Chapter 1:


Eldest Son of the Heavenly Emperor

The figures can be seen playing a game of go. The first figure is an incredible handsome man, with eyesbrows as straight as a sword and beautiful blue eyes. He is wearing a golden robe which has the words 'Heavenly' and 'Emperor' on its back.Bookmark here

Across him sits a middle-aged woman. One look at her will cause people to think she must have stolen hearts of many men during her youth.Bookmark here

She has long lustrous black hair that reached till the ground, a pair of mesmerizing black eyes and a charming face.Bookmark here

"Humph, I'd like to see how that brat escapes this time!" The middle-age man speaks with a hint of anger.Bookmark here

"Honey, why are you always being so strict towards him? He is just a child," the beautiful female had a worried face like a mother whose kid just got wronged.Bookmark here

"He is not a child anymore! With great power comes great responsibility, but all he likes to do is roam around like a lost chicken!" The man's mouth twitched at the mention of his eldest son.Bookmark here

"Then let him be. You already have little Guang to take over the throne, so why must you force my Taiyang like this?!"Bookmark here

"No! If Guang wants to take over my throne, he must defeat his elder brother first, otherwise he will only bring shame to our ancestors!"Bookmark here

The couple continued bickering back and forth when a shout interrupts them: "Filial son requests audience with Heavenly parents!"Bookmark here

"Come in."Bookmark here

Having been granted permission, a man in his teens enters the room. He looks heroic with sharp eyebrows and a square jawline. Currently, sweat covered the young man's whole body.Bookmark here

"What is it, Guang?" Seeing his unusual state, the middle-age man asked with a puzzled face.Bookmark here

The young man body trembled and he hesitated to reply.Bookmark here

"What happened, Guang?" Now the beautiful woman asks in a soothing tone.Bookmark here

Gathering up enough courage, the young man replies, "H-heavenly p-parents, eldest b-b-brother T-Taiyang i-is…" The young man was so scared that he couldn't stop stuttering.Bookmark here

"Taiyiang what? Enough! Take a deep breath!"Bookmark here

The man replies in rage, clearly unhappy with his youngest son shameful display.Bookmark here

"Y-es, Heavenly father!" The young man named Guang took a deep breath.Bookmark here

"When I was passing by eldest brother Taiyang's room, I thought of giving him a greeting...B-BUT AFTER I ENTERED HIS ROOM, HE WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!" The young man still had difficulty speaking the last part and had to scream it at the top of his lungs.Bookmark here

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!" The middle-age man shouted, as his fist unknowingly slammed onto the go-board, causing it to shatter into pieces.Bookmark here

The beautiful female also stood up in shock. Seeing this, Guang starts to sweat even more profusely.Bookmark here

"…is this true?" The female asks, wishing that her ears were playing tricks on her.Bookmark here

The young man shakily nods his head in response.Bookmark here

"See! I always told you not to be so harsh on him, but noo, the great heavenly emperor only listens to his heart and therefore choose to turn a deaf ear to my advice! Now see what you have done!" The beautiful female angrily snapped at her husband.Bookmark here

However, the man did not say anything in his defence. He slowly went near the room's balcony and after taking a slow breath, he shouted: "HEAVENLY GENERAL TAOQI, I WANT YOU TO BRING THAT BRAT BACK TO ME IN ONE WEEK OTHERWISE FORGET EVER SHOWING ME YOUR FACE!" With his forehead bulging with veins, the man commanded in anger.Bookmark here

******Bookmark here

Meanwhile, sensual moans echoed in a room. A man can been seen reaching the moment of climax with his counterpart just when they hear a roar that sends the whole of Immortal Realm reeling: "...BRING THAT BRAT BACK TO ME IN ONE WEEK OTHERWISE FORGET EVER SHOWING ME YOUR FACE!"Bookmark here

Both of them instantaneously stopped midway, lest they disturbed the owner of this voice.Bookmark here

Right after the shout ended, they kneeled naked on the cold hard floor as if they were children caught committing a sin.Bookmark here

******Bookmark here

An army of twenty million Heavenly Soldiers stood on a vast plain. Each of them had determined expression on their face, looking as if they were ready to die.Bookmark here

"Do you know why I have gathered you here, soldiers?!" A man with an awe-inspiringly aura stood before the army.Bookmark here

"Yes, Heavenly General! Our mission is to find his Highness Taiyang!" Twenty million Celestial Soldiers replied in unison.Bookmark here

"Indeed. You must not let go even a bathing maiden unsearched!" Heavenly General Taoqi shouted with bravado. He was willing to offend a goddess if it meant that he could find any clue related to His Highness Taiyang.Bookmark here

"YES, HEAVENLY GENERAL!!" The Heavenly Soldiers likewise were prepared to die by the slap of a maiden for this noble cause.Bookmark here

******Bookmark here

Right after that, Heavenly General Taoqi led his army to search every nook and cranny of the Heavenly Realm. Not even a chicken was left unsearched.Bookmark here


"UGGGHHH!! GET LOST!!"Bookmark here

"W-WE A-ARE S-SORRY!!"Bookmark here

"*SLAP*"Bookmark here

Soon, shrill screams and slaps of young maidens and goddesses filled the whole realm. Many noble soldiers lost their lives during this worldwide search for His Highness.Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

In a certain sect, a meeting was taking place between many high ranking individuals.Bookmark here

"I see, so no hidden activity has been detected from the Fire Dragon sect, huh?" The Sect Master concluded with a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

He was about to begin discussing their next agenda when an Outer Court disciple barged into the meeting room.Bookmark here

"Sect Master!! Heavenly General Taoqi is personally here to ask for our sect's understanding in searching our sect's quarters!!!" His shoulders were heaving heavily, seemingly as if he just ran a million miles with a dragon chasing after himBookmark here

"WHAT?! Why is an Outer Court disciple reporting this to me?!" The Sect Master yelled.Bookmark here

"S-sect M-Master, all of the sect's guardians ran away after seeing the Heavenly General and his army!"Bookmark here

"T-tell me, what is the Heavenly General here for?!" Even an elder couldn't help but stammer.Bookmark here

"H-he said he is here on the orders from His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor!" The disciple said with sweat pouring down his face.Bookmark here

Hearing this, every one stood up in fear.Bookmark here

Just what happened? Did someone pee in his bathing water? Or can it be that someone sneakily added salt in his wife's morning tea?Bookmark here

"THEN WHAT ARE YOU DAWDLING HERE FOR!! WHY DID YOU NOT LET HIM IN??" The Sect Master screamed, his face turning pale with fear.Bookmark here

****Bookmark here

"Supreme elder!! Heavenly General is standing at the Front Portal with 5000, 000 Heavenly Soldiers asking for our seat's cooperation!" Another Portal Guard cried.Bookmark here

"Hurry up and receive them with the ceremony of the highest order! Tell my wife the Sect Mistress to serve them tea in the meanwhile!" The Sect Master roars.Bookmark here

Similar scenes were witnessed throughout the Immortal Realm. For the residents of the realm, they had gone through hell this week. A lot of great sects have been turned upside down.Bookmark here

Many have also heard about how His Highness Taiyiang fled from the Heavenly Palace. This shocked everyone, especially the females.Bookmark here

Almost every female in the realm had a crush on His Highness Taiyiang, be it a mortal or an immortal.Bookmark here

Whenever His Highness Taiyiang sneaked out of the palace to play around in the past, an uproar would follow.Bookmark here

His Highness Taiyiang looks were such that even the mortals begged to marry him, without caring for their fragile lives.Bookmark here

Hence, many females felt crestfallen after hearing this news. Some of the goodesses even went on hunger strike.Bookmark here

While a few viewed it as an opportunity, as they too joined in the search.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

"Pardon me, Your Majesty!! This lowly one is here to report!" The Heavenly General is kneeling in front of the Heavenly Emperor, his whole body trembling with fright.Bookmark here

After a week of investigation where he did not leave even a branch of tree go unsearched, reality still slapped him on his hairy butt. A week has passed, yet he still had to return empty-handed, having no clue as to where His Highness had gone.Bookmark here

It felt as if he had vanished into thin air.Bookmark here

"What? Were you successful in finding that brat?!" The Heavenly Emperor asked with an expectant expression. Dark spots can be spotted beneath his eyes.Bookmark here

Even though his cultivation is as high as the heavens, the recent events still left him feeling weary.Bookmark here

He decided when he finds that brat, he will repay him twofold for all the suffering caused by the latter.Bookmark here

"Pardon me, Your Majesty!! Your subordinate was not able to find his Highness even after investigating every single corner of the realm!" The handsome Heavenly General replies hurriedly, his head pressing so hard on the jade floor that it looks like the latter will break due to immense pressure.Bookmark here

"And you still have the face to return in my presence?!" The Heavenly Emperor forehead bulged with red veins.Bookmark here

"I-I a-ask for your mercy, Your Majesty!!" The normally dominant general was now trembling with fear.Bookmark here

"Y-You…!" The Heavenly Emperor face turned so red that it looked like one could even fry an egg on it.Bookmark here

"It's not your fault, Heavenly General Taoqi. You may leave," the beautiful Heavenly Empress finally says with a sigh.Bookmark here

Hearing this, the Heavenly General body shakes slightly. Sneaking a glance at the Heavenly Emperor, but not detecting any signs of opposition to the Heavenly Empress' decision, he quickly excused himself.Bookmark here

The Heavenly Guards outside the hall witnessed him beaming at them with a red face like a kid who got a toy from his parents.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

The pair whose sensual experience was previously interrupted are now successfully continuing their activity when a frightening roar reverberates throughout the realm: "TAIYIANG BRAT! IF THIS IS HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY, THEN FINE. JUST REMEMBER NOT TO LET ME FIND YOU! OTHERWISE I WILL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER LEAVE YOUR ROOM FOR THE NEXT 10, 000 YEARS!!"Bookmark here

The couple immediately leapt down onto the ground, once again kneeling.Bookmark here

Even after the angry roar dissipated, they kept kneeling for a long time before finally wearing their clothes and going to sleep.Bookmark here

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