Bookmark here

After the check-up, the doctor told, "She is absolutely fine now. I think she was hit with temporary paralysis when she fell down."Bookmark here

She came towards me and showed some leg exercises to prove that she was really cured. Then, we came out of the hospital and she rode on the back of my cycle while I was driving it.Bookmark here

On the way, she asked me, "Did you get afraid, Senior? Bookmark here

- "Well, yes. I was in the middle of a moderately deep forest with a girl who received a leg injury. But I am happy that you are fine now."Bookmark here

- "Did you thought that my legs can be gone forever and, I can never play badminton again?"Bookmark here

- "I do thought that the injury was severe and you may not be able to play the finals. I am glad I was wrong!"Bookmark here

- "Thanks for today, Senior. You took a good care of me. Thanks, a lot!"Bookmark here

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