Chapter 8:

#Day 7 - Roses are RED, So Is The Symbol Of Love

A Week Like A Rainbow

I couldn't sleep well that night. As a result, I got up late in the morning. I saw my clock, just 45 minutes left for my school to start! And I have to travel about 4 kilometre on my cycle! Bookmark here

I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, I came to my room, dressed up, packed my bag and went downstairs to have my breakfast.Bookmark here

Then, I went outside, took my cycle and paddled with full speed. Fortunately, there was not much time on the road that day. Hence, I barely made it on time.Bookmark here

I parked my bicycle and ran towards the entrance. At the same time, another girl was also running towards it. Eventually, there was a strong collision between us. Bookmark here

The girl collapsed, I somehow managed to balance ; one of those advantages of being a sportsperson. I gave her hand and asked, "Are you okay?!". Bookmark here

She gave me a death stare, refused to take my help, got up and ran inside the school building. I standed there dumbfounded for a few moments. Bookmark here

I heard the school bell ring. I hurriedly went to my class. Gladly, the teacher had not come yet. I was saved. I sat on my bench.Bookmark here

During the recess period, while I was about to peacefully eat my lunch, Aisha came to my class and shouted loudly, "SENIOR, PLEASE COME OVER HERE!". Bookmark here

The whole class looked at her. I got up went to her. It seemed like I became the 'center of attraction' for a moment. Bookmark here

- "Why are you eating by yourself. Come with us to the canteen. Let's eat together."Bookmark here

- "B-but, where will I sit?"Bookmark here

- "Haven't you visited the school canteen recently? Sitting areas have been prepared there just a few months ago, I guess."Bookmark here

- "Oh ok. But won't your friends mind if I go there?"Bookmark here

- "About friends of mine, only one of them came today. And she is rather excited to see my new coach!"Bookmark here

As she wanted, I went to canteen with her. Suprisingly, that friend of Aisha was none other than the girl with whom I collided today in the morning.Bookmark here

As she saw me, all her excitement went away from her face and, once again, she gave me that freaking death stare. Aisha introduced - "Her name is Shanaya and she is my best friend from the childhood. And guess what, she knows all my secrets!" - she told laughingly. Shanaya just smiled a bit.Bookmark here

Then they went to buy their lunch and told me to sit there and wait. After a while, they came back and we had our lunch. While eating, she told me about her childhood encounters with Shanaya. I listened to them and smiled.Bookmark here

"Ok so, you both continue, I am coming from the washroom, just a sec" - saying this, she went inside the school building.Bookmark here

I looked at Shanaya. That death stare was constant in her face. I gathered courage and spoke up, "Hello, I am Nishant Arora, I am her- ".Bookmark here

- "Don't dare to cheat her!" Bookmark here

- "Sorry.... What??!!"Bookmark here

- "Nevermind. You are training her for the upcoming Badminton Competition Finals, right?"Bookmark here

- "Yes, me along with Prakash sir."Bookmark here

- "What do you think of her?"Bookmark here

- "Well, as a player, she is undoubtedly very talented. She also loves the sport by heart. Probably, she almost has all qualities of a genuine sportsperson. I think she can win the finals tomorrow, if she plays with all her might."Bookmark here

- "But I don't think she will play......."Bookmark here

- "Did you say something?"Bookmark here

- "No, it's nothing."Bookmark here

Aisha came back from the washroom. She asked us what were we talking about. We both replied, "About you."Bookmark here

She exclaimed, "Oh really?! Hey senior, I have brought something for you. Here, take this." She was holding a red rose in her hand.Bookmark here

- "It's for me? Why....I mean....all of a are giving me this....."Bookmark here

- "Today is 5th September, Teacher's Day. You are one of my teachers. And I cannot give a pen as you coach me badminton and I couldn't afford anything else. So, I bought this."Bookmark here

- "Oh, thanks. This is the first time that someone is giving me a I became a bit nervous....."Bookmark here

"Yeah I can see it on your face."- she replied teasingly. The school bell rang, indicating that the recess was over. We rushed to our respective classes.Bookmark here

After the school got over, Aisha sat on my bicycle and told me to go straight to Prakash sir's house for the final practice before tomorrow's final match. Bookmark here

I sat on my bicycle and started paddling. On the way, we discussed about gameplans for tomorrow's game. Suddenly, strong winds started to blow and very soon, it started raining.Bookmark here

I immediately stopped my bicycle near an old building and we both rushed in there in order to take shelter. After entering there, I recognised that it was the same hallroom building where I first met Aisha!Bookmark here

- "Woah! Look senior! It's the same place where we first met."Bookmark here

- "Yeah, I remember."Bookmark here

- "Sadly, my badminton rackets are at sir's house. I can't practice now here."Bookmark here

- "It looks like you have to skip practice today as well. I don't think the rain would stop anytime sooner."Bookmark here

- "Guess we have no other choice. Let's sit there and wait for it stop."Bookmark here

We sat on the stairs. The rain was really heavy. Suddenly, I saw that a handle popping out of her bag, most probably, handle of an umbrella.Bookmark here

I tried to get her bag to check it.......and a messed up accident occurred! She suddenly looked at me at that time and our faces got very close.Bookmark here

We looked into each other's eyes for a while. Due to the partial darkness, I couldn't see her face clearly. But I could hear the sound her heartbeat. I became a bit embarassed.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I could feel her breath, as if face came more close........ Is she trying to kiss me??!! Will I have my FIRST KISS??!!!, I thought. Bookmark here

Unfortunately, I don't have such a luck, god indicated that with a thunderclap. We both pulled our faces back. It became such an awkward moment for both of us that, we couldn't say a word till the rain stopped.Bookmark here

When the rain finally stopped, we got up and went outside. The sky became clear, even some of the stars were visible. I told her that I would drop her to her house, if she doesn't mind. She agreed and sat on my bicycle. Bookmark here

On the way, I asked her about the umbrella in her bag. She replied, "I-It's broken". Anyways, I dropped her to her house. "Let's meet tomorrow at the finals ground.", I said. She didn't replied back and went straight inside her house.Bookmark here

I came back home, took a shower and went upstairs to my room. Sitting on the bed, I took out the roses she gave from my bag. I begin to think about today's happenings.Bookmark here

When did she became so precious to me? What is this new feeling that I am having right now?? Am I in LOVE??!
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