Chapter 7:

#Day 6 - With An ORANGE Ribbon, She Bound Me With Herself

A Week Like A Rainbow

It's Sunday today. If it was any other sunday, i would've slept until 10 am atleast. But as they say "With great powers come great responsibilities",and now that I am Aisha's coach for the finals, I should be more responsible. Bookmark here

Therefore, I had to sacrifice my extra sleep. I woke up, looked through my phone and saw that she had texted me.Bookmark here

"Let's visit Adventure Island today. It will be fun!!"Bookmark here

Adventure Island is basically just an amusement park in New Delhi. I was shocked to see that a girl, who will be playing the Inter-School Women's Badminton Competition Final just the day after tomorrow, insisted about visiting an amusement park instead of practicing.Bookmark here

I immediately dialed her number and called her. Bookmark here

- "Hello senior, good morning."Bookmark here

- "Good morning. I just wanted to talk about your text message......."Bookmark here

- "Are you not gonna come there today?"Bookmark here

- "No, that's not it....but what about your practice?"Bookmark here

- "Prakash sir told that it is important to take a day off before the final match and enjoy. And I also got two free tickets of Adventure Island from my friends. That's why I told you to come with me there."Bookmark here

- "Oh, I see!"Bookmark here

- "Are you coming then? If you're coming, then meet me there at 10am. Ok bye, see you there."Bookmark here

Before I could say anything, she ended the call. I saw my watch. It was about 9am in the morning. I still had time. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower and came out.Bookmark here

Then I dressed, combed my hair, took all my accessories and went out.As usual, I took my cycle with me, to the park.Bookmark here

I reached there and saw her standing in front of the gate. I parked my bicycle nearby and went to her.Bookmark here

- "Is it okay to go there now? I think we are a bit early.Bookmark here

- "No, I think it is the perfect time to enter there. We can try more rides and enjoy more. Hurry Up! Let's go......Bookmark here

- "Watch out! Be careful! Your legs will get injured again! Don't run like that!"Bookmark here

- "Don't worry, senior. I am absolutely fine. Nothing will happen."Bookmark here

Saying this, she showed our tickets and rushed into the amusement park. It seemed like she was very excited for today. So was I. Bookmark here

I do not remember, when was the last time I came to an amusement park. So, without wasting any time, I headed in with her.Bookmark here

We tried many rides, like the Cyclone, Sky Riders etc. Though I didn't went on all of them, but she tried and enjoyed almost every rides.Bookmark here

I took some pictures of her enjoying the rides. There was such a warmth in her smile, it felt like that smile can relieve all the pains and frustrations of life. Bookmark here

We had lunch in Runaway 91, an aeroplane-shaped restaurant situated in the park. It was a completely different experience, since I never travelled in an aeroplane. Bookmark here

The dayout went great. At the end of the day, we saw the sunset together standing on a bridge near a replica of Eiffel Tower.Bookmark here

- "Thanks for today, senior. I really had the best time of my life today. Thanks a lot!"Bookmark here

- "Wait....are your crying?!"Bookmark here

- "Those are tears of happiness. Don't worry about them.Bookmark here

- "Really??!! You are that much happy today? Bookmark here

- "I can't describe how much happy I am today! It wouldn't have been so much fun if you hadn't come today with me......wait, I have something for you."Bookmark here

She searched her bag and took out an orange ribbon. Then she took my right hand and tied it round my wrist.Bookmark here

- "What is this?"Bookmark here

- "This is special kind of ribbon which I give to those friends whom I think as the best. It is a sign of friendship. It means a lot to me. I hope you can respect it's value, senior. After all, you are the first one to have it!"Bookmark here

I looked at her. Her face was towards the view of the sunset, eyes shining. This was the best anyone had said to me and probably, the best gift anyone had given to me till now. Tears of happiness came to my eyes.Bookmark here

Suddenly we heard some loud voices. I rubbed my eyes. I saw that two rich brats were having a fight with an old man. It seemed they were teasing him.Bookmark here

The very next moment, I saw Aisha on that spot, trying to stop the fight. I knew that something was going to happen to her. I ran towards her to protect her.Bookmark here

On the way, I collided with another person. I quickly got up, apologized him and tried to rush to the spot. To my surprise, the person grabbed the collar of my shirt and shouted, "What da mean by saying sorry??!!! Don't you know who I am?! Can't you see me, you bastard!!!!!"Bookmark here

I took a quick look at him. He looked as the same age as mine, probably a friend of those fighting with that old man.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I saw one of those rich brats slapped Aisha. I couldn't keep myself calm. It seemed like my blood was almost boiling! Bookmark here

I quickly rescued myself from his grab, went to that spot and due to that heat of the moment, I punched hard into the face of the one who slapped her.Bookmark here

Then, I quickly grabbed her hand and ran towards the exit. My cycle was parked nearby. I opened the lock, sat her behind and paddled as fast as possible!Bookmark here

I looked behind. They went in the direction of the parking lot, probably to get their car in order to chase us. I took some shortcuts in order to reach the police station faster and also to get away from their sight.Bookmark here

Gladly, I reached the police station on time. The police inspector knew me well, he came to see my badminton matches many times in my locality. He was a bit surprised to see me. We told him about our problems. He assured us that he would take some actions if he could, and dropped us in our respective houses.Bookmark here

At night, I was thinking about today's happenings, laying on my bed. I thought that, what happened to me there? Why did I became so angry that made me punch his face? Never in my life had I ever punched anyone on their faces! Bookmark here

My phone ringed. A notification came to my phone. I opened and saw it. It was a message from Aisha :- Bookmark here

"It was a great fun and thrilling day today. See you in the school tomorrow. Good Night, Senior."Bookmark here

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